Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday - Letter to Mr. Frederick

Tonight you'll get the opportunity to work on the following...

Persuasive Writing
Prompt: Dear Mr. Frederick, 
I would like to see a lot more of ??? before school gets out on June 12th. 

Provide the following in your letter.

Paragraph #1

  • An Attractive introduction
  • Thesis Statement - in my opinion
  • 2 strong reasons - state your reasons. 
Paragraph #2
  • Start with a Topic Sentence
  • Reason #1 with supporting facts/examples

Paragraph #3 
  • Start with a Topic sentence
  • Reason #2 with supporting facts/examples

Paragraph #4
  • Conclusion - restate thesis in a different manner. Sum up your points
  • Call to ACTION

Can't wait to see what you come up with! Who knows, maybe you'll get what you want. 


  1. Have you ever wondered what your class feels like from a child's eyes? Or the way children react when they want to see more of something? Well, you are ready to read the right prompt. Dear Mr. Frederick, I would like to see a little more drama in the classroom. What I mean by this is I would like to see more performing arts, taking risks, and performances in front of people.

    In my opinion, I think that drama livens the acting souls inside of people. I think that seeing more performing arts and acting with each other will make us bond even more. Drama can help express the creativity inside of people. It can let everyone's imagination to grow bigger and stronger. If we were to accept this thought, we could have people write up a script with songs that we've done and perform it to the parents at the dinner party thanking them.

    Now another reason why I think we should do and have more drama is because of the risks our Fireballs could take. Take a look at Frederick's Follies. Lots of people stood up and took a risk to be onstage in front of lots of people. Now the Fireballs could have a chance to be able to get up onto that stage and act their hearts out!

    As you can see, having our class do some drama will improve our bond together. The Journey Intwo Ireland play has really brought us closer together as a family, not just as a class. I have had LOTS of experiences with acting and as we push ourselves as a class to try new things, we bond together more.

    1. Great opinion! Risk taking and performing arts is good for the class because it has people take risks, and learn form the experiences. Great job Buggie!!!!!

    2. Buggie, thanks for expressing your interest in more drama. I love the drama as well, but it's very time consuming. I'll see what I can do before the year ends.

  2. Dear Mr. Frederick,
    Competition does bring people even closer. Thats why I want to see more competition with the 2 teams before class time runs out in 2015. My first reasons is that competition gets the class pumped up. My second reason is that each team builds teamwork.

    When you are competing for something or just having fun, you are always trying your hardest, and trying to win. Sometimes its just for fun, but your always excited for the competition. Competition gets people pumped up, since you're trying to achieve something, and want to be successful. You can always root on fellow teammates as well. There is always energy when competition strikes.

    Sometimes its not all about competition or winning or loosing. Its also about building teamwork. When your on a team, it helps to work as a team because everyone helping each other is better than doing it solo. In teams, it also helps to strategize, and think about ways you could succeed in different areas. Teamwork can go a long way, if you remember the team is not all about you.

    There is always fun and energy in competitions. Thats why it is such a good thing for the class to have often. But, there are also lessons with being in teams, and not just winning or loosing. So, I want you, Mr. Frederick, to give the class more time for competition, so that we can have fun and work as a team.

    1. Nice evidence! Good job!

    2. MC - you know I love competition! It really "reveals" character and that's something that I value quite a bit in the classroom. I'll keep finding ways to deliver competitive activities for all the Fireballs. "Fun and energy" is important to me.

  3. Do you remember the last time we did shadow dancing, I don't. That is the number 1 thing I would like to see more of. In my opinion that was one of my most favorite things that we did in the year so far. And we only have done it 2 times. 1 reason I like it is because it is fun to see how people express themselves.

    Whats the difference between break and shadow dancing. One can work on your reflexes and the other can steal the others personality. When we do break do you ever see someone doing the same thing as you, yea stolen. But when you do always have fun watching others mimick someone else. Not the reason. But the real reason I like it is because watching kids laugh and have fun.

    When is the last time we did it. The last time I remember doing shadow dancing was back in december. The reason we stopped was because it wasn't as fun as I thought it was one of my favorite things.

    Those are a couple reasons why I think that we should bring shadow dancing again. I hope you would agree with me and join me with the fight for bringing back shadow dancing.

    1. Shadow dancing is a good time. I can't believe it's been since December, Pezzy. Yes, let's do it again before school exits in June.

  4. I love reading, do you? I would like to see a lot more book club time before school gets out on June 12th. Kids that are engaged readers also become engaged learners. The more you read the better scholar you are. Reading comprehension is another important skill to practice and working with a partner makes it fun. It is good to read, it helps you learn different things. Also reading teaches you new vocabulary and is a work out for your eyes since some words are big and some words are small. You should read on a daily basis.

    1. Sandman, reading a little bit each day is great for the mind. I agree. I love watching all of the Fireballs read to each other especially when it's filled with good discussion. We'll do more reading time.

  5. I’d like to see a lot more performing at lunch like what we did with the Sam Smith song. We’ve only performed once this year, which is totally unbelievable for being in this class. I think we gained new skills that should be shown to the fourth graders as a preview of next year if they get into your class.

    We really need to perform more before the year ends. Mostly it helps us bond. We’re almost done with the year and we only performed once in 2014. Last year, I saw way more performances from the Falcons. We have so much practice and it would be a shame not to put it to good use.

    Performing and practicing has bonded us together. Our class can show our audience in the other fifth grades as well as the fourth grades how much we have grown as a class. It’s a good preview for the fourth graders next year.

    I really wish we would perform more at lunch time. That way our peers can see us, which gives us a boost of confidence. At Robert’s not everyone gets to enjoy our music. It’s only parents most of the time, which is all of the time. Basically only our moms, dads, siblings, and other relatives come. Please let us perform more at lunchtime before the year ends.

    1. General - let me know when you'd like to perform. Gather your classmates and pick a date. I'll make it happen. Singing in front of peers is a great and healthy way to bond.

  6. Dear Mr.Frederick,

    Have you ever wondered why none of us ask about dancing? Well I want to ask you.
    Many of the other students talk about how much they love dancing, yet none of them are asking for it. Though I don’t speak for everybody, I do know that people enjoy dancing in the class. We’ve only done square dancing, but I want to do more styles of dancing, and maybe even dances from different cultures. For instance, I’m interested in learning and doing the waltz and other ballroom dances. I think we should have more opportunities to dance in the class. One reason why partner dancing is important is because you see how your partner learns and you learn to work together since you can’t just do dancing “your way.” Another reason partner dancing would be a good idea is because it’s the only class where we get a chance to do something interactive, fun, and physical.

    Partner dancing is a good way to learn how to work well with people. You can learn about how to take information from people and give what you know too. In the beginning of the year when we learned about dancing, we had to figure out how to coordinate movements with our partners. Your right would be his left, which made it hard. When you Mr.Frederick said to go to your right, I had to stay alert because he was actually talking to the males. In general, I learned how to work together and do teamwork.

    Since our other classes are mostly academic, this class gives us a chance to do something interactive, fun, and physical. In dancing you can interact with your partner and play around a little with the dances. Its good to be interactive because you can get your giggles out, stretch, and be physical. In our other classes we spend our time taking notes, doing our work, and testing. After working it’s good to be physical and have a bit of fun too. With partner dancing, you can get your mind cleared and not have that stress on your back.

    I want to be able to do more different kinds of dances in class. Dancing is a good way to learn how to coordinate with your partner and to teach each other teamwork. Also, dancing is a good way to let go of all the stress that is holding you down from being energetic. Interacting with your partner can help you feel more excited and ready to have fun. If you agree that dancing and interacting in class is a good idea, then you should make partner dancing part of our daily schedule!

    1. One year, Bootsy, I actually did a fun unit on ballroom dancing. The students really enjoyed it. I don't like to repeat too many things from the past, but I think it's time revisit it. Maybe in June? Start finding some ballroom dancing videos for us to watch and learn. I'll provide the music and space :)

  7. Do you ever want to just let loose and run around outside? I propose that we have the breaks but people vote on what they want to play. We could play kickball, silent ball, handball, stretch, or just play on the field. it helps people let loose and get out some steam and it gives variety to the breaks because now almost everybody does the same moves that other people do over and over again.

    When we stretch inside it doesn't let us let of as much steam as we would if we were running around outside because outside we run around and are in the fresh air but if we are stretching most of the time we just stand still or move around a little. Personally I get a little anxious because I haven't let of enough energy after stretches but when we go outside after math I am plum tuckered out.

    If we did the same thing everyday it gets a little boring, doesn't it? I am starting to get a little bored when we stretch because you just do the sam stretches over and over again and it doesn't make it fun it just makes it boring and repetitive. If we do a different activity each day then no one will get bored because you will be doing something new and you will not be bored because you are having so much fun.

    We should mix up the activity that we do during the break because if we vote everyday then nobody will be unhappy because then they will know it is fair and they also will have fun during any of the options. Those are some reasons why I think that we should mix up the breaks everyday.

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  9. Dear Mr.Frederick,
    Working together with someone in my opinion can help them bond. That’s why before the end of the year I would like to do more group or partnership assignments.

    One reason why I think we should work with parents more is because sometimes if their are 2 people working on one project then your project will not only be longer it will be better than 1 person doing it alone.

    Another reason why I think we should have more group and partnership assignments is because we get to know someone better. Like how they like to do their projects because I bet different people do their projects a different way.

    So in conclusion I think we should have more assignments where we work in groups or in partnerships because we can learn a little bit more about how each other do their assignments and we can do a better job on the project.

  10. Dear Mr. Frederick,

    I remember the beginning of the year well. We were still trying to earn points for the Character Ed. trip, and preforming was in full swing. One of my favorite activities, I View, had been lost after winter break. Sometimes, I wonder if we will ever get a chance to try I View again. I believe that we should be able to participate in I View again because it allows us to learn more about each other and can start interesting conversations.

    First of all, I View should be put back in the daily routine because it allows us to learn more about each other. For example, I would have never known that Sandman has a twin if it wasn't for I View. Outside of class, we don't really inquire about other people's interests and history because we all are in different cliques. In I View, certain pieces of information that you would have never known become visible. Also, I View helps the Fireballs bond by pushing people out of their comfort zone and admitting some details that can make the rest of the class sympathetic. This proves that I View should be revived because it helps the class know more about each other.

    Also, I View should be added to the daily routine because it can start interesting conversations. As you (Mr. Frederick) taught us, conversation is a very important skill. It can help with friendships, job interviews, or any social situation that requires great listening. In I View, interesting facts about a person's life often start long and interesting conversations. For example, when Dancer told us that she was actually born in a bathtub, it started a whole trail of conversations. In conclusion, we should add I View to our daily schedule because it sparks conversations.

    As you can see, we should continue I View before the school year ends. It teaches us more about each other, causing a closer bond, and starts great conversations. I hope that you will consider adding I View back to the schedule.

    Double G

    1. WOW!!! I can't believe you remember that...

  11. Dear Mr. Frederick,
    My favorite time of day is after school, from the time that school ends to the time that I finish my after school snack, this is my favorite time of day because I can read whatever I want for that short period of time, however then I feel stressed about after school activities and homework. I think that you should give us a least five minutes a day after lunch to free read or catch up on work, this way when we get home from school we will have more time with our families. This is also educational because you can say, "Okay, today you will read and make at least one post-it, tomorrow you can do one of three options."

    When I get home from school I am always rushing to get ready for dance and have a couple of minutes of relaxation time. When I get home, (usually at around 7-7:30) I have dinner then rush to complete my homework, that is why I think that after lunch everyday we should take five minutes to read or work on homework. I believe that this will help calm everybody down and will lead to less checks or names in the penalty box because people will be more relaxed. It will also academically improve our grades because scientific studies show that students do better in school if they have a good night sleep. If kids get some of their free reading or homework done in class than they will have more time to sleep and therefore sleep better and do better in class.

    In conclusion, that is why kids should have their five minutes of catch up time after lunch so every one will be in a better and happier environment.

  12. Do you want to know what is the #1 thing that I want to see more of? Well I'm going to tell you.
    In my opinion I think our class loves P.E and performing arts so I'm going to persuade you to let us do some things that I like to do.
    Dear Mr.Frederick,
    I would like to see more of dancing and running around the building.

    One reason I would like to see more dancing s #1 its my favorite thing to do when I have break. The second reason is because when the class has break ,dancing is the number one thing to do .when the music is on. Also dancing helps people relax and express their feeling and number 1 HAVE FUN!!

    Reason 2:I think we should take at least 2 laps around the band/panache/art room around the tree and back.The reason I say this is because our class is mainly acedmical ,so I think this will help us on endurance and speed. Lastly, I thought that when we did the two laps around the places was very fun and every day I looked forwards to it so I think we should keep doing it.

    In conclusion, I think we should do more academics and dancing in class. So #1 we will get more of a family with the class. And #2 so we will get endurance(IF you'd like to)and build a better bond with the class and be more of a family with the class.

  13. Dear Mr. Frederick

    I would like to see a lot more stretching because I sit a lot more than stand and I don't want to pull a muscle.

    I like to strech more because I like to see others personality. I hope you do to.

    call to action

    I hope you take this into constriction.

    1. I agree but I don't think sitting has anything to do with it.

  14. Dear MR.Frederick I would like to see more dancing and sing because everyone really looks like they enjoy doing it.I would also want to do more vocabulary because i really want to get good grade.I know the Fireballs really like P.E and like playing games.I would also like to remaind you about doing more running around the building like we always did and the biging of the year.

    Reason #1 Because everyone likes doing it and has fun that is why we like you so much.I know all of use like doing dancing with a partner i think we should do for public speaking is to dance with a partner i think that would be so fun.