Thursday, May 14, 2015


Tonight you'll get an opportunity to share a song you and a guardian really love. Persuade the reader into thinking that the song you selected is outstanding.


  • Select a song
  • Find it on you tube. Copy and paste audio only. PLEASE NO VIDEOS for safety reasons
  • The clip will allow the reader to listen to it and form an opinion
  • Write a persuasive essay following the model below
Paragraph #1

  • An Attractive introduction
  • Thesis Statement - in my/our opinion, We believe that
  • 2 strong reasons - state your reasons 
Paragraph #2
  • Start with a Topic Sentence
  • Restate Reason #1 
  • Provide supporting facts/examples

Paragraph #3 
  • Start with a Topic sentence
  • Restate Reason #2 
  • Provide with supporting facts/examples

Paragraph #4
  • Conclusion - restate thesis in a slightly different manner from paragraph #1. Sum up your points
  • Come out "swinging" in first paragraph
  • use transition words 
  • really provide solid evidence to support reasons to uphold thesis statement


  1. I think some songs are good for people to listen to hear is one of them

    It is a good song to listen to because it makes you happy and makes you think of your family and friends. And i'm listening to it right now

    Its a good song because it makes you think of your family and friends and your family and friends are funny annoying loud quite what ever you think of your family it is a good thing.

    My family and friends are happy ver very loud annoying at all times and i love them and this song makes me think of them and the good times i've had with them.
    I've grew up with this song and i learned to love it and i think you will too it is so addicting.
    Go and click the link and LOVE IT!

  2. I think this is a good song to listen to. Here it is

    This song is good to listen to because it has a good message in it. The message is that you don’t have to always go somewhere fancy, you can just stay home with your friends and family.

    Another reason why I think you should listen to this song is because it has a good tune and beat to it. This song is perfect for parties!!!!

    This songs sends a very strong vibe to me and I think of all the fun times I’ve had with my family and friends when I listen to this song.

    Listen to the song and tell me what you think!

    1. Some evidence that shows that the song has a strong message in it is that in the chorus some of the lyrics are "and we play our favorite songs and we scream out all night long like ooooh oh when it's just me and my girls"


  3. On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons

    Do you want some magic in your ears? Are you ready for the best song ever? A song that you can dance to at any given time? Then you are up for a treat. We believe “On Top of the World” is an amazing song that has great rhythm and precious lyrics.

    This song has great rhythm, it makes you want to get up and start dancing. The first time we heard this song together we could not stop singing and moving to the beat. The song just makes you happy.

    The lyrics of the song “On Top of the World”’ are very meaningful. It describes life as it is and encourages you to keep moving ahead and pursue your dreams. It teaches you that you can overcome any challenge presented in life.

    Enjoy this beautiful song and appreciate its meaning. Grab life as it comes and make the best out of it. Dance to the tunes and sing it out loud, you will love it!


    We believe that Viva la Vida by Coldplay is an excellent song. It refers to a lot of history throughout the song. It has nice variety of instruments. Listen to the link so you can hear it.

    Viva la Vida is not an easy, repetitive song. It has a lot of history involved in the lyrics. It talks about a king who has lost his kingdom and how people do lots of things to be rewarded after they die. It refers to a lot of things from the Bible, like St. Peter who guards the gates of heaven. The name of the song comes from a Mexican painter, Frida, who has suffered a lot in life and wrote “Viva la Vida” on it, meaning long live life. We learn from history and it is important to remember what matters most.

    This song also uses a variety of string instruments with a digital piano. It also has a bass drum, bass guitar, and percussion. So many songs now are limited to electric guitars, a keyboard, and a drum set. It is refreshing to hear the string instruments.

    We love Viva la Vida by Coldplay. It has won numerous awards and was the top downloaded song in 2008. If you like a variety of instruments and the historical references, you may like it, too.

    1. I like Viva La Vida a lot also.

  5. Have you wondered how the song Dream On by Aerosmith made people feel when it was released in 1973? (Here's the lyrics-only youtube video link:

    The song begins with only an electric guitar. As the song continues, all of the other instruments (piano, other guitars, drums, bass guitar, etc.) join in. The music goes from soft to loud, and then back soft at the end with the electric guitar only.

    While this is happening, the singer (Stephen Tyler) starts at a low, quiet voice and builds up his momentum, with his voice ranging to practically screaming. And as the song ends, he is back to using his quite voice...with only the electric guitar playing in perfect harmony.

    In conclusion, in the early 1970s, this song made people feel happy, excited and pumped-up. They were pulled into the song through the instruments and the singers voice. They wanted to Dream On.

    Have you ever listened to Calvin Harris? In my opinion he is the best male pop artist. I think this because he has cool beats. I also think this because he is a great collaborator.

    Many people around the world like Calvin Harris. He has been nominated for over 30 music awards over the last 6 years. He has won 6 music awards so far in areas like best American Music Award and International Dance Music Award.

    Calvin Harris has worked with multiple musicians. He has partnered with both established and rising artists. Some example are Ellie Goulding, Rihanna, and Ne-Yo.

    In conclusion, you should listen to Calvin Harris. He has great songs and he works with many different artists. I hope you can listen to Calvin Harris.

  7. What About Everything by Carbon Leaf

    This song has a lot of meaning in it, it is about a college student on break from college and all of the work that comes with it who is assessing his life and realizing that in the grand scheme of things he is incredibly lucky and fortunate. As he sings this song he realizes what the important parts of life are and what really matters and what doesn't matter.

    The lead singers voice is really raw and doesn't have much loud music to back him up. The music that you do hear is very layered and goes along well with the lead singers vocals and doesn't clash a bit.

  8. Jet Plane- John Denver

    Dear Fireballs,

    In our opinion, this is a great song to listen too because the lyrics are strong and meaningful, John Denver's voice is gentle and lilting, and the acoustic guitar is calming, relaxing, and a wonderful departure (no pun intended) from contemporary pop music.

    You must listen to John Denver's lyrics because it is a story of desire to be with your loved ones that is strong, meaningful, and most of all easy to connect with. We know that everyone has had at least one moment in their life where all they want to do is cuddle up in their loved ones arms.

    Secondly, you must listen to John Denver's music because it is a nice relaxing break from modern bubblegum pop. Even though this song was written in the seventies it is similar to some of today's popular music, just cleaner and calmer. It is also simpler because it doesn't have all the background music we are used to today, instead it has a simple and refreshing acoustic guitar.

    In conclusion, this pop miracle that was way ahead of its time gives us a glimmer of hope (I won't tell you why though). Maybe someday soon we will have some very down the earth pop stars that don't sing my definition of pop- cheesy fake romance song.

    Fingers crossed...

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  9. Hello Fellow Fireballs,
    This song is a song that we really love. Its a song that is upbeat, and great for our ears. We believe that "50 Ways To Say Goodbye" is an incredible song. To start my persuading off, my first reason is that it is upbeat, and you can get into the moment once you hear it. My second reason is that their instruments in the background are great.

    The song that we picked is a great song, and great reasons to back it up. As I stated before, we believe that this song is very upbeat and great to listen to. The song has a wonderful tempo, and when it is fast it gets your blood flowing, and you feel energized. "50 Ways To Say Goodbye" is just the right song to get up and dance.

    Not only does this song have a great beat, but the great instruments add to it. In the song, there is a guitar which is also very fast as well as the song. So, the guitar can build some of the energy, and has this Mexican feel to it. That will get you pumped up because it adds a nice beat.

    The song "50 Ways To Say Goodbye" is the one we believe that will get you pumped up, and feeling good. It makes you feel energized, and happy when listening to the song. The feeling as well has an impact because it can make you want to sing with feeling too. You should now listen to the song we have recommended, and see what you think about the moods, and beats. This song will be the song that has you going.

    See what you think about the song -


    This song is one of the most famous and complete rock and roll songs ever written. It begins with a soft and beautiful guitar introuduction, with Lyrics that mesmorize the
    listener. Robert Plants voice is captivating telling a story about a lady.

    As the song goes we listen to the words, and are you curious about their meaning, with the Lady buying a stairway to heaven. It is worth a lot because it is the only stairway tyo heaven.

    The song builds and builds, and goes from acoustic guitar to electric 12 string guitar.
    And then the rest of the band comes in with bass and drums, truly a masterpiece.

    What is so awesome about this epic song is the lyrics, what do they mean, who is the lady? Where does the stairway begin? It begins at the 1 and only place you can find it. That is when you die and when you die you see amazing things and the stairway to heaven is the best.

    And then the jam, one of the best rock jams ever recorded. And it end with a question, are we rock or a roll? So this Is why we think that this is a good choise in are opinion. This song is for any gender boy or girl can listen to and you can listen to it anytime any where. So this is why we picked this song.

  11. "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone

    Every year, there is a "that song." The song that you can't get out of your head. Sometimes, the effects of a song may last for a decade, but what if I told you that a song has had a lasting effect since it was published in 1965? Have you guessed the song? If you said "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone, you were right. I believe that Feeling Good is the best song ever written because it is classic blues and because the lyrics teaches a good lesson.

    First of all, "Feeling Good" is a classic blues song. Blues originated from African-Americans in the "Deep South at the end of the 19th century. It is based off of strong chordal progressions. This song, staying true to it's blues roots, has strong chordal progressions and includes catchy hooks played by horns. This song's chordal progressions and intricate vocals have inspired many songs and covers, such as Michael Buble's cover, have become quite famous. In my mind, a strong song is marked by either intricate instrumentation/vocals or strong chordal progressions, and this song has both. This proves that "Feeling Good" is the best song ever written because of it's blues roots.

    Also, "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone is the best song ever written because of it's lyrics. The song's verses consist of beautiful things of life followed by "you know how I feel." For example, some of these lines are "Birds flying high," "Sun in the Sky," and "Fish in the Sea." This powerfully optimistic song urges you to appreciate life, and it is done in a professional way instead of a silly way. In conclusion, "Feeling Good" is the best song ever written because of it's lyrics.

    As you can see, "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone is the best song ever written and preformed. Whether it is it's classic blues roots, powerful chords, deep meaning, or intricate vocals, this song has it all. I hope that everyone will listen to this song and realize that we have a lot to be grateful for.

    I did this with my mom.


    I Lived- One Republic

    Can you imagine a song that makes you feel inspired to live your life to the fullest? Well, we have a song for you: OneRepublic's, I Lived. In our opinion this is a great song for two reasons. It has hidden messages in the lyrics that will make you not want to regret whatever you did but take it in as a learning experience. The lyrics in the song can explain life without cliches like Y.O.L.O's and 'live your life with swag." It explains it with actual words.

    If you listen to the lyrics closely you can hear the artist saying, "don't suffer but take the pain." To me this means that you should see your pain as an experience that will make you stronger, not weaker - it makes you who you are in the end.

    The lyrics of this song is, well in my mind about living and only living once. This song talks about that without saying "YOLO'" or, "live your life with swag." The band explains what life is to them without using cliches -- they use their own words which shows that they put a lot of thought into it. It definitely did not take 2 hours to write this song.

    In conclusion, this song makes you want to run out and live your life with no regrets, opening yourself to all the experiences the world has to offer. Listen to it, it may change the way you see the world and live your life.

    1. Doesn't YOLO mean "You Only Live Once?"