Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday - PRU

Topic: Zoos are more harmful than good?

Paragraph #1
  • Attractive Opener: - 2 -3 sentences: start with a startling fact, quote, etc. 
  • Thesis statement: I believe that...(state your opinion on the issue)

  • Reasons: 2 reasons

Paragraph #2
  • Topic Sentence for Reasons #1
  • Example(s)/Evidence to support Reason #1- include, facts, data, examples that aren't common knowledge
  • Concluding Sentence

Paragraph #3
  • Topic Sentence for Reason #2
  • Example(s)/Evidence to support Reason #2 - include, facts, data, examples that aren't common knowledge
  • Concluding Sentence
Paragraph #4
  • Restate your thesis in a slightly different way. Sum up main points. 
  • Don't bring up new evidence or arguments
  • Call to action

Writing Learning Goals: 

  • Cite your evidence
  • Present a strong introduction
  • make your opinion clear and simply state
  • provide reasons that are logical 
  • provide examples from credible sources


  1. Are Zoos more Harmful or more Helpful?

    Are zoos harmful or are they more helpful? What do zoos impact on visitors? What do zoos impact in the animals? I believe that zoos are more harmful than helpful, I personally love the zoo, but just because you like the zoo doesn’t mean that the zoo is helpful, although in ways zoos can be very helpful.

    What are some ways a zoo can be harmful? Animals already have natural habitats, just because natural habitats are being cut down or taken over by humans, doesn’t mean they have to be locked in there own smaller habitat. A way that we can fix this problem is by letting them out in their own habitat, this means that the number of zoos will decrease, but we can fix that problem to, we can use what we have and expand zoos so they have more room to roam around in.

    How do I know if zoos are harmful? According to the website below, I know that many zoos have “Bred in Captivity” signs, this means that animals born at the zoos only get to see zoo habitats not their natural habitats, imagine being locked in a room for life! For example, at zoo named Milwaukee Country Zoo, they have their cattle chained by the neck the entire day letting them out for thirty minutes. This also means that the calves are separated from their mothers.

    I hope I convinced you to think that animals should not be kept locked in zoos, if the zoo does not keep them in a small area or held on a chain or rope, we need to help these animals roam in their habitats, also allowing us to see them.

    Sites: https://sites.google.com/site/zoosprosandcons/evidence--pros

  2. I strongly believe that zoos can go either way good or bad it all depends on who you are talking to and the criteria. Did you know that studies show that some animals live longer in zoos than they do in the wild? Some reasons are that there is less ways to die be it by disease or lack of resources, but the animals have to go through a lot of harassment from the people passing by on a daily basis.

    Animals prosper from zoos but only really if it is an endangered animals because then the species will not have to lose one of the last few animals of that species. Animals are less likely to die in zoos then they are in the wild because there is ample resources like food and water and there are no diseases like there are in the wild. Also in zoos people can get the animal to breed which they can't do in the wild and they can study the animal and make new medicine for the animal if it gets sick and so that animas that come after it can use it.

    Only endangered animals should have to endure the hard parts about zoos because non endangered species of animals would have to stay in the same small replicas of their natural habitat. Endangered animals should have to endure it because it is for the benefit of the species. Non endangered animals on the other hand should not have to endure it though because one animals life would probably not matter in the grand scheme of things.

    As I said before zoos can go either way but i think that zoos benefit certain species of animals such as endangered species but they harm animals that are not endangered because they are thrust into a new environment for the pure benefit of the people who run the zoo and the people who go to the zoo. That is why I think that zoos are both equally helpful and harmful with pros and cons for both sides.

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  4. Clearly people are blinded about the fact there are good parts to keeping animals captive. Most would say, “Get rid of zoos!” Personally I would go against that point. Animals may not be able to go back to the wild as babies. They also keep them in zoos for breeding almost-extinct animals.
    If you saw the movie, Dolphin Tale 2, then you should be familiar with this concept. Baby animals or at least the young ones that are found stranded can’t learn from their mother to survive in the wild. You should be thinking, why can’t they just be born knowing how to do it all? Their brains aren’t ready to learn things as newborns, which leads to the fact they have to learn from their mother. If their mother dies or the baby gets separated from the mother, then it can’t learn how to survive so if someone manages to find the baby, then they can bring that baby to a zoo for some help.
    Have you thought about animals such as the dodo bird? What about the saber tooth cat? Or maybe the wooly mammoth? These animals were extinct from weather and hunters. Animals like the snow leopard and the aye aye are really close to extinction. Zoos do breeding programs to help these animals go up in their population. If zoos close, animals won’t be able to be saved from extinction due mainly to hunters and traps.
    Maybe you think differently of what I clearly state. If you saw images of snow leopard cubs on the internet, that should change your mind of what I state in my second reason. Save all of the cute animals close to extinction as soon as possible before it’s too late. We don’t have second chances here.

    My bibliography: http://www.debate.org/opinions/should-we-ban-the-keeping-of-animals-in-zoos

    1. I agree with you. Endangered animals and hurt animals should go in zoos, and many zoos are great, but some, like the Copenhagen Zoo, are just plain cruel.

  5. In life, there are always those opinions that you can't take sides on. You may say one thing, but change your mind minutes later. The question that if zoos are harmful or helpful is another one of those opinions. Some zoos, such as animal hospitals, are very helpful. Other zoos, such as the Gaza Zoo, are just there to make money. Some zoos are helpful, and I definitely enjoy going to them, but I believe that they are slightly more harmful than helpful (not counting animal hospitals, of course.) Not only are zoos cruel to animals, but zoos also make animals feel sad, depressed, and trapped.

    First of all, zoos are more harmful than helpful because they are cruel to the animals and they only have zoos to make profit. For example, at the Copenhagen Zoo, after a 2 year old giraffe named Marius had "outlived it's usefulness." What is the saddest thing is how innocent this creature was. (Here is the link to a picture: http://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/giraffe-fed-to-lions-at-danish-zoo/5/) They shot him with a bolt gun to put him down on Feb. 9, 2014. They then fed his remains to the lions of the zoo, who were later put down (what a surprise.) Also, Gaza Zoo painted stripes on donkeys to make young children think that they were riding zebras. This is an example of zoos doing horrible things just so they could make money. As you can see, zoos can to very cruel and harmful things to animals, therefore, making them harmful.

    Also, zoos are more harmful than helpful because they make animals depressed. For example, at a zoo in Scarborough, the penguins had developed extreme depression because of storms. These Humboldt penguins should be used to bad weather in their home in South America, but since they were in a zoo, they weren't used to bad weather. You may argue, "isn't it good that animals don't have to suffer as much?" Well how would you like it if you parents didn't let you out of the house and stayed by your side every minute not letting you be yourself? That is what it is like for the penguins. They didn't know how hard the world really was. They were given antidepressants to feel better. In conclusion, zoos not only have cruel treatment, they also make the animals sad and depressed.

    As you can see, zoos are more harmful than helpful. They are cruel to animals and make the animals feel depressed and trapped. As humans, I want to challenge you all for helping these animals, and not these zoos. If you want to help animals, don't donate to harmful zoos, donate to charities or animal hospitals!

    1. Here is my bibliography-


      http://www.cbsnews.com/news/report-danish-zoo-that-killed-giraffe-kills-4-lions/ (I highly recommend looking at this article.)

      http://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/giraffe-fed-to-lions-at-danish-zoo/ (I highly recommend looking at this article.)


    2. Please read through my whole response to learn more about how cruel SOME zoos can be, not all. (And I know you will skip over this, BUT DON'T!!!!!!!)

    3. Let me continue this sentence. I forgot to finish it:

      For example, at the Copenhagen Zoo, after a 2 year old giraffe named Marius had "outlived it's usefulness" they decided to kill it on a public display.

    4. Great facts Double G!!!!!! Your opinion had great reasons! Good job!

  6. Have you ever got the oppertunity to go to the mighty famous San Fransisco Zoo? Some people may not believe zoo's are good while I believe they are. In my eyes it is a good place for animals, because it saves them from becoming pray to polluters. These animals are also in good care everyday, with loving people.
    Zoos are helpful because they save animals from the wild and from polluters also the zookeepers feed the animals good and healthy food . Food in the wild is bad for the animals who used to live in the wild

  7. I think that zoos are more helpful than good. Zoos keep them in because they are hunted in the wild and are close to becoming endangered. Even if animals have shorter lives in captivity they have a chance to have a shorter live when they are in the wild.

    Do I think people out of zoos can harm animals, yes, that is the reason animals are in zoos. People that kill animals over and over again can put them endangered, that is the reason they are in zoos because they want to keep that animal alive. That is one of the reasons why I think zoos are helpful.

    Also zoos can keep the new born animals so they can be with there mother and sooner or later they will be released back into the wild so they can get their fair way in a zoo and in the wild. Zoos are always feed animals and making sure they are healthy for another day in their own playground. And the is my second reason of why zoos are helpful.

    There are a lot of ways that zoos are helpful but people never think that because all of us couldn't last 1 day with nothing to do in the same place. But we never think of what they think and feel, what if they want to be their. Most people are so spoiled that they want what they want. So I think that you should donate money to help repopulate them

  8. Are zoos more harmful than helpful?

    Some people see the bad side of zoos and some people see the good side of them. I’m one of those people how think zoos harm animals. Through my eyes I think that zoos harm animals and take away the experience of being in the wild.

    One reason why I think zoos are more harmful than helpful is because they don’t get to be in their natural habitat. On debate.com someone said that the cages at some zoos have chemicals in the cages that hurt the animals. They live shorter lives and the animals get little exercise and they don't have many things to do.

    My bibliography: http://www.debate.org/opinions/do-zoos-do-more-harm-than-good
    Another reason why animals shouldn't be in zoos is because animals need space, and zoo enclosures only have a limited amount of space for these magnificent creatures. Besides, how would you feel if everyone was staring at you from behind your bars?! Think about it! Cages are basically prison areas designed for animals. They don't have the skills to survive.

    So in conclusion I think that animals should not be in zoos because they need their space and they are wild animals it’s not fair to them that they are taken away from their natural habitat to be “displayed” in cages to people who don’t appreciate them.

  9. First, zoos were only a SMALL portion of why Bald Eagles were saved. Law enforcement on eagle hunting in their native regions was the main cause for their survival.

    Second, zoos worldwide say that more than 83% of people visiting zoos just glance at the signs to see the name of the animal on display. Being of a curious nature, I usually read the long, tiny print, but next time you go to the zoo, check if people stand there for very long.

    "More then half the world would not know about some animals currently housed in the zoo."
    Half the world has never been to a zoo, so they cannot learn about the animals, so when you say this, those people will never know about those animals. The reasons may be that they are too poor, they are uninterested, or they don't live close enough to one.

  10. Have you ever wondered about how zoos have changed over time? Well, they have. Zoos have had a tremendous amount of good change in caring for the animal. It used to be that zoos were just for entertainment. Well, now there are more series reasons. Zoos are for building up populations, and caring for the animals. The caretakers are basically building a new home for the animals.

    Something great about zoos is that they have breeding programs for the animals to build up the populations. This way, the animals don't go extinct. This is a very safe way for the animals breeding. Humans have been taking over land, and animals have gotten endangered, but now zoos are building populations. Sometimes its hard for animals to find mates, so this way the animals are making their number of living left way higher.

    Another reason is that scientists study the animals for info. and other important subjects. Scientists have been finding out more and more since the animals are right there for them. This information is very important for the world to know, for future references. Also, scientists try to find out how to cure illnesses while studying the animals features. The behavior can be interesting to read about as well.

    To add on to the subject is that children get very excited about seeing the animals. There is so much fascination that kids or adults can have with the either exotic animals in the zoo. Children usually are tempted to see an animal up close, because it is very cool to see so many different animals in one place. It save you from paying for so much to get around the world, while these animals are right at your fingertips. It creates passion to save the animals for the people who see the habitats, and the animals doing their thing. This is why zoos are so important for animals.

    Bibliography: https://learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/skills/reading-skills-practice/are-zoos-good-thing

    1. Wow, even if I disagree, that was a good way to get your opinion across.

  11. Imagine yourself in a cage and people staring and pointing at you. Then you turn around and there is a wall a few trees and food places but nothing else. How would that make you feel? For me trapped and no escape. I believe that zoos are more harmful than helpful.

    One of the many reasons is that when you are in a cafe you don't get the same enrichment as in the wild. Do you remember the polar bear at the San Francisco? There was NO SNOW or anything ice-like. I mean what is the point of going to a zoo when you are meant to be somewhere completely different. Zoos are taking away an animals natural habitat and shipping them half way across the Earth and then dropping them into a cage so people can watch them eat and sleep. How would you feel if there was someone there almost every hour of your life just watching you.

    Also in a zoo you can go insane and loose some instincts you get in the wild. A few weeks ago at the San Francisco zoo there was a tiger who attacked some boys who were studying the animal. One of the men died. There was a theory that this happened because the animal was in the zoo to long and got crazy. When you are trapped in a cage you get babied by the workers there. You get fed PRE MADE FOOD, aren't you supposed to get your food by yourselves. And then if you are a bear you get cut up meat that just lies there when you are supposed to rune after it. Some zoos release the animals and when they do that they can die because the might have forgotten how to survive on there own.

    This concludes that zoos are more harmful than helpful. Anyone can raise an animal but trapping them in a cage goes to far. I hope you understand the dangers of zoos. Some zoos are good when they make big ares for them and they don't even notice that they are surrounded by a fence but a cage is as equal to a prison cell.

    I got my information from Time for Kids.

  12. As you can see zoos are a pretty good environment to the animals, but have you ever heard all the harm the zoo keepers do to the animals?

    First of all they give the animals a mood-altering drug called Prozac because the animals are depressed, also animals try to escape.

    Once when I went to he zoo and I saw a baby gorilla, then the door opened the cage they were in and saw a zoo keeper come inside then it went to the baby and I thought he/she was petting it but hen the zookeeper shoved something in its mouth and I felt bad for the baby gorilla.

    Some animals are so unhappy that they risk their lives in desperate attempts to free themselves. At the Dallas Zoo, a gorilla named Jabari tried to escape by jumping over the walls and moats of his enclosure, only to be fatally shot by police. A witness later confessed that teenagers were taunting him by throwing rocks.
    I got my information from

  13. I believe that zoos are more helpful than harmful, because they protect hurt and endangered animals from the dangers of the wild. They also give human being a glance at the situation of some very endangered animals that are both physically and mentally elegant and graceful.

    Zoos are very important because they protect the animals that might protect us, (human beings) for example an injured hawk might give birth to a child, someday that child may swoop down and eat a rat that was carrying the BLACK PLAGUE II, and about too breed underneath your house.

    Zoos are an important childhood attraction because the give children a glance at true beauty and nature, this way children will understand animals and won't grow up think that duck wear sailors outfits and flowered dresses.

    Bibliography: http://www.allaboutanimals.org.uk/pk-zoos.asp

  14. I feel that zoos are more harmful than helpful to animals. Animals were designed to live in the wild not in cages with people staring and taking pictures of them. For example, most animals in the zoo that have wings cannot use them to fly, The animals used to running across the African plains also do not have the ability to run freely. Relating to us, that would be like having a bicycle but the kickstand can't flip up.

    Animals have been treated poorly when put in zoos. When an animal is put in a zoo, they don't get their exercise because they are in a very small cage. For example, the Rosy-Faced Lovebird at the San Francisco Zoo, lives in a tall plastic and glass cage. The birds can't really get their exercise because they don't have the space to fly around. They are only able to hop short distances.

    If given a choice, I don't think the animals would want to live in the zoos either. Isn't only fair that we would try to do what the animals want.