Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday - Are Zoos more Harmful than good?

Tonight you'll get an opportunity to debate your topic:  Are Zoos more Harmful than good?

Paragraph #1
  • An Attractive introduction
  • Thesis Statement - IN MY OPINION, I BELIEVE THAT 
  • 2 strong reasons - state your reasons. 

Paragraph #2
  • Start with a Topic Sentence
  • Reason #1 with supporting facts/examples
  • Start with "first"

Paragraph #3 
  • Start with a Topic sentence
  • Reason #2 with supporting facts/examples
  • Start with "Secondly" "Another reason" 

Paragraph #4
  • Conclusion - restate thesis in a different manner. Sum up your points
  • Call to ACTION

Provide Citations that are complete and accurate

Can't wait to see what you come up with! Let's debate. 


  1. Zoos: Helpful Or Harmful?
    Are zoos good or bad? Well, the best way to find out is experience being a zookeeper. I believe zoos are good because of an experienced worker and her thoughts. My first reason is because zoos have improved the animals habitat. My second reason is that zoos have wild animals that are cool to see, and hard to get to around the world.

    Zoo enclosures are almost symmetrical to the wild now a days. First off, zoos have had major improvements with animals habitats. The zookeepers have made the habitats more natural, and more believable as a makeshift wild in a zoo. These habitats give you a better concept of where and how the animals live in their specific region.

    It would just make life easier if you could see animals from around the world, in just one place. Zoos have that, and they are the solution to your problems. Another reason is that you can learn from the animals, and it isn't as expensive as flying across the world. Seeing all these exotic animals, or animals you haven't seen before, is pretty cool to see.

    So, I believe that zoos have a more helpful approach, because of all the improvements they have made, and the care they put in for the animals. My call to action for you is that you search look at these websites, and see the good in zoos. Zoos have good in them, and they are all in for the animals. Its not just cement cells, with walls between the animals anymore people; its different now.


    1. Also, one zoo successfully hatched a brown Kiwi, and released him into the wild.

  2. Have you ever wondered what animals feel like when they are trapped in a cage in a zoo with hundreds of people staring at them? Or how animals would react if they wanted to be free? Well, sit down and I shall persuade you my thoughts about zoos. I n my opinion, I think that zoos are harmful. I think zoos are harmful because they can make animals feel trapped and lonely, can give animals diseases and sicknesses, or can make animals feel humiliated in their cages.

    I think zoos are harmful because it can make animals feel trapped and lonely. First of all, according to, there was a gorilla in the Dallas Zoo, who was killed for trying to escape the exhibit and be able to live in its own natural habitat. Meanwhile, there is a group of donkeys, and the Gaza Zoo staff painted black stripes on them. They did this so then people would think that they are zebras. All this torture was done for rights to keep them in cages.

    Now, another reason why zoos are horrible for animals, is the fact that they can get killed in their cages. In the Toledo Zoo, there was a bear, who starved to death. The bear starved to death because the staff at the zoo didn't get the bear any food or water, because they thought that the bear was supposed to hibernate. But of course, it was a specie that didn't hibernate. While this is happening, on the other side of the world, the British Government gave permission to be able to capture 146 penguins, which for those who survived the journey home were sold to Asian Zoos.

    As you can see, zoos can be very harmful to animals. Owners of zoos can be very harmful to the animals and disrespectful. Now I, Buggie-Boy, urge you to help the Earth and save our animals from harming zoos!

    1. Bibliography:

    2. I agree, I don't think animals should suffer their lives in these trapped fences and bars! (Nice work!)

  3. Are zoos more harmful than good?

    I believe zoos are NOT helpful to animals. I think because they survive longer in the wild that is cruel because that’s almost like killing an animal in the wild when they are at least 5 years old. So to me zoos are not helpful at all to me. Also they never get to see what it's like to be alone in the wild fells like because it never happened.

    Whats the difference between a zoo and the wild. First of all, they live shorter lives in zoos than they do in the wild caused to human treatment. They can shoot them with a sleep dart and it not just something in it there could be a bit of something bad. Also they never see the outside of a zoo and it's just that one spot they get to explore.

    When a little animal is born do they let the mother go back into the wild. No. First of all, they don't let them out so they never have a chance to stand on their own legs for once. Also when they are born they are taken care of and they don't get to see their mom for a while.

    These are a couple of my reasons why I think zoos are more harmful than good. I belive that zoos do not help the animals but they do keep them held captive.

  4. Everyone in America has gone to the zoo, except most newborns but everyone will go to the zoo. People don't see why they are so important to us. Animals that are near extinction breed to make the percentage of that animal's population rise. If anyone has gone to a zoo, kids should have the chance to get to see animals they would have to fly on a plane for a day or two to see.

    You should know that zoos have breeding programs. Most of them are to get animals out of extinction, and finding out the process of breeding that animal. They would have two animals mate and then they wait until the female is pregnant. The zoo keepers would separate them and then would get a few baby animals to take care of.

    You got a chance to take a field trip to the zoo only two months ago. Why not give little kids a chance to experience something they may not want to see for a while in their adult stage of life. Kids like to go and see animals play in their pens and roam around their cages in the zoo, staring at their little faces. Wouldn't you like to be able to witness that if you never did. Just pretend you have never been to the zoo. Wouldn't you like to go there before we shut them down?

    People shouldn't just get rid of zoos because of the hurt animals. They help fix that. Some zoos may be worth shutting down but most don't deserve that. Don't get rid of zoos for the children's sake! Do it for the children!

    1. Very persuasive and detailed! Great job!

    2. Kids should get to go to the zoo once. Everyone should.

  5. I believe that zoos are more helpful than harmful. One reason I think this is because animals are safer in captivity than they are in the wild. Another reason I think this is that we can observe and learn about many different animals. What do you think?

    First, keeping animals safe is a big job. Zoos have zookeepers and doctors working in them all the time. Zookeepers make sure that animals are fed properly and maintain their habitats. Doctors help with animal rescue and make sick animals healthy again.

    Secondly, learning about animals is important. The more we know about what animals need the better we can protect them.

    In conclusion, zoos provide animals with safety and people with information. Go to a zoo and see for yourself!

  6. Are Zoos more Harmful or more Helpful?

    Are zoos harmful or are they more helpful? What do zoos impact on visitors? What do zoos impact in the animals? I believe that zoos are more harmful than helpful, I personally love the zoo, but just because you like the zoo doesn’t mean that zoos are helpful. My opinion states that animals should roam in their own natural habitats, and that they should learn how to live outside of zoo walls. We can work together to make a difference!

    What are some ways a zoo can be harmful? Animals already have natural habitats, just because natural habitats are being cut down or taken over by humans, doesn’t mean they have to be locked in there own smaller habitat. A way that we can fix this problem is by letting them out in their own habitat, this means that the number of zoos will decrease, but we can fix that problem to, we can use what we have and expand zoos so they have more room to roam around in. We can help animals by extending zoo habitats or letting animals in their natural habitat where people can get on tours to see them roam in their habitat rather than a tiny fence. We can work together to make a difference!

    How do I know if zoos are harmful? According to the website below, I know that many zoos have “Bred in Captivity” signs, this means that animals born at the zoos only get to see zoo habitats not their natural habitats, imagine being locked in a room for life! For example, at zoo named Milwaukee Country Zoo, they have their cattle chained by the neck the entire day letting them out for thirty minutes. This also means that the calves are separated from their mothers! What if you had to get separated from your family! We can work together to make a difference!

    I hope I convinced you to think that animals should not be kept locked in zoos, if the zoo does not keep them in a small area or held on a chain or rope, we need to help these animals roam in their habitats, also allowing us to see them. I want you to remove yourself from the couch, throw away the chips, turn of the TV and fight for what you believe; we need to help the life of these animals! Once again we can work together to make a difference!


    1. Great reasons and examples! Your argue net was very well written.

  7. Are zoos more helpful than harmful?

    I personally believe that zoos are more harmful than helpful for several reasons. I think that the animals live longer in the wild and in zoos they take away the experience away from the animals of being in the wild.

    First reason why I think zoos do more harm than good is because in some zoos the cages contain chemicals that hurt animals so they die faster and have shorter lives.

    Secondly I think zoos are bad is becasue on it says that sometimes being stuck in cages all day long can sometimes make the animals want to commit suicide.

    So in conclusion I think that zoos are more harmful than helpful because they take the outside experience away from the animals and the animals live shorter lives

  8. Are Zoos helpful? In my opinion, I think that they can be harmful. Zoos are harmful because they don’t always have enough space for the animals to run around. Also, all the animals needs may not be being met.

    First, although zoos have come a long way, they still need to let animals have larger enclosures. Giraffe, Gazelle, and Zebras were meant to run free for miles and miles. Zoos underestimate the amount of space that animals need for exercise.

    Secondly, many of the animals needs may not be met. Zookeepers may not understand some animals diets, and may have hard time finding the food that they require. Also, some animals need set climates and specific things in their environments to live that the zoo can’t easily make happen.

    In conclusion, I think that zoos are more harmful than good because the animals basic living needs may not be met. Although I like to see my furry friends in the zoo, I still feel bad for them that they are not free like we are.

  9. In life, there are always those opinions that you can't take sides on. You may say one thing, but change your mind minutes later. The question that if zoos are harmful or helpful is another one of those opinions. Some zoos, such as animal hospitals, are very helpful. Other zoos, such as the Gaza Zoo, are just there to make money. Some zoos are helpful, and I definitely enjoy going to them, but I believe that they are slightly more harmful than helpful (not counting animal hospitals, of course.) Not only do zoos make animals feel trapped, but zoos also give animals cruel treatment.

    Also, zoos are more harmful than helpful because they make animals depressed. For example, at a zoo in Scarborough, the penguins had developed depression because of bad winds and rain.. These Humboldt penguins should be used to bad weather in their home in South America, but since they were in a zoo, they weren't used to bad weather. You may argue, "isn't it good that animals don't have to suffer as much?" Well how would you like it if you parents didn't let you out of the house and stayed by your side every minute not letting you be yourself? That is what it is like for the penguins. They didn't know how hard the world really was. They were given antidepressants to feel better. In conclusion, zoos not only have cruel treatment, they also make the animals sad and depressed.

    First of all, zoos are more harmful than helpful because they are cruel to the animals and they only have zoos to make profit. For example, at the Copenhagen Zoo, a 2 year old giraffe named Marius had "outlived its usefulness" and was shot with a bolt gun and dissected in public on February 9, 2014. What is the saddest thing is how innocent this creature was. (Here is the link to a picture: Even after thousands of people signed a online petition to save him (and one individual even offered $680,000), they still put Marius down. They then fed his remains to the lions of the zoo, who were later put down as well (what a surprise.) Also, Gaza Zoo painted stripes on donkeys to make young children think that they were riding zebras at a "zebra riding" station. This is an example of zoos doing horrible things just so they could make money. As you can see, zoos can to very cruel and harmful things to animals, therefore, making them harmful.

    As you can see, zoos are more harmful than helpful. They are cruel to animals and make the animals feel depressed and trapped. As humans, I want to challenge you all for helping these animals, and not these zoos. If you want to help animals, don't donate to harmful zoos, donate to charities or animal hospitals!

    1. Here is my bibliography- (I highly recommend looking at this article.) (I highly recommend looking at this article.)

  10. Are zoos harmful or helpful? Learn the real truth about zoos
    In my opinion I think zoos are more harmful than helpful in ways that I hope you understand after reading these paragraphs.
    I believe that zoos are more harmful than helpful because the animals can not have the space they need, they don't give the animals the rights and freedom that they want, and the animals feel captive in zoos.

    Animals can not run around as freely as they can in there natural environment in the wild. Not as much space but in the wild they have all the land they want to hunt and play. Some of the animals around other animals will cause fights with other animals of there kind.

    Zoos are prisons to animals. Do you know how people like to visit the zoo? Well animals aren't social butterflies like some of us. They like privacy and, they hate their home so called habitats. We had to fight for our freedom animals shouldn't their innocent creatures for peets sake. So I say no more zoos!

    Animals in zoos feel lonely,captive, scared because of this they suffer from a condition called zoochoss a demise that animal suffer from being in zoos all day long. Zoos don't give animals their natural habitat a zoo painted on leaves and fact leaves in a monkeys cage.

    So I say to not let zoos harm the animals and show the animals on display. Those are all my reason that zoos are more harmful than helpful.

  11. Are zoos helpful or harmful?

    Would you like species of animals to go extinct like (CLICK). That is why I strongly believe that zoos are more helpful then harmful because, zoos make animals live longer then in the wild, and at zoos researchers can do research on the animals, give medicine to the animals and make new medicine for that species and species like it.

    Big cats can live from 50 to 80% longer in zoos then in the wild. Do you want animals to die fast or do you want them to live 50 to 80% longer? I want the to live longer because it is for the benefit of the animal and the species. I would like as many species to survive for as long as they possibly can without going extinct.

    Animals can help other animals by staying alive. It helps because it keeps the species alive.

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  12. Are Zoos harmful than good?

    belive that they are harmful because their better out in the wild with their family and they get send to different zoos.

    First reason is because the are not respectful to the animals and get mistreded and sometimes they don't get food because they behave bad

    Second reason is because they also hav feeling and mostly when they get apart from their family.They would not be so save at the zoos

    In conclusion i think zoos are harmful than good?

  13. imagine yourself in a cage and people staring and pointing at you. Then you turn around and there is a wall a few trees and food places but nothing else. How would that make you feel? For me trapped and no escape. I believe that zoos are more harmful than helpful. Two reasons are that they are separated from their original habitat and that they are going insane from the wrong enrichment.

    One of the many reasons is that when you are in a cafe you don't get the same enrichment as in the wild. Do you remember the polar bear at the San Francisco? There was NO SNOW or anything ice-like. I mean what is the point of going to a zoo when you are meant to be somewhere completely different. Zoos are taking away an animals natural habitat and shipping them half way across the Earth and then dropping them into a cage so people can watch them eat and sleep. How would you feel if there was someone there almost every hour of your life just watching you.

    Also in a zoo you can go insane and loose some instincts you get in the wild. A few weeks ago at the San Francisco zoo there was a tiger who attacked some boys who were studying the animal. One of the men died. There was a theory that this happened because the animal was in the zoo to long and got crazy. When you are trapped in a cage you get babied by the workers there. You get fed PRE MADE FOOD, aren't you supposed to get your food by yourselves. And then if you are a bear you get cut up meat that just lies there when you are supposed to rune after it. Some zoos release the animals and when they do that they can die because the might have forgotten how to survive on there own.

    This concludes that zoos are more harmful than helpful. Anyone can raise an animal but trapping them in a cage goes to far. I hope you understand the dangers of zoos. Some zoos are good when they make big ares for them and they don't even notice that they are surrounded by a fence but a cage is as equal to a prison cell.

    I got my information from Time for Kids.

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