Wednesday, April 15, 2015

WEDNESDAY - Family Blogger Night

Tonight you'll get an opportunity to work on SS, State Float, and conversing.

1. Read Lesson 5
2. Answer this question in 8 or more sentences. How did the American Revolution affect the creation of state governments? USE YOUR OWN WORDS PLEASE.

1. How's your float coming along?
2. Describe 2-3 goals you have for your float project.

Talk to each other.


  1. State Float:
    1. My float is coming along really well! I will be finished with it 4 days before Float Day!!
    2. To add all the information that was listed on NOTM two weeks ago. Another goal I have for myself is to do most of the work instead of having my parents do most of it.

    1. What will be your first thought when you wake up on Friday morning, noticing their is no school?

    1. I think I will probably think, "Yay! I can play Minecraft! I'm really excited because I don't have any homework! I bet that everyone is happy today! I don't know why anyone wouldn't be happy!"

      If I said that last comment on Minecraft though, it would actually be:

    2. That just goes to show how bad grammar and spelling I have on Minecraft. I put way too many exclamation points and capitol letters in Minecraft!!!!!! Does anyone else have the same problem?

    3. EVERYONE HAS BAD GRAMMAR ON MINECRAFT, GIGI! I try to use good grammar (not really). The float sounds good, Buggie!!

    4. Kyle I agree. Except I use good grammar besides the fact I don't use periods in Minecraft.

  2. SS

    2. The American Revolution may have been a great time of war and bloodshed, but it wasn't for no reason. They wanted freedom and a fairer government. After all, they were being taxed for benefits that only affected England, didn't have any representatives in Parliament, and had no say in the government at all! Pg. 142 in our Social Studies book states that some states wrote constitutions before the Declaration of Independence was written. The states with these constitutions wanted to become independent. Thankfully, the Continental Congress didn't interfere because if they did, they would be disobeying the ideals that they fought against in the first place! Also, citizens could have a louder voice in state governments. In 1778, Massachusetts tried to pass a constitution, but the people didn't feel like they had a voice in the matter. It was finally ratified in 1780 and became the basis of other state constitutions. As you can see, the American Revolution had a large affect on state governments.


    1. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So far, I have shown my animal/bird (Rhode Island Red Chicken), flower (Violet), tree (Red Maple), major industry (health services), major point of interest (beaches and Newport Mansions), and flag. I still need to add the nickname (The Ocean State), state song (Rhode Island It's For Me), and state motto (Hope). I would have to add my state fossil, but Rhode Island doesn't have one.

    a) I really hope that my chicken doesn't fall apart. For my float, I am making a giant robotic chicken that is pecking at a tiny replica of Rhode Island. Sadly, the design for the head can't hold much weight, so I hope my chicken will last the whole time.

    b) I hope that I can finish it in time!

    c) I hope that it isn't just another random float.


    1. Today at school, since Radical and I couldn't find a book that was level W or below that we liked, we were stuck reading "My Brother Sam is Dead." I personally don't like the book very much because not only is it unusually small and the font is hard to read, the plot isn't very interesting. Radical and I found 2 books that we really wanted to read (Ranger's Apprentice or The Alchymist) but they were both level X. I think that it is rather frustrating that we can't read anything harder than W, especially because I've read most of the books easier. What is even more frustrating is that I have read 6+ level Z books, including the Hunger Games (great book, fyi.) Is anyone else feeling frustrated because of this?

    1. Yep if there was no limit it would be a lot easier for everyone to find a book that they really wanted not just a sub par book.

    2. The social studies was really detailed and WAY over 6-8 sentences. Good job! I'd have to agree that finding a book is hard. Ilaria and I wanted to read a lot of books that were a level too high. I am totally agreeing with your anger.

    3. I know exactly what you mean!!!!! Leo and I had the same problem with a couple books!

  3. Social Studies
    People started to right constitutions about how the government will be run. Then citizens played a more important role in government because in Massachusetts they ratified a constitution that was written. After that other states decide to give their citizens a voice. The state used their constitutions to make governments that had a balance of power that made up of elected officials. Before this the colonies were run by governors appointed by the king or royal governors.The new constitutions made it so that the elected didn't have as much power over government. They made it so that no individuals or groups would have more power than other people. A lot of ideas from state constitutions were used in the U.S constitution. George Mason wrote that citizens were a part of government, not separate from it.

    State Float
    1. It is going along really well I probably will finish it before the break ends. I hope the the parade will be fun!

    1. OOPS
      State Float
      2. I hope that my Empire State Building will look good and not fall over and like Double G said I hope that mine is just another state float I want it to pop out of the crowd and be the first thing people see ( in a good way not eew !!!!)

    2. GREAT ANSWER FOR SS!!!!! Great progress on the float!!!!!! If the parade isn't fun (it probably will) I WILL MAKE IT FUN!!!!!!

  4. Social Studies:
    1. The American revolution effected the State governments because now America was free, so everyone wanted to be fair about laws and rights. The states wanted to redo what had happened with Britain and the colonies when they controlled them. The people were ruled before, so afterwards they were free. This was a big achievement for America. The royal governors had ruled the states before, and were unfair about power. Now, everyone elected the governors in a fair way. The governor had to be balanced with his power. Basically, after the Revolution, rules were made about being fair, and all the unfair rules and laws Britain had made were taken away. The government wanted the rules and laws to be fair, and what everyone thought was best, not Britain.
    State Float!:
    1. My state float is going great! I have done lots of work on it, and used some of yesterday to work on it! I think its almost there, but not there. YAY!!!!
    2. Finish the float, clean up everything for the big day, and make sure everything is prepared and not falling apart.

    3. I will probably be excited because I will be in the British Virgin Islands, ready to go on my boat. But I will also be thinking about how tired I am because the plane trip takes a long time, and the time difference. To answer to you Buggie Boy. A question for the class I have is, Are you going to want to sleep and relax, or do lots of fun activities, and go to places with exciting things during spring break?

    1. Very detailed!!!!!!!! I think I will be going to Hawaii with Daisy's mom, so I won't be bored at all!! I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE TRIP!!!!!!!! Wait, I thought you said that you were riding a bout around the British Virgin Islands! Are you taking a plane or a boat! How excited are you on a scale of 1-10?

    1. Read Lesson 5
    2. Answer this question in 8 or more sentences. How did the American Revolution affect the creation of state governments? USE YOUR OWN WORDS PLEASE. It affected the state governments by inspiring them to have a fair government. They made it so the citizens were pat of the government. The citizens elected delegates to write constitutions and the citizens had say if they should use it. It also limited governors power. The country let each state rule it self. The citizens of a state would elect some delegates to be part of an assembly. Each delegate controlled the same amount of people so each person had the same amount of power.

    1. How's your float coming along? I am almost done I just need to clean it up and get a flag.
    2. Describe 2-3 goals you have for your float project.
    1. Finish it on time
    2. The float to stay together.

  6. Lenny ideals in the state constitutions begin models for the US Constitution. For example the concentration had a section called Bill of Rights. That section guaranteed the basic rights of also citizens. The Bill of Rights was written by George Mason. George Mason stated that citizens were part of the government. In other words that means they cannot separate. Every citizen had to obey all the laws or they will get in big trouble.

  7. State Float
    1. My float project is going great. I’ve been working on the presentation, been thinking about what it will look like, and plan to work on it during the break.
    2. Some goals I have are:
    Do a sketch on what the float will look like.
    Build it over the break.
    Add more details to my presentation.
    During spring break I want to play Minecraft on my PS4 and do my state project. I'm excited to just stay home.

  8. State float
    1. My float is coming along well and i think it will look good

    2. Goals
    One is to finish it a week before so I have some time to take a break
    Another is to have detail to my presentation

  9. State Float
    1.My is going great.I finished my presentation all I have to do is my my float.I am planing to do it over spring Break.
    2.Two or three goals are to finish in time,To be prepare,Get all the part's together.Look at at my slide show Fix some things Check my Grammar

    Today Me and Alex did not find the book's we wanted.But after we got out of school i found a book that we both may like.But the Bad news is that there was one copy.But if we look for the same copy it would be so great.Because i'am going to agree with Double G because the book is not so great as i thought so.Once i started reading it more it was not so interesting any more.

  10. Social Studies
    1 - How did the American Revolution affect state governments? They most likely thought of the war for their independence and the fact that they shouldn't be doing taxes just for giving the money away. Eveything should be reasonable and fair. King George didn't tax fairly, it all just went for the war that he needed money for. The people in colonies didn't have anything to do with what the money was going for so the governers must have thought carefully of fairness and taxes that are reasonable.

    State Float Parade - Arizona
    1 - I haven't started but I have plans for the basic design of my float for Arizona. I don't want to give away what it looks like.

    2 - a - I want to try to finish it during break, or at least most of it so I can just finish tiny details.
    b - I need to get all of the things I need for my float, like the things listed in News On The March. My mom ordered a flag and bird so I don't need those.

  11. Social Studies-
    How did the American Revolution affect the creation of state governments?
    The American Revolution affected the state governments by making them want to have a fair government. It also made the citizens part of the government. And before the Declaration of Independence was written, colonists wrote a written plan to help make them an independent state. Many of the ideas of the written plan were models in the Constitution.

    State Float-
    1. I’m about halfway done but I still need to add somethings like my state flag, major point of interest and some other things.
    2. I want to have everything done a little bit before the parade.
    3. And I want to buy all the things like the bird, tree, flower ect….

  12. Social Studies:

    (not ALL facts in the social studies book are in the summery)

    Some colonist had started to write a written plan of government called a constitution. This was taking place before the Declaration of Independence. It took place in 1776. The Continental Congress didn’t bother this, but that doesn’t mean that they wanted to. The problem was that the leaders of the Congress thought the colonists would think that they would be controlling them, this was opposite to what the British monarchy did. Royal charters from the king of Britain established many of the colonies. When the citizens of had to write state constitutions they were in a big lump of pressure.

    State Float:

    #1. I got all the materials I need, the wagon (float) is ready to go, all I really have to do now is put each thing on the wagon (float).

    #2. I want my float, along with the others, to be very eye catching, that way people will notice it!

  13. State Float
    I'm having a little bit of issues but I think it will turn great!
    1.To finish on time and not do it all on one day
    2. Put a lot of detail

    Conversation topic:

  14. State Float
    1. My state float well we are drawing out what we want it to look like then getting the materials to build it.
    2. To be well organized to build it steddy.
    1. I did not find a book either so today me and Fifi are going to get one.