Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Tonight you'll have the opportunity to work on opinion writing.

Topic: People shouldn't watch television because there aren't many educational programs. 

Directions: Write an opinion piece on the topic above. Tell us where you obtained some facts.

Paragraph #1
1. Write a 1-2 sentence electrifying introduction to this topic. Start with a strong fact, quote, or question.
2. State your position/claim on this topic.
3. Provide 2 reasons to help support your claim.

Paragraph #2
1. Start this paragraph with "first of all".
2. Elaborate on reason #1 with strong evidence.

Paragraph #3
1. Start this paragraph with "Another reason".
2. Elaborate on reason #2 with strong evidence.

Paragraph #4
1. Restate your position/claim on this topic.
2. Remind the reader why your opinion on this topic matters.
3. Call to action.

  • Use evidence to really support your claim
  • Pay attention to grammar and spelling so people take you seriously
  • Include facts, examples, quotes, relevant information to support claim
  • Get the reader to CARE about your opinion
  • Yelling will turn the reader off 


  1. There used to be a time when we thought that television could help us learn. Other technology, such as computers, have served an educational purpose, but what about the TV? Should we be watching television even if there isn't many educational shows? I would love to have more educational programs on television, but we shouldn't cease watching TV because of this problem. Not only does the television give us useful information in case of an emergency, but we can also use other technology for educational purposes.

    First of all, we need the television to warn us about important safety issues and news around the world, regardless of if we have enough educational programs. Dana Mallard wrote, "It is designed to hold the viewers attention for short periods of time." If we couldn't watch the news on TV, many less people would know what is happening around them since they would loose interest. Right now, only 23% of Americans read print newspapers, and if there wasn't any television, only 23% of Americans would know whats happening around them!

    Another reason why we shouldn't stop watching TV because of lack of education value is that we can use other technology for educational purposes. For example, CK12 is an educational site that isn't on the computer. You can explore articles, videos, practices, assessments, physics simulations, and more in this free education site used by schools across the country. CK12 gives you even more information that any program on TV could give you since you can test yourself on subjects and explore freely.

    As you can see, we don't need to stop watching television because there aren't enough educational programs. We don't need to rid ourselves of enjoyment because we are to short-sighted to see that we can learn in other ways! We can't rid ourselves of vital information about the world around us! I want to challenge you to use other forms of technology to learn and not just television! Just because there aren't very many educational programs doesn't mean we can't learn! WE are the ones who created the television. WE are he ones who created education, so WE must be the ones to keep learning by our own accord, and not just depending on the TV.

    Here is my bibliography:




    1. DETAILED WORK!!!!! Nice point of if there wan't any T.V., then only ones who read newspapers would know whats going on. GREAT JOB!

  2. (My post was just deleted because I clicked something on accident so it might not be as good as it was before)

    Listen reader, you are about to be astounded in this piece. We will argue about the right to watch extremely un-educational programs on television for eighteen year olds and under. I believe that people should be allowed to watch TV even if the shows aren't educational because of some reasons you shall find out.
    First off, TV can't be banned like that. Sometimes, people have those slumber parties that the government can have at any time. People in the government have kids that love to watch TV anytime they can get to. In fact, some people make movies for newborns like for example (one that I watched as a young one), Little Einsteins. Babies can learn music, history, and art from just one TV show that has four little kids running around the world solving music and art problems with decent history made for their level.
    Now people who don't even need education anymore like seniors when they retire, would think it's unfair to not be allowed to watch TV just because it's banned for students' sake. I know that my dad likes to watch television a lot, and he would probably die from boredom if he wasn't allowed to. Even you, reader, watch television. Everyone at one point in their life at least has watched one movie or TV show.
    So now reader, you should be agreeing with my point. Not being allowed to watch TV is like getting rid of every electronic in the world. YouTube would be pointless and my uncle would need to find another job. Amazon instant video would be going down the drain like Netflix. Oh don't forget about most video games. All video games are like movies that you can control the characters or objects in them. Nintendo, Mojang, companies like those go down the drain thanks to governments getting rid of TVs. If it would be only in America, I would move to Japan where they would most likely still allow TVs.

  3. I think that kids should be able to watch TV because there are tons of educational shows on Nat Geo and other networks. Why, can you not find any? My family watches some Nat Geo shows like Brain Games and Ultimate Alaska Survivor. There are tons of educational shows on TV and children can still watch non educational shows too.

  4. Dear parents… just because your child watches TV does it mean that they are really watching bad things that influence their life?
    I expect you to say yes in about two seconds after reading this sentence, but if you think about it , there are many appropriate series of TV shows that not just ruins a child’s brain into a piece of tapioca, but allows them to learn! UNBELIVEIBLE!! This means that instead of tapioca brain you can have a… smart brain! (Non-tapioca brain!)
    First of all, you guys a probably thinking, well, you said that there are many educational TV series, but how do I know one? Well, there is one main TV show that I would recommend to anyone who is trying to be ”non-tapioca,” and this show is called Cosmos. Cosmos is an eye catching interesting TV show for kids, and it’s not a show that a child would reject in two seconds! Okay, maybe you just rejected this show in two seconds, but don’t worry there is still more choices!
    Another one could be Bill Nye the Science guy, this is a funny show that can never be rejected, and in my opinion it’s the best one yet! It always has an interesting beginning, middle, and end! Have fun watching!

    1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE A GREAT WRITER!!!!!!! I LOVED THE INTRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Topic: People shouldn't watch television because there aren't many educational programs.
    i disagree because there are lots of educational tv shows like How Its Made and Ultimate Factories. others are on PBS and PBS kids.
    First of all How Its Made teaches you behind the scenes of how everyday objects are made, for example different types of food, alert systems, breath mints and airplane paint. you can watch Ultimate Factories on national geographic they show you behind the scenes of Ultimate Factores that make vehicles like a motorhome, firetruck and a big mining dump truck. Also there is a UPS package center called World Port in Louisville Kentucky where UPS has it’s own freighter plane fleet.
    In conclusion, I believe there are many educational shows on TV

    1. Nice disagreement Sandman!!!! Great observation of those two T.V. shows!!!!! Great job!

  6. 1. I think we should watch TV because a lot of the programs do have to do with education like the science program and news channels.
    2. First of all we need to have television because it helps us know what is going on around us like traffic and news.
    3. Also if you are board or done with your homework or work you can watch TV to calm you down and relax
    4. We also should be able to watch TV because of sports it is good to go on some Entertainment center such as sports and music programs.

  7. 1. Listen up parents, if you think there’s nothing educational about Tv then I’m about to change your mind.

    2. First of all There are many educational tv shows like Nat Geo, the science channel and many more educational shows. Just because they're some non educational shows doesn’t mean that kids necessary watch them.

    3. Another reason kids should be allowed to watch tv is because it tells you stuff about the weather and the news so you can keep updated with what's going on in the world.

    4. So in conclusion I think we should be allowed to watch tv because their are educational tv shows and tv is a good way to break stress

  8. 1. Is T.V. really the best thing you need to be watching? NO! Brad Bushman has said it himself that " People underestimate how violent television can be for children. It can cause a great deal of anxiety" Bushman said. This is a warning that T.V. has bad scenes and settings that can cause bad things to children. Is T.V. really that great to watch?
    2. First of all, kids don't always understand what is exactly going on. So, they can get their imaginations running, and go crazy about it. Violence can cause very bad nightmares to many children. Studies have found that kids find the news the most terrifying than anything else. Scenes that include death, fires, violence or plane crashes causes kids to be frightened. When television is supposed to provide entertainment or education, it provides nightmares, and thoughts flowing about a T.V. show with drama.
    3. Another reason that television is bad for people is because it can cause series health problems for adults. Studies have found that the more you watch T.V., the more your life reduces. Its known that when your'e over 25 years old, an hour of television cuts down close to 22 minutes of your lifespan. Other diseases include heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes and premature death. Even standing up makes a difference than just sitting down because it helps move your muscles, which is healthy for blood flow.
    4. This info. should give you the idea that television is very bad for you. It can cause bad health problems, and bad for children. T.V. is very bad to fill children's brains with, while young. Adults also can't watch too much T.V. either because it can provide horrible scenarios. Watching something on a screen, isn't the experience you want to have. Getting outside, and stretching your legs is much healthier, and better for yourself. You should have the idea by now that T.V. is not a good thing to be watching.
    Bibliography: http://www.abc.net.au/health/thepulse/stories/2014/07/24/4043618.htm
    Bibliography: http://www.parenting.com/article/tv-news-too-violent-for-children

    1. I agree with you. I only watch MLP and SNL on TV, the rest of my screen-time is minecraft.

  9. “All television is educational television. The question is: what is it teaching?”
    Nicholas Johnson I do not agree that all television is educational, but there are many channels that do teach you. Nat Geo, Animal Planet, Discovery, are all science based channels that you can learn from.

    First of all, on the Animal Planet Network, a show called River Monsters, teaches us about rare fish, and where they live. Also, when watching the show you can learn about different countries and cultures.

    Another reason why TV is educational, is that on the National Geographic channel you can watch many documentaries about history, and learn about many different things.

    Tv is educational because there are many programs that can help you, and your children learn about history, science, and animals. You and your family can watch TV as entertainment, or as a learning tool. Choose your shows wisely.


  10. One of the biggest issues these days with parents, is being able to trust their kids. For example children will say that they will watch an educational show like cosmos, and then as soon as there parents leave change it to The Voice or Dance Moms. However, I believe that people shouldn't watch TV and not because there aren't any educational TV shows (there are a lot, Google it) but because it is bad for your eyes and brain, and there are much better things to do like read a book or do your math homework.

    First of all, even though there are many educational TV shows out there, you might get distracted, or pulled into PROPAGANDA. Eventually you will see things that look interesting, and be lead to believe that you are learning more than you are with your homework and toss it aside saying you will do it later. This will get you in trouble at school and at home with your parents.

    Another reason, why children should not watch TV is that even if they are watching an educational show, they might flip through the channels, or see an add for a non-educational TV show and then might try to check it out and end up watching the whole season...

    In conclusion, parents should not let their kids watch TV because there are many things that can go wrong, and it is a smaller risk to take. Repeating what I said before, you don't know what your innocent, precious, darling little kids might learn on the TV...

    1. I am confused on what you are saying.

  11. 1. Most TV is educational but it can teach you in a way? When I was watching a TV show and it had a word in it. It was a really educational word that in fact appeared later the day. Also there is the show casmos, the News and the discovory channel.

    2.First of all, there are tv channels that don't help you learn but if a child is at school for 6 hours than I think it's fine to watch tv for at least 1. It's known that childrendo learn from TV at a young age but as they get older the more useless TV gets.

    3. Another reason, That TV is good is it is also known that when you are watching that if it makes you laugh you live longer because laughing is known to make you live longer because of laughing

    4. Now not all shows are educational but remember that there is always a answer to your choises. But you can always choise your channels. Stay on the good channels

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  13. 1 think we should watch T.V because some shows are educational and they can teach you things.
    2 First of all I think T.V lets us know things like about animals or peoples life
    3 Also we should be able to watch T.V to get us cheered up
    4 Maybe if your in to Disney Channel then you can watch that or maybe even teen nick what I'm saying is that you could enjoy some free time watching T.V.