Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wednesday - PWU

Tonight you'll have the opportunity to work on Persuasive Writing. 

Topic: Many parents give children a weekly or monthly allowance regardless of their behavior because they believe an allowance teaches children to be financially responsible. Other parents only give children an allowance as a reward for completing chores or when they have behaved properly. What's your opinion? Argue constructively with your peers. 

Paragraph #1
  • Attractive Opener: - 2 -3 sentences: start with a startling fact, quote, etc. 
  • Thesis statement: I believe that...(state your opinion on the issue)
  • Reasons: 2 reasons  "The first reason is..."  The second reason is..."

Paragraph #2
  • Topic Sentence for Reasons #1
  • Example(s)/Evidence to support Reason #1- include, facts, data, examples that aren't common knowledge
  • Concluding Sentence

Paragraph #3
  • Topic Sentence for Reason #2
  • Example(s)/Evidence to support Reason #2 - include, facts, data, examples that aren't common knowledge
  • Concluding Sentence

Paragraph #4
  • Restate your thesis in a slightly different way. Sum up main points. 
  • Don't bring up new evidence or arguments
  • Call to action

Writing Learning Goals: 

  • Cite your evidence
  • Present a strong introduction
  • make your opinion clear and simply stated
  • provide reasons that are logical 
  • provide examples from credible sources


  1. Why Children Shouldn't Get Allowance That They Didn't Work For

    Doesn't everyone like life handed to you on a silver platter? Thats what it is like for kids these days. In fact, because of this, our generation is the most materialistic ever! If you were a parent, would you even give your children allowance even if they didn't earn it? I believe that parents shouldn't give children allowance if they didn't earn it because it teaches them bad financial habits and makes them think that their parents will always supply their needs.

    First of all, parents shouldn't give kids allowance if they don't work for it because it teaches them bad financial habits. Denise Cummins, a phycologist, says that giving children allowance regardless of if they earned it makes kids think that money is a gift from authority. Imagine a full grown adult asking, "Can I have some money?" to their boss, even though they joined 30 minutes ago and he/she hasn't even started working. It shows them that you don't have to work for money, whereas a child who got allowance because of doing work would be more driven to work so they could earn money. This proves that parents shouldn't give children allowance that they didn't earn because it makes poor financial habits.

    Also, parents shouldn't give undeserved allowance to children because it teaches kids that their parents will always supply their needs. If you are used to having life served to you on a silver platter, you won't be ready for what life really is. You have to work hard to pay your rent and many people can't even afford homes. Giving free allowance is a form of over protecting. For young children, over protecting is necessary, but once children become more aware of the world, you are just hurting them by overprotecting. If you never show children that you are a person as well, they will come to resent you once they get older. If someone is used to getting free money, they won't be as prepared for life after college/high school as someone who is used to working for it. In conclusion, parents shouldn't give children allowance that they didn't work for to protect them for the future.

    As you can see, parents shouldn't give children allowance if it wasn't worked for. It teaches kids poor financial habits and that you don't need to work in the future to maintain a living. Parents may think that not over-protecting kids is harsh, but it is just helping them for the future. For all of you parents out there, don't be afraid to make your children work for allowance.

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  2. Should Kids Have Allowances?

    Parents, should kids help with chores for allowances, or should they do chores without allowances? These four paragraphs inform to you that children SHOULD help around the house, without allowance.

    Children should be prepared for the future, they have to know that helping around the house does not mean they will get paid. Parents don’t usually get paid by cleaning the house it’s their own responsibility.

    Kids need to realize that you don’t always get a reward for the things you’ve done, this says that you can’t earn money every chore you do, if a child lives in a house, they should work to keep the house straight, the reward is getting to have a home.

    I hope you know realized that the reward in chores is to actually have a place to sleep eat and have a loving family, the house that you live in, you a responsible to clean up!

    1. I agree!!!! Kids should help around the house, but I think that they should get allowance because it gives a drive, and if kids are forced to do work without allowance at such a young age, they could resent their parents for it.

  3. Should kids get allowances?

    I think that children should get an allowance but the amount of money varies on behavior, chores, and schoolwork. This teaches children to finance their spendings, learn that if they work hard enough good things will come and it makes them more self reliant then they would be if they always got a set amount of money each week or month.

    If children learn how to finance this at a early age it will a not as hard transition to make and manage their own money. Getting a set amount of money for allowance each week will not help the children in the long run but if the parents make them earn and keep track of money themselves the child will be further along in adulthood and they will be wiser about spending money

    Also if children are judged on schoolwork and behavior it will help them learn to do the right thing and it will give them more of an incentive than a punishment because they get something out of it. If students learn to do well in school then that might influence the job that they will get which will change the amount of money that they will make.

    Those are some reasons why I believe children should have to work for their allowance not have it be handed to them on a golden platter. Even though the children might not like it then they will appreciate it later on in their life when the have to finance their own money.

  4. Should children get an allowance?

    I think that children shouldn't get an allowance because they have no reason for it. I think they should get it for good behavior and learn to be good when it comes to spending it. I have to work for an allowance and some children don't even get an allowance so why should some kids get an allowance for no reason.

    Why children shouldn't get an allowance. A lot of kids can't get an allowance just because, and it's not because there behavior or something its because they have to work for it. Most parents have kids get it for nothing and the kids save it up for later or they spend it on dumb things.

    What do kids spend it on? Most kids will get the allowance that they get for no reason and spend it on useless things like candy. Most kids save up for their future witch is the best idea. They should save it for colledge, or a hotel they need to stay in. But never on useless things.

    Now these are only a few strong reason that came to mind when I heard ALLOWANCE. The kids that save up for their future are scientifically more successful in the future then kids that spend it on useless things.

  5. Should Kids get allowances?

    I think kids should get allowances even thought it depend's on their behavior and how much money they get and how they do at school,and how well they do their chores.Most kids spend it when they get the money and some save up and if they learn not just to waste it when they get they would learn how to save money.

    If Kids learn how to save money at this age it teaches them to save money and once they start growing they save their money for something they really need and if their parents give them like $20 don't First check on how they did with their job before you give them their allowances.

    Also kids have to learn how to behave and do the right thing so they could get their allowance and if they get in truoble Don't give them their money until they earn and if they learn to do go at school then they may learn that do do their chores it is also inpotant because once your bigger and you have to clean the house the rooms and other thing they would not want to do when their bigger and be lazy so that is why they need to learn to o their chores.

    And that is why kids should be doing their chores

  6. I think parents should give children an allowance as a reward for completing chores or behaving properly. The first reason is that money is good motivation for completing tasks. The second reason is because the child should ask the parents what they should do since kids sometimes do not make good choices on their own.

    For example, I vacuum the house and do the laundry and I get a few dollars. Usually, my parents have to tell me what to do. In conclusion, I think kids should do chores to earn allowance.

  7. Should Kids Have Allowances?

    I think that kids should get an allowance depending on what they do around the house. If you don’t do anything around the house then don’t be surprised if you don’t get an allowance.

    One reason I think kids should get allowances is because if they do really well in a test one day or do chores around the house then that is a good reason to get a little bit of money for doing something helpful.

    Another why gets should get an allowance is because it give us a little experience of how to save, and take care of our money because if they get a early start on how to take care of money then when their older then they will know how to use it.

    So in conclusion I think that kids should allowances because if they work hard then I think they should get rewarded and it also teaches them about finance

  8. Should Kids Have Allowances?

    I think kids should get allowances but only if they do stuff around the house. Because your parents might just want you to do the dishes but you want a prize witch is money.

    I think kids should get allowances because it might motivate them to do more things around the house for your parents.

    And it is a way to be responsible and learn how to take care of your self at a young age. And parents might like how their kids are earning money for them self so they don't have to ask to bye something with the parents money they do it with their own.

    So you can see some of the reasons i think kids should have allowances at a young age. So they can be responsible and not beg their parents for things that they would like to have.


  9. Kids should work for their allowance. Some chores are family chores, and are expected, and some are extra, and you can do those for money. Kids should learn how to earn money like when older. Also, when you spend money you earn you spend it more wisely.

    Children should learn to earn money and not just to ask their parents. Getting a job and earning money is something you do as an adult. This is good training for what you might expect as an adult.

    When you earn money you use it more wisely. For example, you think about your purchase more since it is your own money.

    In conclusion, I think that kids should earn their allowance and not get it handed to them.

  10. Kids these days have the good life. You think you can just get rewards without even doing anything, or be given something for nothing. That isn't always the case. You have to work for what you earn. But, what is the right amount of everything? What should you work for or work on?
    Well, I believe that kids should do chores because it teaches you about working hard, and learning that work leads to good things. Also, learning about house objects, and how to run a house. Because our parents will be us someday. If we just got stuff for free, we wouldn't learn anything. We would turn out as brats. Working hard is the best thing to teach a child, and working for money is what kids want. So, learning to work and see the results, is a perfect way to teach kids about working hard.

    When to start is a very hard decision for parents to make. One option would be to start giving allowances after the tooth fairy comes. Then they will see the power of money. Starting can also be right after the child starts asking about money. Or until they understood the true meaning of working for their allowance. Because sometimes when kids are younger, they think they can just get things and not do anything. But, you have to understand the meaning of working, and being old enough to work hard enough to do chores.
    The amount of money is another factor to think about. The amount of money is usually depending on the age of the child. But, you have to remember that when the child gets older, the allowance has to go up, or else the child will be mad that their still getting the same allowance since they were 9. Once you get older, you become to work harder, and work on bigger tasks. This should be the way children work hard, and earn money. I want all you parents out there to remember these strategies for allowances.

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    2. I agree with your argument.

    3. I agree with your argument.

  11. Should Kids Have Allowances?

    Yes, I think kids should get allo0wance only if they do their chores or something they need to do. Kids usually want a prize for something they do, and parents often choose money.

    Also it will teach the child how to be responsible for job duties in the home & the value of a $1.00 - they will be able to understand the cost of items as well as saving for that special item

    Third, it gives children a little independence for them selves and then it becomes a habit for the children and then they start to save up for at toy the want or till they get about $1,000 and buy something cool.

    Lastly,I think children should get an allowance because it can teach them how to manage money if done properly.


  12. Should children get an allowance?

    I do not get an allowance and am expected to do chores if my parents ask me. They provide me with food, shelter, clothes and pay for my education. In return, I help around the house to earn my keep. However, I believe that all kids should get an allowance but only if they are doing work for it. The reason for this is that when you are part of a family, you should contribute and not expect to be given money.

    By earning money doing chores kids will be less likely to buy the first thing they see when they go shopping. "An allowance teaches kids how to earn, save, invest, budget, delay gratification and make wise purchasing decisions. "(These are) all the skills needed to live a sound financial life as an adult," says Karyn Hodgens, co-founder of the parenting website Kidnexions and author of "Raised for Richness". Kids will start to understand that it takes hard work to earn money. Kids will see that money is more valuable when it is worked for.

    Also, when kids grow up they will have to work to have money so to understand what it takes to earn money is very important. If you have only been given money without earning it - it will be much harder to understand and be good at taking care of yourself financially. No one is going to give you money without working for it.

    Lastly, having an allowance that you earn, makes it possible to have goals for things you want to buy. If you want an iPhone, for example, you will understand what it takes to make $500.00. Earning money to buy the things you want makes you feel good because you bought something that you worked hard for. It can be very motivating too for other things you want to do with your money - donate it, buy things or save for college