Homework Policy

How much homework will my child receive?
You can expect your child to have around 45-60 minutes of homework, Monday-Thursday. A few times during the year, the students may receive homework over the weekend.

What happens if my child exceeds the 60 min.?
Sometimes homework will climb over the 60 minute mark, but not often. Please let me know if your child's work time exceeds the 60 minutes on a regular basis. I'm willing to sit down with the parents and student to discuss homework alternatives, so as long as it meets the demands of the 5th grade standards. 

Can you describe the homework?

Blog-The students will post their blog comments when given a prompt. If a student isn't part of the blogging community, I'll work out a separate writing plan for them. Expect your child do spend 15-20 minutes responding to the evening's prompt. Blogging will include reading and/or writing. 

Science-Generally, I will have assignments for the students to complete in one week. 

Extra/Other-All students should practice their Public Speaking Prompts, and/or Vocabulary words for the week. It's up to the students to stay on top of these other topics. Pacing oneself is a skill we expect students learn how to manage. 

Extra, Extra-Once in a while, the students may have to work on a report or project at home. Or, I may differentiate homework for all the students or just a few. If this occurs, I'll try to eliminate one of the pieces of homework from above. 

What's the proper heading for homework?
All homework assignments done on paper MUST have the child's name, date, and teacher's name at the top of the paper. 

What happens if my 12 year old cat uses my homework for a chow chow party?
I'm very firm with my homework policy. If a child forgets, loses, or couldn't do the assignment that night, then he/she is OBLIGATED to do the assignment at morning recess or lunch. Even if the child did the homework at home, but left it at home, they're expected to adhere to this policy.

What happens if my child student misses more than...?
Any student who has 3 missed assignments in a month will lose privileges such as computer or recess time for a week. If the problem persists a behavior plan will be set up to help student get back on track. 

Cough, Cough, or Extended Vacations?
If your child gets sick or goes on a trip, they'll get the number of days they were absent to make up the assignments. 

What happens if there's no name on the assignment?
All no name assignments go into the trash immediately. The student(s) who don't put their name on the paper will have to redo the assignment at morning recess or lunch. 

Can parents or tutors help with homework?
Yes. In fact, I encourage parents and/or tutors to look over their child's work. I realize some students have a hard time sharing their work, but it's still important the parents/tutors are involved so they're aware of what the child is learning in class. 

What happens if my child is doing the homework way below the 60 minute mark?
Great, but are they really completing the job in a satisfactory manner? In addition, a student can always practice their vocabulary words, math facts, public speaking prompts, typing, etc. 

How can this homework be so easy?
Everyone learns at their own developmental speed. I've found that my homework plan usually works for most, if not all, students. There's always a subject area that a student may need more practice. I encourage my students to really monitor their academic strengths and weaknesses throughout the year. They may zip through Math, but struggle with Vocabulary.  No student is perfect!

Family time is still very important, right?
I want my students to spend quality time with their family members. I'm aware that students have lives outside of school--just like me. Homework isn't supposed to be overly stressful, but a mere exercise of discipline, reinforcement, and practice. I also like the homework to connect to real world application as often as possible. 

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