Thursday, June 4, 2015



Tonight the parents and Fireballs will have an opportunity to share their thoughts on the year. In addition, the parent(s) and child will provide feedback regarding Blogger.

a. Please write a letter to your child and/or the Fireballs. Share it via Blogger. 
b. Focus on positive things you observed about your child and/or the Fireballs during the school year. Be specific as possible. 
c. Write as much as you'd like. The class will have these digital letters for a lifetime. 
d. If time is an issue, you can certainly post when there's free time. 
e. Do what you can!

Fireballs and/or Parents
a. Share with us a favorite Blogger prompt or two.  Why did you enjoy it? Can you actually cite the date?
b. Share with us some suggestions for next year's class in terms of Blogger usage. What can Mr. Frederick do in order to make it even more fun, engaging, and educational?

Enjoy this clip I put together last night. 


  1. One of my favorite blogger prompts was the “My Favorite Things” from Tuesday, May 26. I liked sharing about the stuff I like and liked learning about what other people liked. It was cool when someone else liked the same things I did. Another favorite blogger prompt was from Tuesday, June 2, “Who Are You?” I liked writing a story where I got to change into someone I liked.

    For next year I think there should be simpler questions with less parts to them. The creative writing in blogger was fun. Having blogger every night was good but being allowed to skip once a week if needed is a good rule. Family blogger night was a nice time to sit with a parent and work together.

    1. I didn't even realize this but we picked the same prompts!!!!!!

  2. 1 - I really liked the very first blogger prompt of 2014 which was the Great Migration because it bring back a LOT of memories from when we didn't have nicknames and nobody had a blogger picture.

    2 - I think next year there should be definitely simple questions like what Alex said and next year the kids shouldn't have to write a whole story for blogger in a certain amount of time because we are only supposed to have one hour of homework and it takes a while to think of what to write and everything.

  3. 1. I really liked the blogger where you announced our class name and asked us what it mean. I liked it because in my opinion I think that's the part where our class started becoming a family

    2. I agree with what Alex and General that next year the kids shouldn't have to write a whole story for blogger.

  4. Dear Fireballs, I'm not sure Gigi wants me to write my own letter without her careful supervision, but I've gone rogue. I want to thank all of you for your performances this year, wait.... she's editing me haha.... ok. I kicked her out of the room. I want to thank all of you, not only for very thoughtful performances, but for the creative risks you have taken, the vulnerability you have grown more comfortable with showing, and the time you have taken to support each other. My father always told me, DO something, even if it's wrong. So like, make an effort, tell someone how you feel, ask for help, offer to help, express yourself, even if it feels wacky or awkward (which is a good thing, I'm told). I have truly enjoyed watching the class transform and I know that you will all be both braver and kinder in life moving forward. I'm thrilled Gigi has been with you all this year.
    Ginger Pistilli

    2. My favorite blogger prompt was last nights. It was very fun to pretend we had the flu, and I love how we could add our own twists!!!

    1. Great letter Ginger!! Thats funny that Gigi got kicked out of the room!! (: I also agree with you Gigi about last nights prompt! That was fun!!! This is actually to the whole class, but, I have never gotten the flu.

    2. YOU HAVE NEVER GOTTEN THE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 1. One of my favorite blogger prompts was the "My Favorite Things" because you got to share some of you. It was nice to have something that showed what you like for all different things. Then the class can know some things you like, and get to know you a little better.

    2. I also liked Tuesday, June 2nd. That one was fun to do because you got to pick a person to be. The stories were very different, and it was fun to write about someone else, but you are in their shoes. I think that one really spread some creativity to the class.

    1. Here I will do a different one I like since I did the same thing as Sandman:
      One of my other favorites was there karaoke night because I feel many people do that sometimes. It was also fun to pick someone who harmonized with you, and be the one singing!

  6. 1. One of my absolute favorite blogger nights was Cool as ice on December 4th. I think this Blogger prompt was fun because it gave us the opportunity to do an experiment with our parents!
    2. I think that Blogger should have a day, lets say Monday, where it is a creative writing one. You give us the prompt and we create a story just like you gave us Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I will miss Blogger so much!!!!

  7. 1.
    This is John Lopez and this is a letter to my son. I am so happy for you for having this great year at school, with such great classmates and your awesome teacher Mr Frederick. I was pumped up to see you so excited to go to school, to learn regular school stuff and all the new cool stuff the fireballs were doing. I saw you and the fireball exhibit such great courage, of singing in front of strangers at Roberts. You and your classmates have grown. Camp W and your performances are something I will never forget. I saw all of you kids really bond with each other and look out for each other, so nice to see in this crazy world of ours. Im reminded of the last day of summer, the day before school, when you guys got together and sang "this is gonna be the best day of my liiiiifffeee" . Your whole year has been that way I think. s=So fun.

    I remember a while ago asking Mr. F questions and that was my favorite because we got to learn more about eachother

  8. My favorite blogger prompt Cool as Ice before Christmas. It was so much fun because my Mom and I giggled and laughed. We had so much fun.
    The other one I like is my favorite things. I liked this one because we got to learn about each other.

    I think that blogger should change by being only 3 days a week instead of 4 or having one day that you don't have to do it per week.

    I think that we could have done more reading and maybe answer questions on the blog at home.

  9. Dear Kyle and the rest of the Fireballs: This is Kyle's dad, Mark Taylor. Congratulations on a great 5th grade year. I didn't see you every day in class, but I saw Kyle after school, I followed along on blogger, and I saw your various performances. I could tell you really came together as a group and supported each other through the year. Kyle was always excited about his team projects and presentations, wanting to go over the details and how everyone had their part to contribute--i'm sure you discovered a lot about learning from each other just as well as you can learn from books. You guys and your teacher are doing something very right, to make learning fun and work together so well. Your performances took a lot of practice and bravery--bravo to all of you. You earned your name, Fireballs.

  10. 2)
    a) My favorite bloggers were the ones where we got to argue about any topic and the one where we did favorite things because it was a chance to get to know each others little things that they cared about.
    b) Maybe next year you could not do really long bloggers and then a short one. Also maybe more just about what experiences we had when we were younger or even just a free blogger day where you gave us like 10 s questions and we got to do 2 of them.

  11. 2. My favorite blogger prompt was when Mr. Frederick asked us what is our favorite ice cream etc. I liked it because It helped us learn about each other

  12. 1. The recent one were you asked our fav questions
    2. do more interactive stuff with the class on blogger