Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Tonight you'll get an opportunity to work on Master and Commander, Vocabulary, and IXL.

Master and Commander

  • Where does your story take place?
  • Write 2-3 interesting details about Captain Jack Aubrey.
  • Write a quick summary of the movie thus far. Your first sentence should include director's name, Peter Weir, and the title of the movie. 
  • Write a quick letter to Captain Jack Aubrey as if you're a crew member. Think about what you've experienced onboard the ship. 
Classical Roots or Wordly Wise
  • pick 3 words from CR or WW list.
  • write each word in a sentence
  • hop on to IXL and work on Sentence Types A.1


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    1. VERY DETAILED! The summary of the movie you gave, was very interesting, and intriguing. GREAT WORK

    2. I like how you started of your sentence so intriguing.

    3. He is stubborn.
      He is persevering.
      He is loyal, and clever.

      Peter Weir creates a stunning film based off of a series of 7 books, in which the main character is Captain "Lucky Jack" Aubrey; The film takes place in the spring of 1805, during the Napoleonic Wars. Captain Jack Aubrey has been instructed by Britain to follow the french ship, the Acheron. However, the Acheron has a nearly impenetrable hull, and defeated them greatly in battle. The senior crew, wants to go home, but Captain "Lucky Jack" has other ideas...

      Dear Captain Jack,
      I do not know much about you yet, however I gather that you are very clever. I hope to continue on this journey with you.
      Truly yours, ILARIA

      Classical Roots or Wordly Wise

      With the rudder missing, the senior sailors are DISTRESSED.
      The captain is know heavily BURDENED with the thought of having to fix the ship.
      The captain is very COMPASSIONATE about winning the war.

  2. Master and Commander

    • This movie takes place at sea on a ship, they are going through multiple risks but helped by their amazing captain, Jack Aubrey.
    • Jack Aubrey is a talented and loyal captain of a ship, I say he is talented because of the way he planed to escape from their enemy. I can say that he is also talented because of his trust on the crew, if he didn’t have trust he wouldn’t have any loyalty.
    • Write a quick summary of the movie thus far. Your first sentence should include director's name, Peter Weir, and the title of the movie. An amazing movie directed by Peter Weir starts from the open seas and a miniature sail boat. A trust worthy captain by the name of Jack Aubrey, he faces through a enemy ship that almost defeats him, nine dead, twenty-seven wounded.

    Classical Roots
    The POSOTIVE part of the fight, was that the ship wasn’t defeated, although the fight was very close.
    I predict that there will be some serious EXPOSURE later on in the movie, harsh storms and windy weathers.
    The ship had DISPOSED many of their gunpowder because of firing cannons at their enemies.

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  5. positive

    I was positive that we were going to win the football game today.
    My position in football is wide receiver.
    I bet my little brother felt exposed when he got lost in San Francisco and got picked up by the cops and brought him to us.

    1. That last sentence really happened?

  6. Master and Commander
    1. The Galapagos Islands and a little bit of Cape Horn.

    2. I agree with Dancer that he is stubborn, he perseveres, and courageous.

    3. Peter Weir is the astounding director of the PG 13 movie, Master and Commander. In the movie, the first scene is the beginning of a war where the Acheron starts firing the cannons at the HMS Surprise. This is when nine men die, and twenty-seven men are wounded. One of the men that were wounded was only a boy around two years older than us. He had some poison bullet hit his arm which broke it (I think) and he had to get it cut off. Of course, he should have cried, but Lord Blakeny was very brave. He only whimpered a little bit and was about to cry.

    4. Dear Captain Jack Aubrey,
    I would like to ask a few questions about your voyage in the Napoleonic war. How did about half of the men survive on your journey? The hull of the ship must have been hard to repair. Lord Blakeny, (I think he is the kid that had his arm cut off) how did he manage to hold back tears when his arm was cut off? He must have been so brave.
    Great regards,

    Wordly Wise
    1. There was silent mirth when everyone was laughing really hard at the clown.

    2. There was a very good moral in the story of Beauty And The Beast.

    3. The sudden encounter was very cumbersome for the group of kids with the celebrities.

    1. Detailed answers! Your sentences were very thoughtful.

  7. Master and Commander
    1. On the HMS Surprise
    2. Leader, and Prideful
    3. The movie that we are watching is called Master and Commander the director was Peter Weir. It is about a ship in the royal navy that is sent to intercept a much larger ship that is in the French navy.


  8. Capt. Jack and doesn't just care about himself he cares about others. Capt. Jack has a great mind and she wants to do what's best for him what's best for the crew.

    I think that Peter Weir made the Right choose to make Master and Commander. The movie is about a captain who is fighting a war and who just got in a fight with another ship.


    My position in baseball was shortstop.
    I am positive that I aced my math test.
    I forgot to pick up my bike helmet from outside and it was exposed to sun.

  9. 1. The story takes place on a ship, during the Napoleonic wars. This was during the battle of Trafalgar. One of the Napoleonic wars.
    2. Something interesting about him is that he looks very confident, nice but still a good person to tell you what to do. He also thinks about the unexpected, and usually grins, in the good way. The SURPRISE WAY!
    3. This action packed movie, directed by Peter Weir, Master and Commander. On the sea, with captain Jack Aubrey, the crew is at war! There are many other ships with weapons, and don't get surprised if anyone dies, or there is blood. There are many attacks, and many commands from the captain that will come about. Some plans that were thought to be, will be changed. There is a young boy who has gotten his arm cut off because of is wound on his arm. This boy is Lord Blaklrey. The boat has many shots, and
    4. Captain, I support your ideas 100%, but don't we want to go home? What is your plan with not going home? Many have been injured, and I know you will have the best interest for all us crew members. I do have one question; how will we survive? I mean, all these ships are coming to kill us. We need strategies if they are coming.
    Classical Roots/ Wordly Wise
    1. There is an ample amount of pencils in the pencil box.
    2. In soccer, everyone had to exert to win the soccer game.
    3. It was very dark, and there were dirty buildings in the outskirts of town.

    1. Very detailed!! I like how you used exert!

    2. I will finish the sentence from my letter. This boat has many shots, and so many surprises and interests about what will happen. Also, lots of yelling!!!!

  10. 1. The Galapagos Islands

    2. He is a man who is always risking his life and time for others. He cares about his life but mostly his nation

    3. So far in the movie they are on a ship witch is being hunted by the man-o-war or the name of it that is going to attack them and the ship that they were on is being repaired so they could go back and attack the ship. don't remember that much

    4. Dear Jack
    Can we please go back and get a new ship. Ares isn't in good conditions to fight that other ship. 1. Ares is almost about to sink. 2. Some crew is dead

    1. I agree!!! He should have turned back the boat!

  11. Master and Commander

    1. It takes place on sea in 1804 (at least at this part) during the Napoleon Wars.

    a) Captain Jack Aubrey is the Captain of a navy ship belonging to the British.
    b) He can be very bold, like when he said "we are not turning back" when others were suggesting retreat, but he can also be controlled, like when he praised one of the mates for sensing danger and not making and sudden moves. He ended spotting the enemy ship through the telescope.
    c) He is a brave leader, but is also very modest and determined. For example, we was very modest to admit defeat by the French. He was also very brave to not retreat, which also shows that he was very determined to succeed.

    3. Master and Commander, a movie directed by Peter Weir, is an enchanting story about the Napoleon Wars. The main character, Captain Jack Aubrey is the Captain of the "Surprise," a British Naval boat. Out of the blue, the french attack and the British are defeated. Not wanting to come home in shame, the Captain decides to keep trying to defeat the French, even though many other people disagree. So many people were injured during the first battle!! 9 were killed and 27 were wounded. One of these wounded was Lord Blakeney. He was a rather young man who had his cut off to stop infection.

    Dear Captain Jack Aubrey,

    I would like to try to convince you to turn back, even though I doubt you will listen. You have seen what the Archeron has done. Just think what we will be after the next attack!! How many more deaths can we spare?? How many shots can our hull take??? I honestly think that you should turn out right away because at this rate, we aren't winning anything.


    1. The JEST may have been small, but everyone laughed at how funny the joke was.

    2. The MORAL was very complicated, and with such a funny plot, it was very hard to pick out a lesson.

    3. There was AMPLE trees from what they could see, but it took them a while to realize that in truth, cutting them down wasn't helping us at all.

    1. Very detailed letter! I wish I were watching the movie.

  12. Master and commander
    1.It takes place in the sea and on a ship,in 1809 in the wars.
    2.Captain Jack Aubrey Is the leader of a ship.
    a.He is brave like for example when he was fighting aginst the other ship he was worried but not scared at all.
    b.He cares about his member ships.He was really worried that if something happened to lord.
    c.He is very strict about things.He wants it to be the way he wants.
    6.Well at the beging it was really sad when the other ship tried to kill the ship and every one was worried that someone one was going to die.Just like Lord he almost got killed it was really sad when the Doctor had to cut his arm.But the Doctor said 'what a brave Boy'
    7.Dear captain Jack
    I think you should let them go back home.They looked at you as if something was wrong.But then they started smiling.I say we work harder and get what we want.

    Classical roots
    1.I will go down to the Basement at the lowest floor.
    2.I Had singing classes and i had a bass.
    3.I dispose and threw it in the the trash can.
    4.I was positive when they said if i was going to the party.

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  14. Master and Commander
    1. It take place on a boat and the movie take place in the spring of 1805

    2a. He is a strong captain who is always willing to take a chance.
    2b. He is also a brave and strong person because when the other ship fried the canons he was brave by taking charge.

    3. Peter Weir created a movie about a ship who was trying to sail somewhere, but they get attacked by another ship and it injured many crew members and it damages the ship badly. But instead captain Jack Aubrey want’s to keep looking for the ship that attacked them at the start. A member of the crew gets so badly injured that he had to get his arm cut off!!!!!

    4. Dear Captain Jack Aubrey,
    You have to turn the ship around because their are so many crew member who were injured by the first attack, and its only a amount of time because the other ship strikes again. And another thing is that the ship is badly damaged and it will fall apart if it was another canon shot into it. So please for the safety of many lives turn the ship around and lets head home.

    Classical Roots
    1. When I came back from my vacation I was in a POSITIVE mood.
    2. On movie night my friends and me watched the movie in the BASEMENT.
    3. My dad has to DISPOSE the garbage at night.

  15. 1) This story takes place during the Napoleon wars. The timing is around the very very early 1800's. This is on a ship around the Galapagos islands.

    2) Captain jack is a very brave man, instead of turning around, surrendering to the opposite ship he goes against them and fires. He cares about his country very much if he didi not he would have most likely turned around. He has a a lot of leadership, he conducted his crew very well when the first cannon came at him, made good decisions and made sure everyone was doing the right thing. He cares for everyone on the ship, he went down to see a boy down below.

    30) How can anyone make a film seem like you are watching it person, well I would ask Peter Weir. As the sailor looked through the telescope, he saw an odd shape and heard a bell ring. People thought he was seeing things but then Captain Jack looked through and a red flash shining through the fog. TAKE COVER!! he yelled and BAM. The ship got a hole right through the sails. People ran around doing everything the could to help them survive, cannons firing and ships getting more and more holes. There is a whole right in the bottom of the ship and water keeps leaking through. Also a bow got hit by a cannon and he broke his arm, it has to be cut off before he gets o sick.Up top the captain is talking with some crew members and he decides that they will go against the next ship, twice their size. Will they make it with there ship sinking and sails burnt to the crisp?

    Dear Captain,

    I understand why to want to fight for our country, but is it really worth it? Down below we have plenty of patients that our injured, by the time we go against the next ship you have a chance of only leaving with 12 of your crew.


    Classical Roots.

    When I play soccer I am normal POSITION is either goalie or forward.

    When I am EXPOSED to the sun I can get severely sunburned.

    My house does not have a BASEMENT.

    1. I meant to write 1/2 of your crew.

  16. Vocabulary:
    1. There was an AMPLE amount of food at the Thanksgiving feast.
    2. Carrying my clarinet and backpack at the same time, often felt CUMBERSOME.
    3. Seeing that nobody went to help the man that had fallen, made me feel DISTRESSED.

  17. In music I play a bass instrument.
    exposure, The exposure level of the sun is high.
    What is the position your in.