Thursday, April 30, 2015


Tonight you'll spend some time researching your side of the zoo argument. Plus you'll get to write up your own opinion on a controversial topic.

1. Think about your position on the zoo topic.
2. Begin researching your position.
3. Find credible sites that help reinforce your argument.
4. Take notes on Google Presentation or your own index cards.

6. Pick from one of the topics below. Write about your position.
State your thesis.
Provide 1-2 reasons
Provide examples for each reason.
If you can find a source to cite from, that would be terrific.

  • Should students as young as fourteen be allowed to hold jobs?
  • Should schools start later in the morning?
  • Should teachers have to wear uniforms or have a dress code?


    1. We think that middle school and high school should start no earlier than 9am. According to the National Sleep Foundation ( adolescents need an average of 9 1/4 hours of sleep each night. Also, adolescents are more alert between 8pm and 10pm than they are earlier in the day. Therefore, so that adolescents can do their work during their most alert time of day and get the necessary amount of sleep, we think that school should start no earlier than 9am.

      1. At my old school it started at 9 or 10 depending on your grade. However, here we wake up at 6:45 and think it's early, there you wake up at 7:45 and think it's early. I used to get up at 8, and it didn't prepare me for now when I have to wake up much earlier.
        Good scources...

      2. WOW!!!!!! You could just get up at 8:00!! LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. 6. I think school should start later because when I wake up in the morning i'm in a rush because i'm always tired because I wake up to early or I have to many things to do. I think school should be extended by 15-20 minutes at least.

    3. We believe that high schools should start late, like the American Academy of Pediatrics. Mainly because they can become overweight without plenty of rest, they can get a better score on tests, and can focus on what they are learning in school better. It's stated on the Scientific American website, that when a student gets more sleep, the student will attend to school earlier than normally, and won't get into teen car crashes as much. Just like Woodside Priory, and what Conrad stated, school should start at 9 AM+. -=- Bibliography
      (Our post was deleted so it's a lot shorter than it was before. I also think we only write one paragraph which would be the beginning and a few facts in it, I don't know.)

    4. Should students as young as fourteen be allowed to hold jobs?
      I think students as young as fourteen should be allowed to hold jobs. I think they should be allowed because I believe fourteen year olds are mature enough to have certain jobs, such as baby- sitting, dog sitting, waiter for those more mature. These jobs are easier than the money they make would help them realize how hard it is to earn a living and be more responsible when spending.
      Based on survey performed as of April 30, 2015 at 5:00pm, the “” website cited that 85% of people believe that fourteen year old students should be allowed to hold jobs.

    5. I feel that schools should start later for a few reasons. One reason is for us to have time to have full meals. Studies show breakfest is the most important meal of the day. Every school day I am usually having a quick meal togo. Starting later may change attitude through out the whole day. Starting the day cranky just sets for a bad start to a day

    6. I feel like teachers should have to follow a dress code or wear uniforms at a school where students wear uniforms. Many articles on state that if students have to wear uniforms/follow a dress code, shouldn't teachers as well? They also states that at a job, you should wear respectable clothing to present yourself nicely, which in most cases, means following a dress code. It is also unfair for a teacher to scold you on not wearing your uniform/breaking the dress code if they are themselves. It sets a bad example and creates mixed-messages for the students. In conclusion, teachers should wear uniforms/follow dress codes because they are equal to students and they would set a bad example otherwise.

      (My first response got deleted. I did this by myself.)

    7. My dad and I feel that teachers should have a dress code, but one that is not as strong as the students because we believe that adults have better judgement on what to wear than kids do. The dress code would be somewhat similar to the one shown on
      The dress code would be:
      -No facial piercings- ears are okay
      -Clean nails
      -No visible tattoos
      -immodest clothing
      -If working around moving objects hair must be shoulder length or pulled back.
      This will help schools become better and more sanitary work places.

    8. We feel that schools should start later in the mornings. To make up for the time it can get out a little later also. This way students could get a little more sleep. Also, I would have more time to get ready, and eat breakfast.

    9. We think that schools should start later because you need your rest and you need to get a good morning breakfast.
      Reason 1: in case of you forget something you still have time to get it
      Reason 2: Finish up on any homework
      Example 1: just in case you forget your backpack or something then you could go and get it
      Example 2:if you forget to do some homework you can do it