Thursday, May 21, 2015


Tonight you'll get an opportunity to be a teacher, ask your teacher a question, and listen to music.

1. Tell the Blogger community the school subject you'd like to teach if you were to become a teacher. What would you have the students do that's fun and creative? Can you think of a fun lesson or unit of study that would be appropriate for 5th graders.

8-10 sentences 

2. Ask Mr. Frederick 2-3 questions.

3. Go to your favorite music media site. Find the shuffle button. Hit play. What three songs come up? You can do this while working on Blogger. No cheating :)


  1. 1) If I could be a teacher, I would be a science teacher. I would like to teach science because it is my favorite subject and requires logical reasoning as well as creative thinking.

    Lesson: "Hello students! Get in your seats! (I'm looking at you Billy Bob...) Anyway, you don't need any materials out, just listen closely. Today, we will be learning about some Particles of Physics! As you all know, atoms are made of neutrons, protons, and electrons. What are these particles made out of? Neutrons and protons, leptons that reside in the atom's nucleus, are made of quarks. Quarks are the building blocks of matter as we know it. There 6 kinds of quarks are Up, Down, Charm, Strange, Top, and Bottom. A Up quark has +20 charge while down quarks have -10 charge. Neutrons are made of 1 Up quark and 2 Down quarks while protons are made of 1 Down quark and 2 Up quarks. Alright Fred! I know it was just recess, but honestly, settle down! Quarks don't always stay stationary. If they did, all matter would never change. Weak Bosons change the "flavors" of Quarks, which allow radioactivity. Though I highly doubt it, I hope you enjoyed today's lesson!


    a) What has been your favorite moment of the year?

    b) What do you hope to accomplish before the end of the year?

    c) What do you think our class could improve on?


    a) The Fall by Imagine Dragons

    b) Indian Song by Ginger+Bandits (my Mom)

    c) Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

    I did this by myself.

    1. Nice Lesson! Billy BOB!!! Yay!

    2. I have little favorite moments. One of them has to be when the Fireballs didn't take the lockdown drill seriously. The students learned that there's great importance to following rules and procedures, which I believe helped establish a greater sense of trust within the classroom. Was it fun? No. But it certainly kicked you boys and girls in the backside. A wake up call. 2. I loved the boys vs. girls contest, especially the last one. The bonding was super strong. 3. I believe the class should continue to support one another by saying complimentary words without being told to. I'd like to see all of the Fireballs go out of their way for each other. Treat each other like it's your last moment together. I hope to accomplish all of the goals on the board with precision and sound productivity. I'd like to get to know all of you a little bit more before school exits. One of my goals is to take a nice walk with the Fireballs one day after school. Build Connection!

  2. 1. If I were a teacher I would like to teach art! I would have my students work with different types of paints. I would also have them work with chalk and oils pastels. My students would practice creating landscapes with these different art materials. They would also practice drawing and painting people, animals, and objects. I would also love to have my students learn how to edit photographs in different and creative ways. My students would use different photo editing tools and different photos to see how they can alter the photo to make it more vivid or more intense. I would also use this lesson to teach my students how many of the photos they see in magazines and on websites are altered.
    2. If you could choose one artist to live with for a month, who would that be, and why?
    If you could leap inside a book, that we haven't read in class yet, what book would it be and why?
    3. My Brother Taught Me How To Swim, Until We Can't (Let's Go), and All I Want
    (From Kindred By Passion Pit)

    1. Pablo Piccasso, Mr. Spaniard. His Cubist art period was terrifically weird. He was an intelligent mind wandering and revolutionary drifter who walked his own path. He broke the mold and experimented all the time within his artistic creations. I wasn't interested with his politics, but was impressed with his eye for the somber, bizarre, and inconsistencies of human behavior.

    2. You would be a great art teacher! I like the idea of photography editing!


  3. 1. If I became a teacher, I would like to teach science or art. I would have them draw cool stuff, like Ms. Horgan does. We would also do fun experiments in science. We would make a Coke and Mentos volcano that would erupt. We would make the volcano out of plaster in art class. We would then use our model in science to make it erupt. We could even add food coloring to make the lava look realistic. We could then write up a report about what we learned, including photographs.

    2. a. If you didn’t become a teacher the way you did, what other way would you have gotten the job of teaching?
    b. Why do you like to do performing arts in class?
    c. How did you come up with Boys vs Girls?

    3. Pandora Radio – Coldplay Radio
    a. Where Did Our Love Go by the Supremes
    b. Lost! By Coldplay
    c. Good Life by One Republic

    1. Don't fully understand your first question. Sorry. Performing arts in class allows students to really struggle and shine. If done properly, it allows for students to trip and fall with a huge safety net underneath them; that of course being their fellow peers. Performing Arts can lead to almost out of body experiences through individual or collaborative work. Walking the plank is always scary, but when accomplished it feels deeply gratifying. I love watching students push themselves in this area. It helps them better understand that they can accomplish great things even when the odds are against them. I love the internal fight!

    2. I love competition. I thought b vs. g provided another way for students to bond with their gender. Unigender can produce such wonderful creativity and results. It takes a tremendous amount of trust and experience for all gender cylinders to click. When it does, it's a beautiful thing.

    3. Lost! is a very good song! I'm not surprised you chose Coldplay radio..........

  4. Dada: My dad wants to be a teacher in the subject of physics. Physics is how the world works or the “knowledge of nature.” This might involve atoms, motion through space, energy, or force. As you read this you may start to notice that this is kind of like science. My “Dada” wants to teach physics because he thinks that every student should leave school feeling like they know how the world works, why books fall when you drop them, how we are breathing air in the atmosphere, and that every atom in the universe has different kinds of abilities!
    Fifi: If I had to teach, the subject I would want to teach would be pblic speaking. I believe that public speaking is a great subject for students to learn, you can’t go on in life with ought it, you can’t just ditch the musical because your embarrassed, you can’t leave your audience behind because you don’t want to get up on stage to receive that medal, you need that Public Speaking to lead your way!

    1. PHYISCS!!!!!!! BEST SUBJECT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 PHYSICS!!!!!!!!

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  5. 1. If I was a teacher I would want to be a PE teacher. I would have all of the students vote on what sport they wanted to play each month and we wouldn't do anything twice. For the first week and a half we would do practice and then for the final week and a half I would split the teams and we would play the sport as a class or classes. They could also do a unit where they had to get in a group and create their own sport and teach a different group how to play the sport.
    2. If you had to listen to one artist for the rest of your life what would it be? If you had to eat one food for every meal what would it be?

    1. I'm not surprised you would want to be a P.E. teacher!

  6. If I became a teacher I would like to teach Photography because pictures can be so cool to look at. I would have the students go home, and take a picture of an animal, or the setting with the sun, maybe some plants. Just something that looks intriguing and interesting. Creativity is a big part of photography because it gets boring if people take the same picture over and over again, so doing something creative is a great thing in photography. Creativity is also another reason I would teach this subject because with creativity, you can go the distance. When they would bring their pictures they took to me, I would give them a look, and thats how they know they did. If they did not so creative pictures, I would have them go back to their home and take another picture that week, and turn it in friday. I would have a look chart to make sure they know which look is which. I would eventually put in the real grades. But it would mostly be about having fun with pics!!!

    Do you remember the first surprise you ever you threw at a class in CMS?

    What are some of the most memorable field trips?

    What was the feeling when you watched the first class do Frederick Follies?

    Round and Round By Imagine Dragons
    Budapest By George Ezra
    Its Time By Imagine Dragons

    I did this with my dad.

    1. Wow!!!! If you were my teacher, photography class would be SUPER FUN!!!! I like your ideas!

  7. 1.
    Hello fellow bloggers, If I was a teacher I would teach science. It is my favorite subject and I love to play with all the experiments and projects. For a fun project I would have my students build a robot, any kind of robot they can imagine for example Lego MindstormsEv3. As for my lesson plan I would have my fellow fireballs get and build their own Mindstorm kits. I will help and watch over all of you to make sure everything is going smooth. Finally at the end there will be a robot test to make sure every function is working as supposed too and have a robot fight and free play time.

    What do you like about teaching?
    Why do you like music so much ?
    What is your favorite thing about teaching?
    Maroon 5
    1. sugar
    2. leaving California
    3. Coming back for you

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  9. I would be a PE teacher. I like to teach kids about sports. I like to be outside and active. I would teach the kids how to play rocks.

    1 are you looking forward to summer?
    2 will you take any trips?

    Ain't it fun

    1. Nice COCO good game tonight at baseball. You guys put up a fight.

  10. 1. Mathematics through the analysis of baseball. You can understand, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and averages. I would devise lessons showing how to set up a line based on batting average, on base percentage, and slugging percentage. Then with pitchers, it it managing pits counts with runs scored and analyzing the hitters coming up to bat. Also in basketball. Like when you take the shot you need to know how far it is to the basket. And how high you'll need to throw it in the air.

    A. How long have you been teaching for.
    B. Where you ever a sub before a full-time teacher
    C. What is the least amount of kids in your class


  11. 1) I would want to be a homeroom teacher for 2nd graders. I want to be that teacher because I felt that that was the year I learned the most. I think that teaching homeroom you can teach them everything, like math, reading, science and a billion other things. Also teaching 2nd grade is great because you can do fun art and music things, like finger painting and recorders. My second grade was great because my teacher was always smiling and everything was so creative. I would do a fun activity like doing a play. I could teach my kids how to make costumes by measuring and then help them with reading and public speaking when we do the final performance.

    a)Before you became a teacher what did you want to be?
    b) If you were to have one wish what would it be?
    c)What are you going to do over the summer?

    a) Honey I'm Good- Andy Gramar
    b) Dear Future Husband-Title- Meghan Trainer
    c) Shut Up and Dance With Me- Walk The Moon.

    1. I did This with My mom, This is Rosie

      p.s GREAT JOB 5th BAND(concert)

  12. 1. Art students will have free drawing time and they will make lots of sculpture and painting. I see that a lot of class like to paint and make models.
    I think would study about famous artists and try to make our own drawings of their type of art.Also we would try and make up our own type of art.We would go to contests and present our art.Also we could go to art museums to study famous peoples art.

    A.How would you like the school to be make new improvements? any of your years of teaching did you have a favorite student?
    C.If you need to choose 1 what song do you think is the best that we learned in the class?
    Blank space- taylor swift
    I want you to know (ft.selena gomez)
    By Zedd
    Jealous -Nick Jonas