Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Tonight you'll get to work on HBC packet and questions.


  • work on your packet
  • answer these questions
a. Who was your favorite character in the story? Why?
b. Who was your least favorite character in the story? Why?
c. If you were to rename the title of the book, what would it be and why?
d. Describe a possible sequel to the book you read. 
1 Major event that you think may change your main character's perspective on life. Make sure it's not event from the original story. 


  1. a. My favorite character in the story is moose.
    b. My least favorite character in the story is piper.
    c. I would not change the title.
    Protagonist: Moose
    Antagonist: Natalie
    Setting: Alcatraz
    Conflict: Piper
    piper getting more mean.

    1. It seems like Moose is really popular in your book club!!!

  2. Historical Fiction Book
    #1. My favorite character in the story would be Moose, because he cares about his family and is caring for his sisters education and life. I say this because I know the Moose's sister needs help with communicating so it's hard for her to go to a school that will allow her to enter at her age, which is 16.

    #2. My least character in the story would me "greasy hair onion" who only came up a few time in the story. I dislike this character because he scared Moose VERY much. "Onion" was a con the was friendly to Moose's site but this scared Moose mostly because... there was a con with 105 printed in the back of his clothing hugging Moose's sister with an evil look in his face! (pant!, gasp!)

    Protagonist: Moose
    Antagonist: Natalie
    Setting: Alcatraz
    Conflict: Alcatraz

    #4. One major event that might have made the book 10 times the size it already is, would be if Al Capone escaped Alcatraz prison. I say this because normally you don't have the world biggest gangster running around San Francisco, it will make things really REALLY tense... believe me!

    1. I agree with #4. That would be a nightmare!!!!!!!

  3. a. Mr. Leroy because he persevered through tough times to free his family
    b. The Preacher because he stole all of Mr. Leroy's money that he was saving up to free his family from a plantain in the south
    c. The adventures of Elijah because Elijah went through a lot of adventures with the preacher and to try to get Mr. Leroy's money back
    d. Where it describe the life of Mr. Leroy's family
    Protagonist: Elijah
    Antagonist: Preacher
    Conflict: Money stolen from Mr. Leroy
    If Mr. Leroy had found the Preacher alive

    1. I agree that Preacher is the worst character in the book. I mean, who steals someone's money and gambles it all???? Nice details!

  4. a) I would have to say that my favorite character was Ned Begay. He cares about the world and can be defiant, but also knows his boundaries and knows when to keep quiet. He is determined and brave, but also quiet and shy, but either way, always follows orders. Without him, much would be lost in World War II.

    b) I think that my least favorite character would probably be Hirohito, the emperor of Japan at the time. His war planning was suicidal, he drove his people into poverty, and he was power hungry. For example, when Ned Begay and his friends made a food drive for Japan during High School, he kept all of the food in a secret bank instead of feeding it to the hungry people of his country.

    c) "When We Were Needed"
    I feel like that title shows more of the moral that even the Navajo's where looked down upon and were told they could do nothing in life, they were needed by so-called "more important people" and ended up turning the tide of World War ll.


    Protagonist= Ned Begay's grandchildren

    Antagonist= North Korea (Kim Jong Un)

    Setting= United States, North Korea, and countries near North Korea

    Conflict= World War III

    Ned Begay and the Navajo Code Talkers may have saved World War II, but what about World War III? Kim Jong Un has waged war on many different countries in Asia, and the U.S. is in on the action. When the battle is being lost, they can only resolve to one plan: Navajo Code Talkers. Eddie and Julie Begay (Ned Begay's grandchildren) have become Code Talkers in World War III. Will the U.S. be victorious, or will they crack under pressure?

    1. GREAT ANSWERS! Hirohito sounds like a very bad person. This sequel sounds like a very interest book.

  5. 1 Laura /she is brave

    2 I don't have one

    3 escape to the North

    4 trustworthiness

    Protagonist: Bert

    Antagonist: Laura

    Setting: Laura's house

    Conflict: The law

  6. 1. My favorite character in the story is Georgia Boy because his accent isn't that easy to understand and it's the southern accent that people sometimes have.

    2. My least favorite character in the story is Principal O' Sullivan because he reminds me of Captain John Smith but the principal has anger issues which I don't like.

    3. I wouldn't name it Code Talkers because it lets you know what the main action of the story is, so I would give it a more simple and interesting name like, Stories Of Navajos'

    4. There are no actual sequels but another book related to code talkers would be a good sequel.

    a. Protagonist: Ned Begay

    b. Antagonist: Japanese

    c. Setting: Islands in the Pacific Ocean going from America to Japan.

    d. Conflict: Ned Begay has to fight the Japanese in WWII while having the job as a marine code talker. He has to communicate important messages that save lives of people.

    6. I would think that if Ned did't get into the code talking job, this book wouldn't exist for us to be reading.

  7. 1. Bud because he is adventures.
    2. Todd Amose because he beat up bud and stuck a pencil up his nose.
    3. Adventures of bud caldwell because the whole book is about going on an adventure and finding his dad.
    4. The sequel would be about buds new life as a musician.
    Protagonist: Bud
    Antagonist: Todd
    Conflict: Finding his dad
    If his dad came to pick him up from the orphanage.

    1. Your least favorite character is a good one! Todd was being a very bad billie to Bud. Nice new title!!!!

  8. 1. Laura because she is kind brave and fights for the better

    2. The slave catchers

    3. Fight for the better because in the story they fight for the better

    4. The sequel would be the same thing except with new people and the end of slavery

    Protagonist Bert

    Antagonist Laura

    Conflict A slave needs these people help to escape to the north

  9. Historical Book Club

    1. My favourite character is Elijah because he is kind and caring and willing to do anything, but at the same time he is brave and always knows what to do.

    2. The Preacher because 1. he took advantage of Elijah’s talent and used it to get something for him and 2. because he stole Mr. Leroys money and used it for gambling.

    3.I would name it the “Secrets of Buxton” because throughout the book there are a lot of secrets uncovered.

    4. It would be about the Preachers life and his family.
    Protagonist: Elijah
    Antagonist: Preacher
    Setting: Buxton, Canada
    Conflict: Mr. Leroy money got stolen by the Preacher.

  10. Historical Fiction Book:
    1. My favorite character in the book is Bud because he is growing, and he is a very adventurous character. His growth gives surprises, which makes you very eager to read the next part. Bud is a very curious boy.
    2. My least favorite character would have to be Herman because he is very rude. Also when Bud tells him that he is his father, he does not like the idea at all. He actually doesn't exactly like Bud. Herman thinks Bud will turn out like Bud's mother, who was Hermans daughter. Bud's mother ran away because he was too hard on her. He doesn't want to mess up again.
    3. I would rename the book "Unraveling Secrets" because there are many secrets that Bud finds out. One is that Herman is his Grandfather. Also, that his mother ran away from Herman. Thats why she never like that flyer. Another one is that Deza Malone secretly likes Bud, because she kissed him. Some of these secrets were also new for Herman.

    Protagonist: Bud
    Antagonist: Herman

    Setting: Flint Michigan, and Hooverville Michigan.

    Conflict: The conflict is that Herman isn't excepting of Bud being his son. Bud finds out that his father he was chasing for, wasn't a man who liked him. Also, that what he thought was his father, was his grandfather. Talking about even before the time period in this book, Bud's mother ran away, and Herman didn't look for her as much as he could've.

  11. Historical Book Club

    1.My favourite character is Bud because he is very loyal to his friend.He cares about people.He is brave could be scared at some point.He always knows what to do.

    2. I agree with Leo because Todd Amose Because he does beat up Bud sometimes and most of the time he sticks a pencil up his nose.

    3.I would name it ' The Adventures of Bud' because he like's doing a lot of Adventures with his friends.

    Setting: 1981
    Conflict:He needs to find his Dad he Has been talking about him in the book.