Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday - N, E, or P

Tonight you'll get the opportunity to work on personal narrative, expository, or persuasive writing. You choose based on your writing mood.

Requirements for Personal Narrative - an experience that changed you as a person

  • clear SETTING
  • CHARACTERS including yourself
  • Significance - write about an experience that mattered to you
  • Conclusion - How did it make you see life differently? How did you grow from the personal experience?
  • 3  paragraphs
Requirement for Expository - instruct or inform
  • present an IDEA/TOPIC - introductory paragraph - hook your reader, provide background on the topic
  • body paragraphs - make the points using facts as evidence. Remember your animal report
  • conclusion
  • 3 - 4 paragraphs
Requirements for Persuasive - convince others to see your viewpoint
  • pick a topic of your own
  • convince us that see your side
  • thesis statement, 2-3 reasons
  • 2-3 examples that support your reasons
  • conclusion 
  • 3 - 4 paragraphs


  1. Should woman be able to play in the NFL (Persuasive)

    Can any woman alive take a hard hit from a 300 pound defensive lineman? Or tackle a 200 pound running back with blistering pace and ankle breaking moves? I don't think that many woman can. First of all girls don't grow up playing football boys do which is why boys grow up to play in the NFL. Also not many woman are up for the physically and mental brutal challenges that football demands. Let the players play don't change our sport.

    If you grow up doing something for fun you are more likely to do it later in your life, right? If people grow up playing a certain sport they are more likely to pursue their sport. Boys play football when they are younger for fun, girls on the other hand do not usually it is as simple as that. NFL football is football at the highest level and I am not sure that woman can hang with the big men.

    Can woman remember routes and what they have to do on the field? Probably. Can they take taunting from other players and fans because there would be a lot of it? I think not. The real question is can they hold up against some of the fastest, strongest, and most athletic people on earth? That is what the fans care about, winning and how good certain players and positions held up against the other team.

    I do not think that woman should play in the NFL for some obvious reasons(sorry girls) They can probably not hang in with the big boys by ways of mentally and physically because both are important and they did not grow up with football in their life so it will probably be harder for them to understand and get better then people eat sleep and breathe football.

  2. Expository: Surprises Come With The Starfish

    Starfish; an animals people don't really know, and don't really care about. But, the starfish has some very interesting facts and details that will surprise you. This mysterious animal has more too it than just being a starfish which can stick to things. There is so much more to this animal that I will tell you about.

    The starfish is actually not a fish, despot its name. This starfish is actually a echinoderms, a spin skinny sea urchin. This animal group has 5 sections connected to a central circle/disk. This is an interesting surprise I said there would be. So get ready for more surprises.

    Starfish actually have 2,000 different kinds of species. There is only usually only one place to find them; in sea water. This animal does not live in freshwater, as well as many other sea creatures. Starfish can also be found in shallow water, not just deep sea water. This is another one that took you by surprise, so there is more to the starfish than you think.

    As I stated in paragraph 2, the Starfish as 5 arms. But, some species of the starfish have a different number than 5; a much higher number than 5. Take the Sun Star for instance. This species can have up to 40 arms! Also, the Coscinasterias Calamaria is an 11 armed Starfish, also higher than 5. So, now you know, there are many surprises that come with the Starfish (even though its not a fish).

    Bibliography: https://kidskonnect.com/animals/starfish/

  3. it is good and healthy and more yummy and juicy the cows feed on pastures of grass instead of eating yucky chemicals grass fed meat is yummier than meat with chemicals people like me and you love grass fed meat it is better for the cows to eat grass it is expensive but worth it

  4. Why would anybody have a dog? What do they do for you? What’s the point of them? Who can resist a fluffy cuddly dog? Dogs aren’t just to convince your parents that you’re mature enough to handle your own things, they’re a new member of your family! I believe that dogs are the perfect pets for anybody!

    What kind of dog do you like? There are many kinds of breeds in dogs, big to small; you can find the perfect dog for you! Let’s say that I’m someone who likes small cuddly dogs, I want a dark colored playful kind of dog, the best answer to that is, a black labradoodle! Black larbradoodles are friendly, clever, perky, and highly loyal to their owners. A perfect fit!

    What if I had a dad who wants a large, strong, and watchful dog to jog with in the mornings? Would a good fit for him be a labradoodle? My guess would be no, he would most likely fit in with a dog more or less like a German Shepard or a Belgian tervuren shepherd, these are energetic, lively, and eager to work dog that is bred for awareness of his or hers surroundings.

    I hope you realized the meaning of these wonderful creatures that will surely brighten your day!



    1. Labradoodles are the best!!!!!

    2. I am more of a german shepherds girl. ( I have a really adoral old lady dog that is half german shepherd and half black lab.)

  5. Have you ever wondered how we humans are here? Have you ever wondered how the world is so diverse? You may answer this question with different elements, but how do these elements ever change? Wouldn't there not be enough of some elements by now? The answer is weak bosons. Weak Bosons, the exchange particle for weak force, is responsible for the worlds diversity.

    Weak Bosons were discovered by a UA1 experiment in Switzerland. Their lifespan is 10(-25) seconds (-25 is the exponent.) Unlike most other exchange particles, they are high is mass. In fact, they are so large, that they are 80-90 times more massive than a proton! There are 3 kinds of Weak Bosons; W+, W-, and Z(0). These particles change the flavors of Quarks in leptons and other particles. Quarks are tykes that combine to form other particles, such as protons and neutrons. The "flavors" of quarks are Top, Bottom, Up, Down, Charm, and Strange. Weak Bosons are the most famous for changing Up quarks into Down quarks and vice versa. Since protons are made of 2 up quarks and 1 down quark, when weak bosons change the up to a down quarks, it has 1 up quark and 2 down quarks, a.k.a. a neutron. These changes determine what element the atom is, so without Weak Bosons, elements would be stationary.

    We all know what Weak Bosons do, but where do they come from? W Bosons come from Beta Decay. In Beta Decay, an atom with too many neutrons will split its neutron in half, causing a photon and an electron to come out. The photon stays, causing a higher element, while the electron goes out. The W Boson is also emitted in this process.

    As you can see, Weak Bosons are the wonder of our world. All diversity wouldn't be possible without Weak Bosons. We should all be thankful for Weak Bosons and how their presence helps create life as we know it.

  6. Performing an audition is just like acting in a one-person skit. I have had many opportunities to act, and with each of these opportunities I'e had to audition for a part. For those of you who are new to theater, I will explain what an audition is. Here is the definition of audition from the dictionary. audition - a trial performance, as by an actor, dancer, or musician, to demonstrate suitability or skill.

    Typically, when you audition for a role because
    a. you want it
    b. you think you would be good at it
    c. the character you choose could help improve your acting skills.
    When you are going to do an audition, you want to think what role you want and it has to be thought through, not just "I want this role, I'm going to audition for this character."

    In conclusion, I think that auditioning for a part can be a challenge. What I mean by a challenge is that you can make your audition challenging by auditioning for a main character who has lots of lines and singing. Or you can audition for a small part and not have a ton of stress on yourself.

  7. Should schools start later in the morning?

    Waking up in the morning is hard on some kids(like me) because depending on where you live the time you wake up can be so early to be in the morning your brain is still asleep at school

    In my opinion I believe that school should start later in the day because students are extremely stressed in the morning and are rushing to get to school on time! That way they don't have a good breakfast they don't have time to review their studies and they get to school tired and depressed! Sometimes even with all that they are still late! If school would start 45 min later and end 45 min later all that could be stopped!

    Another reason why I think school should start later is because Students would get more sleep, would have a good breakfast, would have time to review their studies thus getting better marks and they would even be less depressed!

    So in conclusion I think school should start later because it gives kids more time to get ready and they don’t have to rush out the door.


    1. good choice, I completely agree.

      (still Rosie here, my brothers account is stuck onto his computer. )

    2. Yes they should, nice choice

    3. Yes they should, nice choice

  8. Topic: Should dogs be kept as pets or be wild

    Do you have a dog if so do you love it or maybe you think it should go back to the wild and be were it belongs with its pack

    Well personally i think that dogs/puppys should be kept as pets because they help humans and the wild maybe be their home back then but they have learned to adapt hear

    My reason why i think they should be kept as pets is because they help humans because if we are sad or mad they scence if we are mad or sad and they will understand and confert you no madder what dog they will understand even if they are not with you at that moment they can sence it.

    Like my dog Trixie she helps me when i am upset about life such as school, family, friends, and other things. I find it so intresting if im crying in my room she will some how sence it and scratch at the door or try to come in and go by my window and try to see me

    I hope you feel the same why for your dog or even your other pets you have if you do think differently tell us your thoughts and why or why not i would like to know.

    1. Great Job!! I have a dog!! (he is crazy).

    2. nice info! I also have a dog she is also crazy

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Should women play in the MLB.

    I think that women should be able to play in the MLB but a different league like a womens. It wouldn't be like soft ball, there would be regular baseballs and over the top throwing. So I think that women should be able to play in the MLB.

    People say that softball is no different than baseball, but baseball is harder faster, and more painful. What I think is that that is true, but I think that they should have a chance to play in the real league with all the better players. And get payed to play for a team if they don't play in a seprate league.

    That is why I think that women should play in the MLB or a seprate league related to that. Do you think you have the guts to do what a baseball player can do, get hit by a 90 mph fastball, pull a musle. rip off your arm. Exactly what a player goes threw.

  10. Trucks are better than cars

    I think that trucks are better than cars. Many trucks can go off-road. Trucks also have more space to haul your stuff.

    Off reading can be vey fun. You can find many cool places that people in cars cannot get to.

    Also, trucks have more space in the back to haul stuff. You can haul your bikes, your camping stuff, or even trash to take to the dump.

    In conclusion, I think that trucks are better than cars because they can do more things than a car can.

  11. Have you ever wondered why girls don't really likes a lot? Well if you haven't then here is the question. I will find the answers to that question here.
    why are men more athletic than girls? its all about the Testosterones, injuries, and body fat that help you produce a lot of strength and speed for sports.

    Athletic differences between men and women have much to do with innate characteristics determined by genetics and hormones. These include height, weight, muscle mass, body fat and aerobic capacity. As a group, women do not run, jump or swim as fast as men. Women are also more prone to certain types of athletic injuries than men.

    Women are more prone to injuring joints such as the shoulders and knees. Weaker shoulder muscles and looser supporting tissues mean the joint is less stable than in men, reports writer Michael Lasiandra, in an interview with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center sports medicine physician Bridget Quinn. Also, the injury rate to the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, a major knee ligament, is significantly higher in female than in male athletes. By proper training and strengthening of supporting muscles, women can prevent such injuries.

    Testosterone enables men to develop larger skeletal muscles as well as larger hearts. Men also have a larger proportion of Type 2 muscle fibers, which generate power, strength and speed. Testosterone also increases the production of red blood cells, which absorb oxygen, giving men an even greater aerobic advantage, reports "New York Times" writer Gina Kolata, in an interview with Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky, an exercise researcher at McMaster University in Ontario.

    Peace out

    1. Very detailed, Is disagree with that. A girl could be twice more athletic as a boy if she tried. Good job though.

    2. It is very hard to argue with you now.

  12. Topic:Should Animals Be used For Entertainment.

    Yea, sure. Sometimes when you think of animal entertainment you probably think of an elephant standing on a cone or a seal throwing stuff in the air but it is not like they are being mistreated. Here's a question whats your favorite movie? Is it Lassie, or Shriek maybe something else. Well in those two movies they used animals and they used them a lot. Los and lots of movies have dogs or cats in them, even cartoons.

    Most likely your favorite movie has an animal,even if it is not a real one. In cartoons they need models, such as animals, to get the picture drawn correctly or find out common behavior of the animal. Without those animals you would not have your favorite movie in your shelf. And in movies they barley ever hurt the animals. they train the animals to be a character. Maybe your favorite show is Dog With A Blog, they have an animal trained to do all those moves without a harm.

    In movies or in circuses the animals probably like doing what they are doing because they would make some sort of attempt to escape and be et free. If no one notices that they probably don't care. And when you watch a dog movie or a dog show, aren't those animals happy and smiling.

    Therefore, animals should be kept going in entertainment and movies. Because they are not being harmed and they usually like doing what thy are doing.

    1. http://www.debate.org/debates/should-animals-be-used-for-entertainment/1/

  13. PN: My great-grandmother

    Have you ever experienced one of those moments where time literally stop, and your heart is crazily beating in your throat? I have when my great-grandmommy fell and hurt herself badly.

    My great-grandmommy is currently 97. About two years ago my mom and my brothers took her to Radio Shack as she was stepping out of the car, she can't see very well so she didn't see the curb and fell on her arm. I was about to open my door when my mom yelled at me not to I didn't understand until I saw her laying on the ground. I had almost hit her head with the door; yeixs!!!

    Now my great-grandmothers skin is like tissue paper, so I can tear easily. That day she tore her skin and (I believe) broke her wrist. That was the first and hopefully the last time I ever called 911. The scary part was that my dad wasn't answering his phone and my grandma was in England. Uh oh...

    The fire engines came first then the police then finally, the ambulance. They took her to the hospital. It was over. For now. I learned that hope gets you farther in life than anything, even money.