The Arts

"Art teaches nothing, except for the significance of life." --H. Miller

I'm a staunch supporter of the Arts. The arts forces my students to step out of their comfort zones. Performing Arts and Music play an integral role in room 503. Through storytelling, students will feel more safe and secure while performing in front of an audience. Reader's Theater is another method to perform short and meaningful sketches. Music will flex its' different types of muscles everyday. Students will work on listening, singing, and creating rhythmic compositions. The students will learn how to sing musical phrases accurately, partner, and whole group songs. Top 40 radio hits will be put on the back burner, whilst the students will be exposed to more obscure and challenging musical material. Artists such as Ray Charles, The Beatles, Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Beach Boys, Walkmen, Talking Heads, Josh Ritter, Jimmy Cliff, and UB40 will greet each child's ear.  Each week, the students will learn 2-3 new songs and sing them during morning warm-up time and at Robert's Market.  The background and biographies on the artists are never explored. Should a child become interested in a band's song and want to learn more about the band, I highly recommend a good parent discussion with the child. Should a child want to purchase a song, I encourage them to check with their parents first. I don't ever promote the lifestyle of these bands just their music. 

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