Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Tonight you'll have the opportunity to reflect on the voyage you took with Mrs. Perlow, Miss Donna, and myself while listening to Charlotte Doyle. Here are 5 questions for tonight. Part 2 is for family blogger night.

Answer these questions about Charlotte Doyle.

1. What do you suppose is an appropriate astrology sign for Charlotte Doyle?

2. Why do you think this? Cite evidence from the book.

3. What would Charlotte be like as an adult? Cite evidence from the text.

4. From all the movies you’ve seen in the last couple of years, pick 2 you would recommend that  Charlotte see. Give a brief summary of each movie and explain why you think the character should see it.

5. "A sailor, chooses the wind that takes the ship from safe port...but winds have a mind of their own." ~Zachariah



  1. 1. I think that Charlotte is a Scorpio (you did mean Zodiac signs, right?) When I looked online for summaries of each Zodiac symbol, she seemed to represent Scorpio in many ways. For example, she is very secretive, and in the book, she would keep many secrets, such as seeing Mr. Cranick in the brig. Also, she is very brave and determined. For example, she climbed 130 feet into the air on the main mast just to become one of the crew, which leads to even more work!!! This also shows that she is ambitious, which is also a scorpio trait.
    2. ............................................. I did this question in the first response!!!!!!
    3. As an adult, Charlotte would definitely be in power. She is defiant and will always choose her own path. People like this often become leaders. I think that she will also be fair because she experienced how hard it was living with Captain Jaggery and her family. One way that she was defiant was when she whipped Captain Jaggery in the face and when she spat on Captain Jaggery's boots.
    a) The Hunger Games Series (there are 3 movies)= The Hunger Games is about this girl named Katniss who is in a futuristic world called Panem. There is a competition called the Hunger Games were 12 girls and 12 boys from different districts fight each other to the death and you win if you survive the whole way through. Her sister Prim got chosen to compete, but Katniss volenteered to save her. I think that Charlotte should see it because it is also about a girl in a horrible situation where revenge is a major part in the story. They are also both defiant.
    5. I think that he means that you can choose your path in life, but there are always things that you can't change.

    1. Very detailed! I agree with showing the Hunger Games to Charlotte!

    2. I also put the Hunger Games as a good movie!!!!! Your response was very detailed!!!


  2. 1. I think an appropriate astrology sign would be a key and a ship.
    2. I think this because the key represents that Charlotte is really good at achieving her motivations and "unlocking" secrets. The ship represents the voyage she had to make.
    3. Charlotte would be more open-minded and would be more mature. I think she will have learned the ways of life as an adult and getting references from her family and friends.
    4. Divergent/Insurgent. This movie is about Tris and her life in a futuristic world. I would recommend this movie to Charlotte because it shows the connection of Tris and Charlotte. Tris has to go through the same situations as Charlotte including family loss, battles, and revenges. Another movie that I would recommend to Charlotte is Frozen. This is about a traveller named Anna on the search for Elsa who has cast the kingdom upon an endless winter. I would recommend this movie to Charlotte because it relates to the sacrifices Charlotte made on the voyage to Providence.

    1. 5. There are things you can change in your life, but not all things can be changed.

    2. I agree!!!! Divergent is also a good movie!!!!!!!!

    3. SAMESIES!!!!! Ooooooo...... FROZEN!!!!!! Good job!

  3. 1. I think Charlotte is a Libra.
    2. Traits of a libra are: social, desire to create harmony, superficial. Charlotte was social by talking to the crew and captain on the ship. She tried to create harmony by working as a crew member after the mutiny and she was superficial at first by thinking she should not be around Zachariah.
    3. I think Charlotte becomes captain of her own ship as an adult. She was a good crew member and decided to stay on the ship at the end.
    4. I think Charlotte would like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang because it is an old movie and a story about a car that turns into different things. A car is a transport vehicle like a ship.
    I think she would also like the Sound of Music. It is a story about girls who work in a church and Charlotte is a girl who loves religion.
    5. I think Zachariah means that while you need the wind to move you cannot control how it moves you.

  4. 1. Online, I searched up Zodiac signs, and Aries was a sign that was symbolic to Charlotte to me. Aries is about being Demanding, which Charlotte probably was with her family, and on the ship a little, in the beginning. But, its also about being active, which she learned was a key thing about being a sailor when she became one. Determined was another one, and she was so determined to become a crew member. She was also determined to win back the crews trust when Captain Jaggery framed her for murdering the first mate Mr. Hollybrass. And when she wanted to win back the crews trust about when she told Captain Jaggery what the crews plan was. Ambitious was another one, and she showed this when she climbed the royal yard which was 150 feet tall. Also, when she wanted to become a crew member, because nobody had done that before.
    2. Well..... I did most of it in question #1, but she was also active because she would get up early, and do her part in the crew. Another ambitious reason is when she left her father, and went to the crew. This was a big risk.
    3. Charlotte as an adult would be very opinionated, and she would stand by her reasons. She would still probably be surprising people, and doing things none would think a girl could do, or anyone do possibly. I think she still wouldn't go back to her parents, exactly like Zacheria. Actually, they would have the same story if Charlotte didn't go back, except she was on the ship before. Also, she would be very fair, and stand up for whats right.
    4. Divergent - I picked this movie for Charlotte to see because its about 5 factions. Those factions are all different. When you get old enough, you take a test to see which faction you end up in. Tris, the girl, ends up Divergent. Which means, she could be in any faction. The catch is, you pick the faction you got for your test. Then, there is a war, and the faction Erudite is leading it. But, Tris stopped it, and she ended up choosing Dauntless. Basically, the faction where you take risks, and where you have to be active. I chose this, because its about a girl who starts out being very weak, and no one thinks she can make it, except for a couple people. But, she turns out strong, and she turns out to be the best almost. Charlotte turns out strong, but started out weak. 42 - This is a movie about a black man, named Jackie Robinson. He is great at playing baseball, but he doesn't play on the major leagues. This is because everything is split up between black, and white people. He joins the major leagues, and everyone who is white starts freaking out. He struggles so much, because he is getting awful comments from lots of people. But, family and friends help him through it. I wanted Charlotte to see this one because its also about a person who does the unthinkable. Like Charlotte did. But is also to show her how important family can be. Even though her family thinks another thing, she could talk to them.
    5. This means to me, that sometimes people to do something, or go somewhere, but your heart and gut is telling you something different. This means the heart has the mind of its own, and sometimes going somewhere you won't to go, even if some people will be mad at you, is a risk worth taking if your heart is telling you to do this.

  5. 1. I think a good astrology sign for Charlotte is a tiger because she is brave, fierce, and willing to do the impossible.

    2. In the book she is brave like when she climbed the sail even though she was scared she still did it to prove she was a brave person. Another thing is when herself, Zachariah, and Keetch were plotting an plan Charlotte was willing to do the impossible by going into the captain's cabin.

    3.I think Charlotte will be an adult who is a strong leader but at the same time a caring and loving person. I think she will become this because when Captain Jaggery fell into the waves she took charge as being a captain/leader. But she wasn’t a cruel person like Jaggery was, she was kind while taking charge.

    4. The Hunger Games Series ( I picked the 1st movie) The movie is about a girl Katniss, who a tribute from district 12 to fight to the death in the Hunger Games. Along the way she learns how to cope with minimal food, cold climate, and the chance of getting killed at any moment. But she also was a strong connection with her partner from district 12, Peeta. I think this is a great movie for Charlotte because like Katniss, she has to cope with challenges along the way, but she has a connection with someone (Zachariah) who stood by her through the tough times.

    5. I think it means that you can be told what to do when your in your job, but outside you can choose your own path.

  6. 1. What do you suppose is an appropriate astrology sign for Charlotte Doyle?
    I think she might be a Virgo.

    2. Why do you think this? Cite evidence from the book.
    Based on the characteristics I found on the Internet for Virgo, they are typically “refined, social, artistic, vacillating, intellectual, communicative and concerned with relationships”, I think that fits Charlotte’s personality. In the book, she is usually around her friend Zachariah and her crew, so that means she is social and communicative.

    3. What would Charlotte be like as an adult? Cite evidence from the text.
    She would not be like her parents because they are very proper and all they care about are themselves, they do not care about anybody else. She is more of a “captain” of a ship because she spends a lot of time on a boat and realized that is her passion.

    4. From all the movies you’ve seen in the last couple of years, pick 2 you would recommend that Charlotte see. Give a brief summary of each movie and explain why you think the character should see it.
    Monster University, because just like Charlie is struggling with keeping up with the boat and her friends, the characters in this movie are trying to keep up with contest. Monster University is about funny looking characters, “Monsters”, that are trying to win a contest, and is a good group of friends that have some conflicts in the middle of the movie, just like Charlotte has when she is prepared to be hanged.
    I would also recommend her to watch Maleficent, because at first the main character is alone with the exception of a crow which is kind of a helper, this is similar to Charlotte and captain Jaggery. Maleficent find her final loved friend, Aurora and Charlotte finds her crew. This movie is about snow white with a twist, the story starts happy, then Maleficent is hurt by her own friend and becomes a bad person. However at the end she realizes that she can love again and be happy. Just like Charlotte lost her friend captain Jaggery after the whipping.

    5. "A sailor, chooses the wind that takes the ship from safe port...but winds have a mind of their own." ~Zachariah


    Sometimes you choose a road or a path to follow but it takes you somewhere else, so you have to change your way.

    1. I agree with Maleficent. That movie REALLY does relate to Charlotte Doyle!

    2. I disagree with Maleficent because I don't think Charlotte would enjoy fairy tales.

    3. I agree with M.U. That has a good connection with Charlotte.

    4. I agree with M.U. That has a good connection with Charlotte.

  7. 1. I would say she is an Aquarius because February is the month of love and Charlotte is very kind, or she could be a Scorpio because she became captain after Jaggery drowned, but he could be alive but trying to swim to shore.

    2. She never treated the sailors as if they were a dirty sock or if she is a Scorpio, that means she is meant to lead and never fail.

    3. She would be captain of the Seahawk maybe because she already is captain so she could be the official captain.

    4. I would think about Harry Potter because it's the adventures of Harry Potter while surviving many attempts of death attacks while at his somewhat dangerous school. Charlotte survived the attempt of death with a pistol of Captain Jaggery before he fell in the water. Percy Jackson has been accused of stealing Zeus's master bolt which he had no idea what it was, while Charlotte was accused of killing Mr. Hollybrass.

    5. You choose a direction to go that takes you there safely but sometimes you will go the wrong direction and will have to find your way back.

  8. 1. What do you suppose is an appropriate astrology sign for Charlotte Doyle?
    I think a she's a tiger/kitten because she's fierce at some points but then nice at others
    2. Why do you think this? Cite evidence from the book.
    The climb to the top of the mainmast and in the beginning of the bok she was super nice to C.J.

    3. What would Charlotte be like as an adult? Cite evidence from the text.
    I think she would be more sailor like than proper

    4. From all the movies you’ve seen in the last couple of years, pick 2 you would recommend that Charlotte see. Give a brief summary of each movie and explain why you think the character should see it.
    Peter Pan because they have Captain Hook and he is like C.J./Big hero six for her caring side of herself because the kid wants to follow in his older brothers foot steps.

    5. "A sailor, chooses the wind that takes the ship from safe port...but winds have a mind of their own." ~Zachariah

    I think he means that Charlotte wanted to go "Home" at first but realizes that her real home is aboard the "Seahawk"

    1. I like how you responded to #5

    2. I see how Peter Pan and Charlotte Doyle are similar . Actually extremely similar. Good pick.

  9. 1. I thing a good astrology for Charlotte is a lion because she could be mean to the crew and a little harsh.
    2.Well in the book she could be brave at some point like when she climb on the sail and when Zachariah was willing to do something impossible.
    3.So something we have heard in the book is that she could be brave when she is in adult.She could also be the captain of a ship because in the book she kinda wants to take control of the ship.
    4.I think Harry Potter because he does not give up on what he will do like Charlotte she gives up sometimes.
    5.I think it mean when you get told to do something.

    1. interesting answer to #5. I like how it is so different and creative.

  10. 1. I think she could be a Gemini,Taurus or maybe an Aquarius

    2. Because even though she does things in an unorthodox way she gets the job done just fine and because she is quick to act on her feet when life throw her an unexpected twist or curveball that she has to adapt to and finally because she is stubborn and will not back down without throwing punches

    3. I think that she would definitely have a main role in society as a leader not as a follower so she might become the captain of a boat or maybe a woman who tried to do everything a man could do back then like try to be a representative but I also think she would sometimes get on the wrong side of the law

    4. I think Charlotte would like Mokingjay because the book and movie are all about uprisings and persevering but going bout it in a way so that everything does not go amiss on her so but so it does on the "opponents" side and it is also about a woman trying to stand out in a world of men.

    5. It mean that no matter what you do to try to do and get other people to do there will always be something or someone that goes against it and throws the hole journey in a turmoil that cannot be fixed

  11. 1. I think that Charlotte is Aries.
    2. I think this because she is adventurous and courageous. She was
    courageous when she was overhearing the sailors, and for taking this trip on her own.

    3. Charolette will always do what is right for others and herself. I know this from the text because she leaves her family and goes back to the Sea Hawk.

    4. I think she should watch Hunger Games. Hunger Games is about a game of survival where tactics and survival skills are needed. Charlotte needs to learn those skills to survive.

    5. I think he means that the sailor can choose where he wants to go depending on the wind, but the wind is a stronger force than men and it can change direction and move your ship wherever it wants.

  12. 1. I think she could be a dog because she is always doing what she is told
    2. When she was told to cut the main mass she did what she was told and when her parents told her to go to her room she did what she was told
    3. She would be a bit strict but she would be full of niceness
    4. Divergent because the main character Tris is confident in her self and she isn't afraid of anything. The second is Hunger games because the main charecter is fighting for her safety but she can't protect the others
    5. I think it means that a sailor can direct the ship where they want but they can make the wind go the way they want

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    2. Charlotte is obviously spiritual because she believes in god and reads the bible. As the ending shows she also has a strong connection to water. And of course she has the nature of being highly emotional, vain, and even melodramatic.

    3. I think that Charlotte will be a captain and pirate, because even though it is clear that no one can stop her from being/doing something that is "UNATURAL, STRANGE, UNHEARD OF, FORBIDDEN" she does it anyways, and if she is a pirate she will work for her self and lead other woman and men into a rebellion against the law.

    4. Pirates of the Carribean: Capt. Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) arrives at Port Royal in the Caribbean without a ship or crew. His timing is inopportune, however, because later that evening the town is besieged by a pirate ship. The pirates kidnap the governor's daughter, Elizabeth (Keira Knightley), who's in possession of a valuable coin that is linked to a curse that has transformed the pirates into the undead. A gallant blacksmith (Orlando Bloom) in love with Elizabeth allies with Sparrow in pursuit of the pirates.

    Pride and Prejudice: Elizabeth Bennet (Keira Knightley) lives with her mother, father and sisters in the English countryside. As the eldest, she faces mounting pressure from her parents to marry. When the outspoken Elizabeth is introduced to the handsome and upper-class Mr. Darcy (Matthew MacFadyen), sparks fly. Although there is obvious chemistry between the two, Darcy's overly reserved nature threatens the fledgling relationship.

    5.You might decide the wind you take or the way you travel, destiny can never be predicted, all together decided.

    1. Very detailed. I agree that she should watch Pirates of the Caribbean.

  14. Gemini-Zodiac . I choose this because this means that you can adapt or change things or ideas. Charlotte changed the idea of a sailor only being a man but also women, even girls.

    2. Charlotte would be a goo writer. If someone can experience something so extraordinary there stories would be out of this world. Charlotte was on a ship and actually being a sailor and then she fought against her captain and watched 2 people die and saw 2 dead men. Also being accused of a murder is not something every lady would encounter in the 1800's. So going through all that makes her imagination grow bigger and more ideas could come to her and her writing.

    3. Nim's Island. This movie is about a girl and her mom died, her favorite book character, is the only person she can rely on when her dad is lost at sea looking for an organism. But it turns out when her book character comes, it's the author who has never been outside before and hates the outdoors. Nim and the author had to go through a big change, leaving an apartment and no parents. Charlotte has to go through something new also, being part of a crew. Nothing is ever as you expected it to be.

    4. You can choose a path, your future, but you cant control the twists and turns it throws at you. Sometimes you will have to go to the start again.

  15. 1. A key
    2. Because she is unlocking mystery's
    3. Brave and caring and adventurous because she cared about the crew caring which is brave and adventurous.
    4. Titanic a boy who was on a ship and met this girl and showed the real her.
    5. It means you can choose your own path but it can take you else were.