Thursday, May 7, 2015


Tonight you'll get an opportunity to work on persuasive writing.

Topic:  Professional athletes often have salaries and bonuses in the tens of millions of dollars. Do you think these athletes deserve such high compensation? Why or why not? 

Paragraph #1
  • Attractive Opener: - 2 -3 sentences: start with a startling fact, quote, etc. 
  • Thesis statement: I believe that...(state your opinion on the issue)
  • Reasons: 2 reasons  Say "The first reason is..."  The second reason is..."

Paragraph #2
  • Topic Sentence for Reasons #1
  • Example(s)/Evidence to support Reason #1- include, facts, data, examples that aren't common knowledge
  • Concluding Sentence

Paragraph #3
  • Topic Sentence for Reason #2
  • Example(s)/Evidence to support Reason #2 - include, facts, data, examples that aren't common knowledge
  • Concluding Sentence

Paragraph #4
  • Restate your thesis in a slightly different way. Sum up main points. 
  • Don't bring up new evidence or arguments
  • Call to action

Writing Learning Goals: 

  • citations are complete and accurate
  • present a strong introduction
  • make your opinion clear and simply stated
  • provide reasons that are logical 
  • provide examples from credible sources
  • check verb tense, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling


  1. I think athletes should get paid a high amount because they are risking a long time of hurting to play sports. Like hockey players lose teeth when they play. Baseball player throw out their arm or pull a hamstring and football players can get confusions from playing sports. I believe that they should get paid a lot of money.

    Hard work is everything. Athletes can get hurt from working out because if they lift a weight and it breaks, then they will be in a hospital. Most people will hurt their arm working out and drop the weight on themselves. When it comes to the field, they get hurt because they are always working out so they are worn out. So that is one reason they should be payed a lot of money.

    Field preparation. When athletes are on the field they have to warm up. If they didn't warm up then they would get an injury very fast. Coaches stretch the players out by pushing their legs so the snap it in to a athletic mode. This helps players so they can have a smaller chance of an injury.

    These are only a few reasons why I think that Athletes should be payed a lot of money. They put their injury on the line. Hockey players lose teeth. And confusions when you play football. Those aren't even the worst things that could happen.

  2. Profession sports teams and he leagues make a huge amount of money it is only fair that the players who are the ones that the fans come to see get their fair share of the money made. Top notch sports players should make a lot of money. They are the people that the fans come to see. Also if they are the best in their field so they get a lot of money because their careers do not last long at all.

    If you went to a sports game and the best players that you wanted to see weren't there would you be as happy? No probably not because everybody wants to see the best on the team because that is who you are more likely to look up to then a person who plays on the second string. Everybody wants to see their favorite person which is why the stars make a lot of money because everybody wants the person to play on their team because then more fans will come and they only go their for the money.

    If you were the best in the world at your job you would probably get more money then someone who isn't right? It's the same in sports right? The people who are the best at their position get more money. Who gets more money Aaron Rodgers or Johnny Manziel. Aaron Rodgers, because he is one of the best in the world at his position so it only makes sense that he would get the big bucks.

    Overall it makes a lot of sense why the big players get the money, they attracts the crowd and gets the team money so wouldn't the player get a lot of money in return?
    People think that is unfair that some sports players get more money then others, but if that other player was the best in the world you be that player would make a lot more money then the other guy.

  3. Should girls be able to play in the National Football League? I believe that girls should be able to play in NFL, because, well, who says that girls can't be able to? In fact, Why can’t girls play in the NFL? Where’s the answer to that? Just because men play in the NFL doesn’t mean women can’t, we are just as strong an equal as the men.
    Nobody can say that a girl isn’t good enough. To start with, women haven’t been in the NFL, but just because they haven’t doesn’t mean they can’t. Some people said that girls will always scream if the football come near them, but how do you know that, maybe if you have had experience with playing football with a girl, but just because that girl or girls did it doesn’t mean every girl does it.
    Many girls can play football, I believe that there should be coaches that get a fair amount of girls and boys on each team, today at lunch recess, girls and boys played kick ball together, the teams were unfair because they were playing boys vs. girls, there were more people in the girls team and less on the boys, although the boys won, this doesn’t mean that the girls were bad, they were trying hard (as well as the boys did).
    I hope you realized not to EVER judge a book by it’s cover, every girl in the world is different, but they are not all the same, so never say that a girl is weak, because we are all different.

    Boys: Hopefully there are no purposeful signs of disrespect in the four paragraphs! This wasn’t made to compare boys and girls!

    1. Sorry, I did the topic we were doing at school!

    2. I still liked your response, regardless of the topic! Great job! I agree with your argument.

  4. Should athletes get paid a lot of money?

    If you were playing on a team for millions of people risking getting a serious injury then in my opinion I think that athletes should get paid.

    One reason why I think athletes should get paid is because they work/train really hard and try their best to win games and if their doing that for nothing then I think that’s highly unfair. I know some athletes don’t care about being payed they just play the sport for the joy of it, but getting a reward for doing an AMAZING job can’t hurt anyone.

    Another reason why athletes should get paid is because they are risking getting themselves very, very badly hurt. Like in boxing if you get punched in the head then you could end up in the hospital. So that is another reason they should be payed a lot of money.

    So in conclusion I think that athletes should get paid because they work really hard and risk ending up in the hospital so a little reward could make them work harder.

  5. Have you noticed that sports are on TV almost every day? I think that professional athletes should be paid high salaries. One reason is that athletes work harder than other people. Athletes have both games to play and training to do to stay in shape. It is a hard job.

    Do you know how many games they have to play in a season? Baseball has 162 games, basketball 82 games, soccer 34 games, and football 14 games. In order to play all these games, they have to train really hard which takes even more time.

  6. Should professional athletes make millions of dollars for doing their job? Maybe, but they definitely should not be making more money than people with more important jobs. Teachers make a huge impact on the future but do not make nearly as much money and professional athletes. Police officers and firefighters save lives and risk their own lives everyday and they also don't make what professional athletes do.

    Teachers are extremely important. They help students learn and discover things they might love and enjoy. Without teachers football players wouldn't be able to read their play books and contracts. We don't need professional athletes, but we need teachers. Without an education no one would have a job. Without professional athletes, nothing would change. Teachers are needed much more than professional athletes, so teachers should be making millions.

    Just like teachers, police officers and firefighters are needed much more than professional athletes are. Professional athletes play games and entertain us. While police officers and firefighters are saving people's lives. Have you ever seen the Golden State Warriors rescue someone from a burning building or stop a criminal from robbing a home? Professional athletes do risk getting injured when they play, but police officers and firefighters risk their lives every day saving people.

    The jobs teachers, police officers, and firefighters do are much more significant and critical than the jobs of professional athletes. I believe that professional athletes should not make more many than people who help to make our world a better place! We should stop paying professional athletes millions of dollars and start paying our community helpers what they truly deserve!

    1. I agree! Sports players only are there to entertain!! Teaching and other jobs are much more important and deserve larger salaries. Great details!! I loved your argument!!!

    2. Thank you! By the way, I did this with my nanny,

  7. Professional athletes have massive salaries. They risk themselves getting injured because of the impact sports have on their body. They also sacrifice a lot of their time traveling away from home even if they have family. They participate in games that are a huge form of entertainment for people.

    Athletes train really hard to be the best in their sport. They use certain muscles and joints too much, which can cause a lot of injuries. Those that play impact sports also suffer from concussions or broken bones, which is really bad. Over time the body can only handle so much and it begins to deteriorate, that’s even worse. This means that most athletes retire very young. They can only make money for so many years.

    Athletes have to travel a lot to compete against other teams, such as the most recent Super Bowl. This makes for a lot of time spent away from home, and their wives + kids. Traveling is tiring, yet they always have to perform at their best. It also takes time to prepare strategies, and warm up.

    Everyone loves to go to a game! Thousands of people enjoy watching sports. They travel from all over the world for the Olympics, Super Bowl, and the World Series in baseball. They want to see the best of the best athletes, like Tom Brady. Athletes deserve getting lots of money for this entertainment. They can’t make mistakes and they have to perform in front of large crowds for hours at a time.

    There are many reasons why athletes should get paid high salaries. It’s only for so long. They can get injured easily and they spend a lot of time away from home, training and traveling. People love to watch sports and the players are who they go watch.

    1. Amazing job General! I agree 100%. Well stating your decisions for the argument! Athletes should get their money because they work hard for it!

  8. I'm doing this with Daisy (D-Chain)

    There are many professional sport leagues. Whether it is basketball, baseball, soccer, or football, there will always be a surplus of passionate players trying to rise to the top. These players get payed extremely high salaries, but do they deserve it? I believe that sports players don't deserve high salaries because they are only there for entertainment and they are useless pawns for their team just to receive money.

    First of all, sports players don't deserve high salaries because they are only there for entertainment. In fact, 64% of Americans watch the NFL! If no one watched the sports, there wouldn't be a business, and they wouldn't be playing. Honestly, who would pay sports players millions of dollars to hurt people? (In football, at least.) Imagine if your job was to tackle people just to entertain. Wouldn't that scare you? Entertainment isn't a good reason to receive money. Most jobs help the world, not create another distraction! this proves that sports players shouldn't get high salaries just because of entertainment.

    Also, sports players don't deserve high salaries because they are just pawns for their sports team managers. Sports teams get money by winning games and selling merchandise, which comes from good players. The only way to win over good players is by offering the most amount of money. The sports players may become famous, but they are just people throwing/kicking/batting a ball around to win money for their managers. How would you like to be a pawn for someone to make money? In conclusion, sports players don't deserve high wages because they are just pawns for their sports teams.

    As you can see, sports players don't deserve millions of dollars each year. They are only there for entertainment and for their manager's enjoyment, so why should they deserve so much money? Plenty of people work much harder than they do. I hope that you can open your eyes and remember that whenever you see a professional sports player, they are just there for entertainment and for their sports team's profit.

  9. I bet whenever you watch sports on tv your first thought is probably not; “ I wonder how much that person gets paid?” Maybe it goes something like this; “that person is so talented.” But lets go back to the money, does that person really deserve that much money? I think that pro sports players should get paid for two reasons, they have put lots of time in and deserve the money that they are getting, also the fans come to see the players not the managers run around on the field.

    My first reason is that the athletes have been working there whole life to get to their dream, a pro athlete. Most of these people have been putting their whole life into this, lots and lots of time and once they reach their goal they need some credit. They should keep their money and get things that they need and want to finally see that their hard work finally paid off.

    My second reason is that the pro athletes are the ones on the field and the ones who are on tv, a good portion of the money should go to them. what if the team members are stage fright and they have to do an interview, they should get rewarded.

    I conclude that athletes should keep their pay high because they deserve it in many ways.

  10. Is it really needed for athletes to earn the money they get?

    Should athletes get millions of dollars? There are people who have way more important jobs than athletes including firemen, accountants, veterinarians, teachers, presidents, ext. Even the president gets less money than some athletes. But, where do these athletes get their money from? When playing baseball, the players get their money from the people who buy tickets. So, I believe they should be able to get that much money.

    The amount of work athletes put in is a tremendous amount. They put so much strain in their bodies, that they have definitely pushed their selves over the limit. There is also so much risk at hand, but they still do their best while playing sports. They are putting everything they got into their team. That sounds like a deserving resin to earn money.

    These athletes also inspire children around the worlds to play sports. Sports is a great way of getting exercise, and exercise is good for your body. Dreams are hopes that kids have, and its always the better thing to look on the brighter side. Then kids know what it means to work toward the goal you are striding for.

    To rap it up, athletes should get the money they get, because they work for it, and give people entertainment. Many people love to see whats going on with sports, and who is winning in this league. Athletes don't work as long with their job as other people do, so they should get the money they earn. We should have the money athletes work for, and give it to them.


  11. Should sports player get paid? In a lot of sports they should get paid a lot but the one sport they should really get paid in is soccer. Is because they risk very serious injury's, and because they risk their lives and die on the field.

    The reason is because I've seen videos from soccer players getting serious injuries like when they slide tackle on the grass a dude made his knee bone crack and his foot was dangling from his ankle. here's the link if you want to watch it:

    I saw another video of nine people dying on the field and it was very sad and very sudden death's here is the link to the video:

    In conclusion I do think that sports players should get paid a lot of money.
    for all the risks they take.