Thursday, April 2, 2015


Tonight you'll have the opportunity to work IXL, Uplifter and Proposals, and Master and Commander

1. IXL- show a guardian your new website

  • Work on sentences, fragments, and run-ons with a guardian.

  1. C.1Is it a complete sentence or a fragment?
  2. C.2Is it a complete sentence or a run-on?
  3. C.3Is it a complete sentence, a fragment, or a run-on?

    What do you enjoy about IXL?
    What do you dislike about IXL?

  4. 2. Uplifter and Proposals
  • Feel free to share an uplifter and proposal

  1. 3. MASTER AND COMMANDER - Turning Point (Pivotal Moment)
    Remember the story the "Other Side" and the life lessons learned. Remember the pivotal moment when the main character said "no", she didn't care what her friends did or thought about her.


    CRITICAL CHOICE  -  "Clover decided that she would make believe she didn't care."

    WHAT IT TELLS ME ABOUT THE CHARACTER... Clover did care, but she was making a choice to go against what her friends wanted her to do.

    a. Now find a scene from the movie where there was a critical choice made by a character
    b. What does it tell you about that character



  1. 2. We really liked JII and the boys vs girls competition
    3. When Captain Aubrey decided not to turn the ship around even though they were badly damaged. What it tells me about the character is the he is tough and will never back down from a mission even if it would make him a less popular captain of the ship. I think that a lot of what he does is heavily influenced by Lord Nelson because of how he captains and how he talks about him with such high praise.

    1. The Boys vs Girls competition was really fun!!! Sure, the girls had lots of drama and bumps along the way, but after we performed, it was like all of the stress had never been there!!!! Very detailed response!

  2. 2. We both thought that the play was a great bonding experience
    3. When Jack Aubrey decided to chase the phantom ship. This tells me that he is determined and he will fight to get his way.

    1. The play was really fun as well!!!! chasing the phantom ship was another brave move on the Captain's part!

  3. 2. I like how our Fireball family is coming along.
    Captain Aubry made the decision to fix the boat while at sea instead of the dock.
    It tells me that he is brave and is focused on his voyage.

    1. I agree. That shows that he is very focused on the voyage!

  4. 2. I think that we could do a bit more dancing in class and I think that the final day of school will be the day we come together the most

    3. When the kid witch I forget the name of has the doctor of the ship cut his arm off. This tells me that you should always be brave no matter what challenges or pain stands in the way of you

    1. That is a great moment!! I should have thought of when Lord blakeny's arm was being cut off!!!!

    2. I agree with your uplifter and proposal!

  5. IXL

    1. I enjoy that they are quick and easy so they don't take up much time.

    2. I dislike how easy they are. I feel like they should make harder activities.

    Uplifters and Proposals

    1. I like how the Spelling Bee was a competition because it really motivated people to try harder.

    Master and Commander

    a) I think that a critical choice is when Stephen Maturin (the doctor) didn't let go and was still offended after he choose the larger piece of bread.

    b) This shows that he is sensitive, but doesn't want other people to realize that. He was actually offended, but he didn't want it to become anyone else's problem. Also, similar to Rachel in "Eleven" he was playing the victim in the sense that he didn't speak up for himself or laugh about it. Also, it shows that he can be quite tense.

    (I did this by myself.)

    1. I agree! The Spelling Bee really motivated people to try harder! Great job Fireballs!

  6. IXL

    #1. I enjoy that if you don't know what the answer is and get it wrong, IXL will tell when you get it wrong not just by saying, WRONG, but saying good job, and telling you what you got wrong and why.

    #2. I don't lie how it takes so long to get the beginning to the end, I noticed that towards that end, if you get it wrong you get -10, but if you end up getting it right you gain +1.

    Master and Commander

    #1. Critical Choice: When the doctor, Stephen, cut off Lord Blakey's arm, this was a strong thing to do, what if you had to do it?

    #2. This tells me that he is willing to do something that hurts him and Lord Blakey. It hurts Lord Blakey because, well, he's getting his arm cut off, and it hurts Stephen Maturin because he is the one doing it and seeing it.

    1. This was done by only me, my parents were unavailable.

    2. I agree with you IXL dislikes!

  7. IXL:
    1. I really like the simplicity within each course and level.
    2. I dislike how they are so easy and short, the creators should challenge their "computer workers".

    Uplifters and Proposals:
    1. I love the commitment to the Spelling Bee, I think everybody really pushed there selfs! Can't wait to see the results of the Boys Vs. Girls!

    Master And Commander:
    Unable to do it, haven't seen the movie.

    1. Also, this was done alone, my parents were unavailable at the time.

  8. I like the feeling I get when I click on the right answer.
    I dislike the very hard questions.
    My uplifter would be.. Our fireball team is doing great and making a lot of progress on our presentations.
    A proposal would be i would like the fireballs to not goof off as much.
    Master and Commander - Turning point
    When she told her mom she was going to hang out with the friends she liked.