Monday, April 13, 2015


Tonight you'll have the opportunity to work on Social Studies and conversing.



  • Read Lesson 4 - What was life like in the colonies during the Revolution?
  • Answer these questions. 
a. What are Continentals?
b. How did the decrease in value of the Continental affect the economy?
c. How did the Revolution affect the families?
d. read the cost-benefit analysis on page 140. Look at the chart carefully. Answer the questions on page 140 at the bottom of the page. 
e. create your OWN cost-benefit analysis for something important in your life. Show us on blogger what that would look like. 

B. Talk to each other.  Keep it simple, appropriate, and interesting. Don't forget to ask questions. I'll start the conversation off by saying...

22 years later, I'll be seeing Ride at the San Francisco's majestic Warfield Theater. The anticipation is as thick as a Frederick's Follies show. I have great hopes of them playing "Twisterella" because I think it's one of the finest pop songs ever crafted. The endless guitar hooks, muted vocals, and splashy drums get my feet dancing instantly. I'll try to snap a photo and send it to the class. One of England's finest won't disappoint on stage. 

Who knows where the conversation may end up.


  1. Social Studies
    1. According to page 138, Continentals are the ways of spending and printing paper money. As time went on, the Congress had to print more and more paper money in order to pay the troops for their supplies.
    2. Supplies started decreasing and the prices started increasing. The Congress had to make more and spend more paper money.
    3. As sited on page 139, many families had both Patriots and Loyalists. This made them spread apart as the two sides started clashing and fighting. Also, families had to suffer from the hardships of losing many loved ones.
    4. Did the underlining and starring in the page, but here is my answer for the last question on the page.
    4 (4). Freedom to set up a new, representative government.
    5. Theme: The pros and cons to playing Minecraft.
    Costs To Minecraft:
    a. It cost $30-9 for one Minecraft account.
    b. It could get you addicted to the game.
    c. You could meet people that might start to "look out for you"
    Benefits To Minecraft
    a. It allows your creativity to grow.
    b. Share ideas with friends.
    c. Unlimited space to build whatever you want.

    1. I agree with your statement, Minecraft should lower it's prices, but why do you think it has to be nine dollars?

    2. What I meant was that the range is $30 to $39. I don't know the exact price.

    3. If the regular price was $20, what would you change it to, or would you keep it the same?

    4. I thought the price was $26 for a game.

    5. I just looked it up, it's about $27 dollars.

    6. Like I said in my response, I think it should be lowered down to 10 dollars... don't you think?

    7. It really should be lowered!!!!!! Also, I agree that it is very addicting. VERY addicting.

  2. a. The new money printed by Congress to buy things needed for the war.
    b. It led to inflation, an increase in prices.
    c. They suffered personal hardship through the loss of loved ones. Also many families had both Loyalist and Patriot member that did not agree.
    e. Getting a Dog
    They need toys, food, bed
    Time spent training
    Dog grooming
    Destroying carpets and rugs
    Fun to play with

  3. 1 - The Continentals are paper money that were printed and spent by congress like the dollar bills we have today.

    2 - It lost value because it led to the fact that people increased prices and hoarded goods.

    3 - Most men died so the wives had to either re-marry or be alone with their kids doing all the work and the women can't do some of the men jobs.

    4 -
    a. Money to raise and maintain armed forces.
    b. Freedom to make ones own decisions.
    c. Freedom to collect taxes and set spending
    d. I wouldn't support Patriots or Loyalists so I wouldn't get hurt by the opposite team. But, since I am not from that time I would pick "freedom to create fairer social roles", but then there would be "loss of established social roles."

    5 - I'd have to agree, Minecraft is a good topic.
    ~ When you buy the game, you don't have to pay anything else for the rest of your life to play
    ~ It involves a lot of area, perimeter, and volume
    ~ You can build over billions of buildings in one world
    ~ You can also play with your friends on servers and make new friends worldwide
    ~ You have to buy the game for $24-$26
    ~ Buggie is right, you can get addicted to playing the game like not doing homework and playing instead
    ~ There is a limit but the barrier is still far away
    ~ Making those new worldwide friends isn't always good so don't share personal info
    ~ Some people don't care about spelling errors while chatting

    6 - If I would go to that concert, I would assume that the band is very popular so I might get squished in the pit, or get seats far away but it would be just like Frederick Follies where it's really loud.

    1. I agree about the spelling errors. Sometimes the typos can be quite funny though...............

      I don't really have good grammar in Minecraft. I also use text talk. On top of that, my writing is basically all in caps with lots of exclamation points. This is a typical sentence for me on Minecraft:

      WHAT R WE DOING!!!!!!!!! THIS IS SO BORING!!!!!!!!! CAN WE DO SOMETHING FUN??????!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ!!!!!!!???????? CAN WE DO A RP!!!!!!??????

    2. Sometimes people in Minecraft can trick you into telling them something. But, its a great game! Yes, sometimes it gets boring. As DOUBLE G SAID. Great answers!!!


    #1. The Continental Congress was a group of people that came together coming from the thirteen colonies, The Congress little by little started to get problems, they had a hard time paying for the war for troops and supplies, this lead up to people asking for money in exchange of foods and goods.

    #2. The Congress had to print more continentals for troops and supplies, and as I said in number one, this lead up to people asking for money in exchange of foods and goods, and guess were that lead up to, an inflation! An inflation is when prices increase, this helped pay for the war because of the extra money that was earned.

    #3. An example starts with the son of Benjamin Franklin’s. William, Ben Franklin’s son, was a loyalist, this caused Ben Franklin to be sad, why? Benjamin Franklin was a Patriot, he felt like William was abandoning him, or fighting against him, soon after he had said himself this about his son, “Nothing has ever hurt me so much as to find myself deserted… by my only son, and… to find him taking up arms against me.”

    #4. I agree with Bugee Boy, I think that the game Minecraft should be lowered down in price, but disagreeing with Bugge Boy, I think that it should be lowered down to about ten dollars, this way more people can enjoy and have fun with this game.

  5. a. It is a way of making and spending money because the Congress had to print more money to fund the army
    b. The money was worth less so there was inflation but the prices were more expensive
    c. Families were separated because some people in the family were `Patriots while others were Loyalist which caused fights and some of the men in the family went of to fight but they either died or got injured by fighting
    e. Playing soccer on Alpine
    Time 6 - 8 hours including everything driving and getting to game 30 minutes earlier a week
    Money for equipment and team

    Fun to play
    Help the team win
    Make new friends

  6. a . Continentals are paper money.
    b. It affected the economy by making the prices go up and people asked for more money for their goods.
    c. The revolution affected families because sometimes families had one patriot and one loyalist, and they suffered because of lost family members.
    d. I did the underlining and starring on the page.
    Entrance to the Park
    Possibility of being injured
    Get to do this with my Uncle

  7. 1.Continental means paper that got printed out the congress and they liked the dollar bill.

    2.Everything started increasing and the congress started spending paper money.

    3.Families both wear Patriots or Loyalist and they had to separate them and go to different places.

    4.Playing soccer but not on a team

    It is fun

    your getting energy


    You could make new friends

    You could work hard to win the game

  8. Since we were never instructed to bring our social studies books, I forgot mine. Instead, I read articles of the internet and found these answers:

    a) According to, Continentals were bills similar to the money we have now. Since it wasn't from the British, it wasn't worth very much.

    b) According to, since it wasn't worth much, not only did they not have as much money, there was a large economic depression.

    c) According to, the war caused many men to leave their homes, which left the women with the mens jobs as well as their own. Some people, such as Mary Ludwig Hays, even helped their husbands in battle!!!!!!!

    e) Studying way to hard for a test during recess.

    a) Requires hard work
    b) Takes up time
    c) Separates you and your friends

    a) You get a better score
    b) You can impress your teacher
    c) You will get a better grade to help you get in the advanced science class for next year, which will help you get in the advanced science class for the next year, etc.
    d) YOU GET A GOOD GRADE!!!!!!!!
    e) YOU GET A GOOD GRADE!!!!!!!!
    f) YOU GET A GOOD GRADE!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh, here is my reply for the conversation:

      WOW!!!!!!!! It seems like you will have a great time!!!!!!! Wasn't it hard waiting the WHOLE DAY just to go to the concert! I know how that feels. It's kind of like the day before Halloween, or your Birthday. You can't wait, so everything just seems to go so slow because you are so excited!!!!!!

    2. Yeah. I agree because when it was that Friday afternoon, time seemed to go by so slowly, because I was so excited for the show!!!!! Great answers! Studying is very important. And yes, you do get a good grade for studying, Gigi!

  9. 1. The Continentals are paper money that were printed and spent by congress

    2. The Supplies started getting lower and the prices started getting higher

    3. This made the families spread apart as the two sides started fighting.

    4. Just dancing for fun without having a specific dance to do.
    Benefits: It could make kids have fun dancing but without having anyone making them do something specific.

    5. Pro and Cons of Dancing without having to do a specific dance.
    You can just have fun!
    If you aren’t a super good dancer you don’t have to push yourself to do the dance that everyone else is learning.
    You can’t learn anything new
    If you are just dancing without any advice you can't see what you are doing wrong.

  10. Social Studies:
    1. I found out that on page 138, Continentals were paper money that were printed because they didn't have enough money. This was established in 1775. These Continentals were supposed to act for the purpose of buying supplies quicker.
    2. This effected the economy, because they now had to trade for money, in order to pay for troops and supplies. Continentals lost its value because there was too much of it, which made it not that significant.
    3. The revolution effected families because some family members died during battle. There were also families who had patriots and loyalists, which caused separation between family members.
    4. Costs and Benefits to: Watching MLP

    -You could get annoyed of one character, and not want to watch and episode with them being featured.
    -Its hard not to skip the episodes, because some are boring.
    -Some characters voices could get annoying.

    - The characters are very interesting, and changing a lot. Some of them are entreating to watch.
    - Usually the ending is unexpected of the episodes. So, you don't really know what will happen.
    - The dialogue is unique, and funny a lot. Lets say, there is lots of feeling.

    5. I agree with General, that if they are that popular, then I would get squished in the pit. I bet that place will be exploding with singing and shouting. I have never been to a concert, so if you could tell us what happened, and what songs they played. Like Frederick's Follies, the concert with Ride will definitely have surprises.

  11. A.
    Cant do

    B. I agree with Rara because if you don't focus on something you will never come up with something new