Monday, April 27, 2015


Tonight you'll get the opportunity to work on the following work.
1. Persuasive Writing
2. Social Studies
3. Power Slides for Albums

Persuasive Writing

  • Read this excerpt and answer the questions. 
In the not too distant past, grizzly bears lived throughout western North America, from Alaska to Mexico. The explorers Lewis and Clark found them on Dakota prairies in the early 1800s. An estimated 10,000 grizzlies once roamed California. 

The grizzly bear is a big and potentially dangerous animal. Adult males(called boars) weigh 400 to 1,000 pounds, while adult females (called sows) tip the scales at 300 to 700 pounds. Although grizzly bears along the coast of Alaska are larger than those more inland(perhaps due to richer food), most biologists consider them all one species. These giants feed primarily on plants but do eat meat when available. 

a. What could be the title for this excerpt?
b. Type up 2-3 facts. 
c. What is the author's particular purpose in writing this excerpt? 
d. Can you identify any words that may express opinion?

e. Answer this question: Should animals be kept in Zoos?
f. State your thesis( a statement that supports your viewpoint on the question). 
g. Write a few reasons that support your thesis statement. 


  1. a. The title could be: All About Bears
    b. Bears roamed through western North America, adult males are called boars, adult females are called sows.
    c. The author is trying to inform the reader
    d. “Perhaps due to richer food…” sound like an opinion.
    e. Yes, I think animals should be kept in zoos to stay safe.
    f. Animals are safer in the zoo because people aren’t trying to kill them.
    g. People try to kill wild animals for food, for their skin, and as a hobby. Also, animals kill animals in the wild. At a zoo, they are fed good food by zookeepers.

    1. I agree with your title of the excerpt!!

  2. a. Grizzly Bears, The Bears That Once Roamed The USA.
    ba. Adult males are called boars and weigh up to 1,000 pounds.
    bb. Adult females are called sows and weigh as little as 300 pounds.
    c. The primary reason was that the author is trying to persuade the reader to read more about the Grizzly Bear.
    d. Not really.
    e. I did mine as more of a graphic organizer. I hope this is accepted, but I did mine on a google doc shared with the class and Mr. Frederick.

    1. Yeah, there are no words to make it an opinion.

    2. I agree with your d. I LOVE THE GRAPHIC ORGANIZER!!!!!!! That was a creative way to finish Blogger!!!!!!!!!

  3. Persuasive Writing
    1 - The Ghost Of Bear Past.

    2 -
    a & b - The boars can weigh 400-1,000 lbs, while females weight 300-700

    3 - The author sort of jumps between extinction in most parts of California, and size so those seem to be the main topics in my point of view.

    4 - It doesn't sound much like opinion writing but just a tiny bit of nonfiction.

    5 - I would say sometimes because animals deserve to be roaming free so if it''s a zoo that has large pens, they can live there. Animals can be injured and may never be able to be released to the wild so a zoo is like their care center. Also most animals seem to enjoy the zoo.

    6 - I believe animals should only be kept in zoos if they are injured or don't try to escape.

    7 - They of course would be trying to escape over the walls and destroy the glass to get out if they didn't want to stay there. Animals that are injured or babies without parents need to survive and may not be able to be released into the wild without learning to hunt and survive. Last but not least, people that work at most zoos would release the animal that is hurt once they get better if they know how to hunt so I think they do this test by seeing if the animal is able to hunt.

    1. I LOVE YOUR TITLE FOR THE ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. A. The One Bear
    b.Bears are in the northwest america and boars weigh 400 - 1000 pounds
    c. Maybe inform him
    e. I think they should so they can be safe and protected by the law
    f. Because no one can hunt them if the are in a zoo

    1. Your point in #6 is a great idea!!

  5. 1. Grizzly Bears: The Bear Of The Past
    2a & 2b. It was once estimated that there were 10,000 grizzly's in CA. Lewis and Clark discovered the Grizzly bear in the early 1800's, on the prairies of Dakota.
    3. The author was trying to introduce the Grizzly bear to readers, and learn about them. The author wanted people to want be interested in this animal.
    4. As Alex said, "Perhaps due to richer food" does sound like an opinion. But, it could be off of research he did, so its hard to tell.
    5. Part yes, if they can't go back in the wild because their homes are getting destroyed, or are injured so that they can't survive in the wild. But, if they were found injured and got better, they should be let free. Or if they found a new home for that animal.
    6. Animals should be able to have the freedom of being let out in the wild from the zoo if they are able to go to the wild. But, if they still need to stay in the zoo, then they should be let out.
    7. Animals don't have hospitals like humans do, but zoos are the helping hand animals have. Zoos are a caring place for animals, which helps them. But, when they are able to go back in the zoo, they should be let out. The zoos are a nice place for the animals to be safe from any danger. There is some dangers out in the wild, that are bad for the animals. My last reason is, because the staff at the zoo cares for the animals, and ttys to recreate their habitats best as possible, and give them their proper food diet.

    1. I like how you made connections to Sandman's work! GREAT DETAILS!!!!!

  6. 1. Grizzly Bears- The Ghosts of Our Past

    a) Bears along the Alaskan Coast are bigger because of food and resources.
    b) Adult males weigh 400-1,000 lbs
    c) Adult females weigh 300-700 lbs

    3. The author is trying to tell us that we should care for Grizzly Bears more because their species numbers have been decreasing since Lewis and Clark first made their journey.

    4. "In the not too distant past" is an opinion because the "not so different past" isn't an exact date and can be perceived differently by anyone.

    5. I will say that I have mixed feelings on this subject since it depends on the zoo, but for most zoos, they should be kept in zoos.

    6. Animals should be kept in zoos because they are under great attention and care which not only allows there species to continue, but allows us humans to see nature more easily!

    7. First of all, zoos take care of the species. Many animals are going endangered, but thanks to zoos, we can take care of them and make up for all of the destruction we have caused by heating the planet. Also, we can see wildlife in a dafe, controlled environment that doesn't harm the animal in any way.


  7. The Bear Facts
    dangerous animal, They live in western North America
    To tell you about what bears and particular the grizzly bear
    The grizzly bears are big
    yes because it gives a chance for other people to learn about them. And it helps the animals to be more happy if they are not because of danger in the see
    Animals can be safe in the zoo
    Safer from predators and to interact with people

    1. Bye the way i think they should only be kept in zoos if they are injured or endangered

  8. Persuasive Writing

    a. Grizzle Bears
    b. Adult males(called boars) weigh 400 to 1,000 pounds, They eat plants and some but sometime eat meat.
    c. To teach the reader about grizzly bears
    d. It’s more non fiction so it doesn’t really have anything that expresses opinion.
    e. No, because I think that animals should be in their natural habitat.
    f. In my opinion I think that animals should not be kept in zoos
    g. Because it’s not their natural habitat and they don’t get the space and the proper food they need in zoos.

  9. a. Grizzly Bears the Bears of Alaska and California
    b. The Grizzlies in Alaska are bigger than the Grizzlies in California. Adult male Grizzlies are called Boars whereas Females are called Sows
    c. To get more people to read and learn about Grizzly Bears
    d. Most Biologists think that
    e. They can be helpful to endangered animals but it does more harm than help with not endangered animal because they are in a small habitat
    f. Endangered animals are hunted by poachers and they can die of natural causes but they are mainly protected from poachers at zoos but poachers will probably not poach most of the non endangered animals which means that they should not be in the zoos
    g. Picture this you are in a tiny habitat a very small fraction of your usual habitat with people streaming by making a lot of noise point at you and banging for the only reason that it is fun and so that the zoo can make money. That is probably what animals feel like if they are in a zoo. Regular animals should not have to deal with it but if it makes the difference between an endangered animal and a an animal that is not endangered that is the difference because animals life expectancy goes up if they are in a zoo because there is not a shortage of food and or water and they will not be poached at a zoo and there might not be as many diseases going around that are deadly to that animal. That is why Endangered animal should be at zoos but not endangered animals should not be at a zoo.

    1. 2nd try I forgot to copy like I usually do

  10. 1 Bears in the past.
    2 Live in N.A.,and males weigh as much as 400-1,000 pounds
    3 The grizzly bear is a big and potentially dangerous animal.
    4 So people will know more about bears
    5 Yes and No
    6,Yes because then they would have good care and they won't get hurt.
    7 No because they won't be with their families, and they won't be able to have fun locked in a cage all the time

  11. 1.Bears
    2.Bears are very dangerous animal,They live in n.a.
    3.A Bear is not as big as a Grizzle Bear.
    4.Maybe because they are on a trip and they need to work on Information about bears.
    6.yes because they get to eat food
    7.No because they don't have time to spend with their Parents