Thursday, June 11, 2015

Friday - Goodbye Fireballs!

You'll have an opportunity to say goodbye. Share your heartfelt letter. It will sit on this page forever. FOREVER. May you never forget each other. Never.


  1. Dear Fireballs,

    In the beginning of the year, we all seemed like a bunch of oddballs shoved together in one class. We all hung out with different people, we all had different interests, and we all got put in this class by chance. In the beginning of the year, we were like any other class. We all started to form groups, and we were no family. As the year progressed, we rose and fell together as a unit. Now, we are truly the Frederick’s Fireballs. I would like to thank all of you for how much you have contributed to this family. Each and everyone of you have made an impact on this family.
    How you have made an impact, that varies on the person. Some people, like Dancer and Radical have helped by setting a good example and working hard at various class activities. Others, like Buggie, Fifi, Sandman, Bootsy, Rara, Berry, and Rosie, have helped by always cheering us up and creating a great laugh. D-Son, Hoodie, General, Pitsy, and Coco have helped by always working hard and contributing in any way they can. Of course, one of the greatest way to contribute to a classroom is not being afraid to step out of their comfort zones, and Pezzy and MC Cray Cray display this trait quite well. Everyone of the Fireballs always helps one another and tries their best, even when trying your best requires a tremendous amount of effort.
    I feel like towards the end of the year, we have become closer than any family I have ever known. The Honor Thy Parents performance displayed this perfectly. We all were singing our loudest, even when some things didn’t go as planned. I feel like the performance was our best yet, and I am very sad that we only have one left. Letting the Fireballs go will be very hard on Friday, for next year, we will all just be normal kids, in normal classrooms. We will all share the experiences, but I fear it will never be the same.
    I would like to challenge all of you to work your hardest at whatever you are passionate at. All of you have such great talents, and you should all exploit them to the best you can. If you like singing, work hard at that! If you love playing sports, practice harder than ever! Whether it is dancing, music, sports, acting, schoolwork, art, or anything else you are passionate about, just go for it! Each one of you are extremely special, and you all are amazing people. Anyway, bye for now!

    Double G

  2. Dear fireballs,
    I hope you had as good a time as I had in Mr Frederick ‘s class. Having cool nicknames, a cool flag, and going to Robert’s and singing on the first day of school was fun. We did not know each other, then we voted on our class, the fireballs, and we became a family. We liked the winter wonderland party, the Journey Intwo Ireland,Halloween, all the public speaking activities, Honor thy parents dinner and so much more. We got to pick our own jobs on a google doc. It was a fun year! Do you remember playing on Mr Frederick’s Wii? I remember that and also making the different colored unicorn pumpkin with a paper horn and wings. It was on a rotating platform with a light in it for the pumpkin contest. That was fun! I liked to dress for success on every Wednesday. I am going to miss you guys so much.
    Love your fellow fireball,

    1. Dear Fireballs,
      It was wonderful to spend time with all of you this year. I tried to be with the Fireballs whenever I had the chance: at Roberts Market, the Microsoft stage, the holiday party, the Irish play, Honor Thy Parents, our great day at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and the last day of tributes. There are so many wonderful qualities in this group and so many terrific individuals that a short paragraph would not do justice to your magnificence. As I reflect on one attribute, though, that I think exemplifies the best of the Fireballs, it is the ability to take as well as pass the mike.

      Each of you has learned to take the mike when it is your turn, to stand up and sing or spell or speak or dance. Whether you were once shy or anxious, you overcame it. You step into the spotlight with confidence. You shine for the world and share your gifts. How wonderful!

      Just as important, you pass the mike when your turn is finished. You find the person next to you or behind you or the one who has not had a turn yet. You pass the mike and cheer your fellow Fireball on and hope that they shine, too. That quality will serve you well in Middle School, High School and beyond.

      Thank you all for your beautiful spirits and for your remarkable kindness.
      Mary Henry
      aka Sandman’s mom

  3. Goodbye Fireballs : (

    I am so sorry that I have to leave the Fireballs. We had so much fun together and we have grown a lot too through successful struggling. One of my fondest memories was when we had the final boys vs girls competition. Everyone was happy and all smiles even the boys even though we lost. We all bonded so much through that experience. That final picture really summed up the year we had as a class.

    The class has bonded so much over the boys vs girls and the 10,000 points. The class has become so close and no one is going to want to leave on Friday. Mr. Frederick has really helped us develop together through competition and working together. I would especially like to compliment Double G because she is captain and it is really hard working being a captain I am guessing. Thank you Double G for all you have done for the class, such as leading us in the gifts to Sofi, Mrs. Perlow, And Miss Donna.

    Another thing that helped this class grow was the Saint Patrick’s Day play because everyone had to work as a team to make everything run smoothly. Everybody worked so hard together to make an amazing Saint Patrick's Day play that everybody loved and was so fun to perform and especially to prepare with each other.

  4. Dear My Fellow Fireballs

    I really enjoyed all of us being friends and becoming like a family. And I will miss each and every one of you even know you guys can be annoying i still do love having you in this fireball family we have. Im going to miss each and everyone of you I hope on the last day of school each of us can make a big or little impact on each other. We can still stay our little fireball family and lets keep on calling each other by are nicknames so we can still stay close. I love you guys i will miss you lets make these last days and years with each other at Corte Madera count.

  5. Dear Fireballs,
    It has been such a wonderful year with you guys. You would make me laugh, or have me very excited to be in your class the next day. We have really became a family, but it was a hard process. As Mr. Frederick said, this year was full of successful struggling. There were hard moments, mad moments, sad moments, but we came together and had a wonderful ride through the year.

    When we would fall, another fireball would pick each other up. Thats what a great family does. I know that in the Journey Intwo Ireland play, I was stuck on my line. Thats when CoCo helped me out and said it softly to me. That was a very nice thing and helpful thing to me. I have also seen with other people. When there were people who were taking out the recycling, I remember sometimes Buggie would volunteer to help. Same with Double G. Each and every fireball has picked each other up in different ways.

    This whole class has shown their special talents, and themselves. Including me, (I am being captain obvious right now.) I think that we have had moments at roberts markets, the Honor Thy Parents, The Winter Holiday Party and the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. This class has very unique people, and noone can take away one thing: The Fireballs Legacy. We have made our mark on this year, now its time for the next class. Boy have we really made a mark, but the mark is unlike any other.

    Once we look back on this year we will probably think “How could I have done that?”. Heres our answer; Because I had my fellow fireballs right there with me. You guys helped me through so many fears and things I thought I couldn’t do. Thanks for that. Clapping, and smiling, are things that can go all the long way. You guys went beyond what you could ever imagine. (If that makes sense). But anyways, I know this is so hard to this, but, Goodbye Fireballs. Sincerely,

  6. Dear Fireballs,

    Time is precious. Every moment we spend together is a valuable memory. Memories are like little shimmering diamonds and the memories that are most special to you shine the brightest. These memories are unique and are from a precious time in your life.
    Fireballs, you have really changed my life and I will never ever ever forget this class and its unique talents and how each and every one of us is special in their own way. So, right now, I’m going to take you on a journey through time. I’m going to show you how much we have grown over the months and how each time we fell down, we supported each other and got back up.
    Ok. Lets start at the very beginning when we all arrived in cars to the very first Robert’s Market. We were all in dress for success and were all a little jittery because we were singing with other people we hadn’t even had a single conversation with. All of our parents were there to support and cheer us on. This was the moment we were just breaking out of our shells, and just starting to get accustomed to the new sunlight coming through. We started off with Surfin’ USA. We were mumbling through it but we pulled it off ok. I think throughout the performance we started to become stronger and more confident in ourselves. I think the main reason why we became stronger is because we were all supporting and encouraging each other to sing louder and to start taking little baby steps out of our comfort zone. This was a spectacular start to the new school year.
    Now, the next main moment in our tremendous timeline is Blogger. Blogger brought us closer together for a couple of reasons. One reason is because we kept acknowledging each other in our writing and interpreting. We became stronger writers by writing and responding to each other on computers instead of talking. Another reason why I think Blogger was a very significant part of our classroom is because I believe that we all learned from one another. This improved our connections to one another and we became more of a family. If we didn’t learn things from each other we wouldn’t be as close as we are right now. Blogger really impacted our class in many different ways.
    August 27 2014 - Frederick’s Fireballs. Getting our name was a huge turning point in our class history because the name really represented our class. I remember my response to the blogger prompt about the class name. I wrote that our new class name would help us grow stronger and become more supportive of each other. In the beginning of the year, we were forcing each other to become a family, because we wanted to make Mr. Frederick happy. Now, take a look at us, we have naturally became a family. Becoming a family comes naturally, not forced.
    December 11, 2014 - The Winter Wonderland Party and March 17, 2O15 - Journey Intwo Ireland. Events can bring people closer together, even if the event is stressful. The Winter Wonderland Party was a great bonding experience because it allowed us to be able to spend quality time together out of school hours. We also got to see everyone’s creativity and participation which was involved in the party. The Journey Intwo Ireland play was also very special to our class because I doubt there are other classes that have the same high level of participation in everything.
    I will miss you fireballs. So much. I treasure each and every little moment that we spend together. I believe that the bond between me and you will never, ever be broken. I am going to miss the smiles on our faces when we are having fun, and I’m going to miss the moments where we all come closer together as an unbreakable family. I will miss you Fireballs. Enjoy life. - Sincerely, Buggie

  7. “Saying goodbye doesn't mean anything. It's the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it”- Trey Parker
    Dear Fireballs,
    This year been an amazing experience for me and I will never forget it. When I first stepped into room 503 I didn’t expect to have the year of a life time. Ever since the first Roberts market I felt a special bond between all of the Fireballs.
    We have always been their for each other when we fall like when we didn’t get the 1000 points some of the fireballs were really bummed but the other fireballs cheered them up and the next time we tried even harder.
    Saying goodbye to the fireballs we me so emotional. I will miss Mr. Frederick and all the other fireballs so much. I hope we can still keep in touch even after we leave the fifth grade.

  8. Dear Fireballs,
    I will miss you guys so sooooooo much over the years. I have never been in a class so close. On a scale of 1-10 on this year I would give it a 20. The saddest part of the summer is that when we go back to school I will not be with the fireballs. Summer is supposed to be happy because there is no school, no teachers, no more learning, but this summer I actually am dreading. No matter how much fun I have over the summer it won't be enough to how much fun I have had this year. Thank you so much for being such a great class. From are first Robert's, to our first public speaking prompt,halloween, than out holiday party. to valentines, also JII, honor thy parents, our last public speaking prompt and then our last Robert's. This year is now a clock that went backwards. I hope this class has a great time in 6th grade, no matter witch school you are going to. I will miss the Fireballs.


  9. Dear Fireballs

    I'm going to miss you guys so much.It is going to be hard for me to leave this classroom.First reason why i do not want to leave this classroom is because you guys are all carying kind nice to people. The class has bonded a lot because know everyone know the fireballs.The day i first came to this classroom was amazing.

  10. Dear fireballs,
    This has the most fun year I have ever had. The class were all so close to each other and This is not a normal class. Do you know any other class that you get to sing and do party's. No other class makes a flag and goes to Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk instead of school. I think that the we bonded the most at the holiday party.


  11. Dear Fireballs,

    First, I am going to miss you soo much! You guys have helped me through the year and you have got me out of my comfort zone.

    Second, I sung acapella at microsoft. I would have not done that if you guys weren't supporting me. That meant a lot me thanks. I realized that I had joined a great family.

    Last, Thank you all. I would do ANYTHING to get you back in the same class again.You have made my year wonderful.🕒 School is over. I WILL MISS YOU SO SO MUCH.

  12. Dear Fireballs,
    Some kids are always ready to get the year over with. I am ready also, but i'm not ready to let everyone go. This has been one of my favorite years with you all. Every day I wake up I am excited to see all my peers. And I know that I have a fun laughing day ahead of me. This year was a journey down a fun and entertaining trip with a bit of struggle. And when I come back and remember this year it’s going to be a trip down memory lane.
    My favorite part about the year was the time in the annex with the boys and girls competition because it made us realize that we all have to put more effort into what we have. After the performance it was sad that we only got 1 point. But after that performance we all started to up our game. So than the boys and girls competition got way more exciting. And at the end when we put a lot of effort into it because it was the last one and it came out being really close.
    So as I wrap up my year with you I want to tell you that this was an amazing year with all of you. There has been some ups and downs for all of us but no matter what we are always a family.

  13. Dear Fireballs,

    I will never forget this classroom. You guys are some of the greatest classmates anyone could have. Kids don't always get an opportunity to be part of a family that is a classroom. We just lucked out.

    My favorite part of the year was the very first day. When we got to the language arts period, Mr. Frederick started saying the 5,000 rules. I also well remember the personal migration prompt, and I remember Charlie saying that I stole his. I looked back at the post just a few days ago, and noticed how we have changed. Mostly everyone has a profile image and a nickname now and everyone is writing longer prompts. Mine was only around three lines.

    I'm glad I didn't go through the tunnel to 6th grade, even if I don't know if anyone even did that. I don't want 2015 to ever end. I'm just hoping this last day was a dream! Well unfortunately it isn't. Next year we will still have each other on campus, except Buggie who everyone will miss so much. Like I said from the very beginning when I first heard he got in, at least it's the closest school to CMS. We'll always be Fireballs. Always.

  14. Hey Fireballs,
    Can you believe how fast summer went by!!?!!
    Now we are sixth graders, and in a couple years we will be in college, then on with our lives. But, I know that we will never forget each other and this class.

    Today everyone got their lockers and class assignments. We acted like it was a super big deal, and it is, but there are other things in life that make this seem like nothing in in comparison. Like the bonding and incredible year that we had together...

    "In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take..."
    - Anonymous