Monday, June 15, 2015


I miss you, Fireballs. That's the plain truth. Mrs. Perlow and Miss Donna have already heard those words uttered many times. Saturday and Sunday were difficult emotionally.  I'm so thankful for all of your gifts. Beautiful to say the least.

On the last day of school, I forgot to share my requests.

  • Show respect toward your friends and enemies, show a little more respect toward a Fireball :)
  • Always say hi to a Fireball wherever or whenever you can. Be there for each other. Please don't act like strangers around one another; that would devalue of your hard work
  • Make sure you've posted your LETTER to the Fireballs. Several of you have not done this yet.
  • Keep blogging. I'll leave it open. Share your summer activities, thoughts, dreams, and experiences. Ask questions. This is the best way to sustain a "family". 
  • Please say hello when you see Miss Donna, Mrs. Perlow, or myself. We will do the same. NO NEED TO BE NERVOUS AROUND US. We are never too good for each other. Never. WE AREN'T STRANGERS TO ONE ANOTHER. Ask questions!
  • Check Blogger for an important announcement. I might be done with teaching, but not delivering surprises. It's coming...

I love you all very much,
Mr. Frederick

                                                                     Goodbye, Fireballs!