Dress for Success

Dressing for Success is an mantra I cling to very closely. Visits to Robert's Market, job interviews, some field trips, and other occasions will require my students to dress up in nice attire. I have seen some terrific attitudinal changes in students when they're dressed appropriately. Dressing up as a whole class strengthens the classroom community.  Down below is a suggested clothing list for each gender. Kmart, Target, and Macy's tend to carry these items for good prices.


  • Hair washed and combed
  • Deodorant
  • No Cologne
  • Hat: Bowler, Santana, Dobbs, Biltmore, Derby, Top hat, etc. 
  • A couple pairs of khaki, Cherokee, or suited pants: black, navy blue, brown, or gray
  • Some collared, short sleeve or long-sleeve shirt (any color)
  • A couple of belts, preferably one that matches their shoe color
  • A nice pair of black and/or brown shoes
  • Some nice sweaters (especially for winter)
  • A sports coat, blue, gray, or black (please make sure excess lint or hair has been removed)
  • A couple of different styled ties. Bow ties are completely fine.   A tie clip is not recommended as they often look clunky and fall off quite easily. I have a few extra ties in my class and collared shirts. 

  • Hair washed and dressed
  • Deodorant 
  • No perfume
  • Hat: Fedora, Floppy, Cloche, Church Hat, Beret, etc. 
  • Some dresses (any color)
  • Some skirts that are in accordance with school dress code
  • Cherokee pants: white, black, navy blue, brown, or gray
  • Some nice sweaters
  • Crewneck or V-Neck shirts are fine
  • Nice collared shirts of any color
  • Dress shoes that aren't open-toed 
  • Jeans are ill advised
  • Shorts are ill advised

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