What is Mr. Frederick's Math Program?
Our primary Math program is Everyday Mathematics. We'll also use supplementary programs such as Singapore Math, Groundworks, Math Problem of the Week or Month, etc. I enjoy pulling from a variety of sources to keep the curriculum rich, deep, and exciting.
My Unit tests are completed approximately every 3-4 weeks with advanced notice always given. Study guides will be handed out before the assessments. Quizzes will be every Friday in class. They will encapsulate skills learned during the week and will contain a word problem.

What is Successful Math Student?:
  • show mathematical work clearly
  • explain mathematical thinking in both written and verbal manner
  • ask questions and seek assistance from peers, parents, teachers, or others
  • hang in there

Daily Work:

Homework assignments will generally take 15-20 minutes.  If you are absent for a class due to illness, it is your responsibility to find out the correct assignment and complete it in a timely fashion (if you were absent for one day, you are given one day to make up your work).  If you have a planned absence for an extended time please contact me so we can put together a homework package.  
Daily Work comprises class work, homework, getting requisite parent signatures on corrected tests, class activities, etc. Incorrect answers should be corrected in class or at home.  Students can expect homework following each class meeting, and it is due at the BEGINNING of the next day before class begins. Please make sure a name is on the assignment.

What materials should I bring?
Please come to class with the required materials: Study Links homework and a good attitude. Sometimes you may need to bring your computer. I’ll provide all of the other materials to help set you up for maximum success; that includes Everyday Math materials. Should you need any extra assistance, feel free to seek me out either at recess or lunch. I’m always here to provide support. Simply call or email me.

I would like all of my students to contribute and stretch their Mathematical muscle. Instruction within each child's development is the key to differentiation. Using pre-assessments will help establish and address each student's needs. I also have the ability to recognize a struggling, average, or strong Math student and make necessary adjustments. Students at times will be given choices to demonstrate knowledge and understanding. I will employ strategies such as asking open-ended questions. This allow for multiple interpretation. One size doesn't necessarily fits ALL.

Grades will be issued based on the Common Core Standards.  At the end of each assessment, students will also be given a quick progress report on what skills they acquired and what else needs more practice. I don't give letter grades.

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