Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Taking Care of Ourself, In Tune with your Emotions, Ski Break

Tonight you have an opportunity to answer the questions to help you prepare for tomorrow's health lesson. Please talk to a guardian to help guide your answers.


1. What does it mean to be responsible about your body?
2. What does it mean to pay attention to our gut instincts?
3. Can you think of time where you truly listened to your gut instinct and the outcome proved to be in your favor?
4. Why is important to talk to someone you trust? How can it help you?
5. What is the difference between private and privacy?
6. Describe some characteristics of a bully and a victim?
7. Is there anything that you feel just terrific about right now?
8. I am responsible for these things at home...
9. I still need more help with...

Ski Break

  1. How will you spend your time over the break? 
  2. What are you looking forward to?


  1. Health
    1Taking good care of it and not putting bad stuff like food in it
    2 paying attention to the little voice in our head and quirky urge and little tingles are all the gut intstinct
    4 so you can learn to trust more people
    5 There’s a real difference between something being private and something being personal. And that, as the aforementioned incident highlights, is a notion that a lot of people — including Randi Zuckerberg — have forgotten, online and off. What I mean by this is that just because you post something online, doesn’t mean it’s meant for public consumption. Yes, this all sounds very conflated, and yes, Facebook privacy controls are about as easy to understand as left-handed scissors for a right-handed person.
    6 the aggressive bully, the passive bully, and the bully-victim. These characterizations still hold true today.Victim:Low self-confidence Anxiety Fearfulness
    Submissiveness Depression or sad appearance Limited sense of humor Below-average size, strength, or coordination
    7 no
    8 getting ready in the morning, taking care of the dog, and doing my homework
    9 Nothing

    Ski Break
    1 Snow boarding in lake Tahoe
    2 Going to Lake Tahoe

  2. Health:
    1. It means to take care of your body so you feel well.
    2. Listen to your own brain, make choices that you believe in.
    3. When someone says “don’t read, it’s boring!” I know that reading makes me a better student.
    4. I know that they want to help me and these people know me the best.
    5. Private means it belongs to someone. Privacy is a space apart from other people.
    6. Bully - mean, unfriendly. Victim - nice, gets help.
    7. I feel good about helping around the house.
    8. At home I vaccuum, do my homework, get myself ready and organized for school, feed and play with my dog.
    9. I still need more help with math.

    Ski Break:
    1. I am going to Louisiana with my family.
    2. I am excited to see the alligators there.

  3. I didn't know you liked to snowboard; that sounds like a terrific sport for you D-Son. How long have you been snowboarding? Enjoy and be safe.

  4. Health:
    1. It means that you have to take care of your body otherwise VERY bad things might happen to it, such as the whole body shutting down.

    2. It means you have a major feeling about something that you have the best feeling that it is right.

    3. I can't remember any other times but during tests I usually get some answers right because I listen to my instincts.

    4. They can give you very good advice on problems.

    5. Privacy is when you want to be alone and private is for certain people.

    6. Bullies are usually very tall and large so they can scare people easily and victims usually are shy and not so tall.

    7. I am so excited for break!!!!!!!!! Plus I am excited for the Valentine's Gift Exchange.

    8. Doing my homework organized, getting ready for school, and helping with small chores.

    9. I need help studying for HUMONGOUS tests, like our math & science test tomorrow.

    Ski Break:
    1. I want to spend it doing useful things like lets say when we go on vacation then I want to be helpful in the airport.
    2. I am really excited to go to Florida for about 4 days. My mom says we will go to Disney World and Harry Potter World which are two of the places in Florida of many more!

    1. DISNEY WORLD!!!! Yeah, HUMUNGOUS tests are hard. Great work! @.@ @.@


  5. Health

    1. It means to exercise, bathe, and don't over work yourself. It means to be healthy and make good eating choices.

    2. It means to listen to your heart, even if your brain may think that it is wrong. It also means believing in yourself.

    3. I can't really think of anything. I usually use my brain along with my heart. Knowing something in my heart is just usually a trick being put by my brain because the brain makes things seem different than they are because the brain hates being wrong. For example, my heart told me that I could stop studying for my science test, but that was just a trick being put by my brain. if i hadn't, I wouldn't have gotten over half of the questions!!!

    4. I don't think that it is important. You shouldn't trouble other people with your troubles. I'm just usually the person who worries about every other person. i just keep all of my bad emotions inside and learn to forget about it. Being me comes with lots of stress, so it is just better not to trouble anyone else with it.

    5. Private means that whatever you are describing shouldn't be shared with anyone else. Privacy is the state of secrets being private.

    bully= A bully is usually someone who is insecure about themselves and wants to take it out on someone better than them in their minds. Bullies may not be bad people, they just are feeling pain and are depressed and want other people to feel that way too. Most bullies gain power off of this and become the Queen or King bee out of the social groups. They have so much power that people are afraid of them, even though the reason why they are powerful is because we give them the power.
    victim= Victims are usually people who are either fast, nice, smart, talented, or have lots of friends. The only reason why people are bullied is because they have something better than the bully, such as kindness. Victims are people who give the power to the bully and don't do anything about it. I have been bullied, but if necessary, I know how to break them. I know that they don't have any actual power, which makes me practically invincible in the social world. It shows more strength to withstand and laugh at bullying than to be aggressive towards it. If you don't let a bully hurt you, they become scared of you.

    7. I feel very good about my grades!!!!

    8. I am responsible with things at home because I wash windows, do the laundry, set the table, do the dishes, make my bed, take out the trash, and feed my dog.

    9. Practicing piano...............

    Ski Break

    1. My family is going to Carmel!!! (Central California)

    2. Horse camp!!!

    1. Just so you guys know, if you need any social advice, read my response (especcially the bullying part!!)

    2. Wow! I like how you were really descriptive!! Looks like you and your guardian really put the effort into your work!


  6. Health

    1.To be responsible to your body is to exercise and to eat heathly.
    2. It means you have a feeling about something good or bad and you know that you are right, so you have to respond to it.
    3. When I listened to my gut I went down the half pipe on my skateboard.
    4. People that you trust would have your best intrested in mind. That means that they would give you good advice.
    5.The difference between private and privacy private is a secret and privacy is more noticeable.
    6.Bullies are more tough and victims are powerless.
    7.Yes I feel that my familys house project is coming along great.
    8. I am responsible for taking out the garbage.
    9. I still need more help with not arguing to my mom and dad.

    Ski Break

    I will stay home.
    I am looking forward to baseball practice.

  7. Health:
    1. Taking care of your body is brushing your teeth, taking showers, getting a good night sleep and eating healthy.
    2. When you are feeling something, but your not sure if its right, but it keeps popping up and telling you that feeling.
    3. When we were on our run, my gut instinct was telling me to power through, and feel proud of the accomplishment. I finished the RUN!!!!!!
    4. Its important to talk to someone you trust because then you feel like you can express the problem, and talk about it. It can help you cope with the problem, and feel happy again.
    5. Privacy is when you want to be on your own with no one else, and private is when there is only a certain person or people who know.
    6. Bullies are very mean, and can have like mean eyes, and seem very dark almost. Victims are usually nice, and aren't mean to people.
    7. I feel good about JII because I felt I was funny today. Also, about the secret valentines gift exchange, because I know it will be fun. And for BREAK!!!
    8. Having my homework done, helping set up for dinner, taking care of the dog and chores
    9. I still need more help with being nice to my sister, and helping out around the house on weekends.

    Ski Break:
    1. I might go to the snow, and I have a science project in my math class, which I will start. Also, just RELAXING.
    2. I am looking forward to not being stressed about homework, and relaxing, and playing with my dog.

    1. Me too! I will be planning on relaxing over Ski Week!

  8. Health
    #1. To eat and drink healthy, to bathe, and exercise well. Also, you will get more far in life to just generally to be happy, that way you can exercise and take care of yourself easier.
    #2. To do what you think is best, I don't care what people think of me, I don't have to do something to be someones friend, I want to do what I want to do.
    #3. I was once not very nice to one of my family members, I wanted to apologize but I thought it was just to embarrassing, family I did it and that person apologized to me to and then we both hugged each other, and after that I felt perfectly fine.
    #4. I will receive good advice and good comfort to my problems.
    #5. Private means only to yourself when Privacy is more of a group of specific people.
    #6. Victims are more of a "powerless" person while a Bully is a strong powerful person that takes charge.
    #7. Ski Break!!!
    #8. Just to obey and listen to my parents, also to be good and kind.
    #9. Classical Roots.

    Ski Break
    #1. I'm going to Mexico, Punta de Mita!!!
    #2. Spending tome with my family!!!

  9. Health:
    1. It means to take care of yourself, make sure you are eating healthy foods, and staying physically active.
    2. It means to always listen to what your heart tells you, and not to listen to what your brain wants you to do.
    3. I don't really have exact times I remember, but I do remember that when my mom wants me to do something, and my brain says to not do it, but my heart does. I always follow my heart. It always leads me to what is best for me and others around me.
    4. It is significant to talk to someone you trust because it can let you share your emotions and feelings. Also, it is good to share your emotions and how you feel because it could make you feel better if you are in a "sticky situation".
    5. Private means to keep it to yourself and a couple other people, when privacy means to be alone with one or by yourself.
    6. A bully is someone who is following these three rules:
    a. Has power over someone or a group of people.
    b. Is intending to hurt someone or a group of people.
    c. Can't remember this one.
    A victim is someone who is accused by one, and can be innocent or guilty in the situation.
    7. I feel terrific with my schoolwork and how I am improving every single day!!!!
    8. I am responsible for all my technology, keeping my room clean and tidy, and making sure our family is strong and satisfied.
    9. I need help with my book club packet because I had a real tough time trying to get into the book Code Talker, and can't wait to start a different one and start fresh!! Also, my work was sloppy with the first book.

    Ski Week:
    1. I will be going to Stinson Beach for the weekend and will be back on Tuesday. I can't wait to relax and not have to be stressed so much.
    2. I am going to be hanging out at the beach, family, and friends.

    1. The first book was a bit of a challenge. Sounds like your break will be fun!!!! @.@ Great work!! @.@

  10. Health

    1. What does it mean to be responsible about your body? to take care of your odors.
    2. What does it mean to pay attention to our gut instincts? I don't know
    3. Can you think of time where you truly listened to your gut instinct and the outcome proved to be in your favor? When I was playing kickball and instead of staying on third I went home.
    4. Why is important to talk to someone you trust? How can it help you? Because you can express your emotions and it will make you feel a lot of stress being let off.
    5. What is the difference between private and privacy? Private is like a person in the army ands privacy is a time when you want to be alone or be alone with someone else.
    6. Describe some characteristics of a bully and a victim? A bull is mean and rude and a victim is passive and doesn't know how to stand up for him/herself
    7. Is there anything that you feel just terrific about right now? no
    8. I am responsible for these things at home...Doing the dishes and homework.
    9. I still need more help with... i dont know

    Ski Break

    How will you spend your time over the break? In florida or in salt lake city
    What are you looking forward to? Sking

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  12. Health
    1. To keep yourself clean, well groomed and safe
    2. It means to listen to your instincts and your inner voice
    3. When i was skiing my gut instinct told me to stop and as soon as I did a man on a snowboard came came zooming past me. He would have hit me if I had kept going
    4. Because people you trust know you very well and can give you honest feedback, help you avoid mistake and take advantage of opportunities
    5. Private is keeping information to a select group. Public is open to a lot of people
    6. A bully is someone who hurts intentionally. A victim is someone who gets hurt
    7. I feel terrific about my new dog and that he is settling in well
    8. Taking out the trash, cleaning my messes, helping with dinner, and walking the dog
    9. Adding and subtracting negative numbers

    Ski Break

    1. I will read, play sports and play XBOX
    2. I am looking forward to going to Alcatraz Island.

  13. 1. It means to keep yourself clean and healthy.
    2. Listen to what your intuition tells you.
    3. When I had a bad feeling about going surfing too far out in the ocean in Bali, my instincts turned out to be right, huge waves started rolling in.
    4. You can feel free to express your feelings without feeling bad.
    5.Private means to keep something to yourself. Privacy describes the state of being apart from other people or away from them.
    6. A bully is someone who imposes his will on someone else. Usually someone weaker than him either emotionally or physically. A victim is a person who is being subjected to the abuse.
    7. Going skiing in Aspen
    8. Making my bed. Setting the table. Doing my homework
    9. Not arguing with my little sister.

    1. Forget to do the other Part

      Ski Break
      1. Skiing
      2. 'm looking forward to going skiing in Colorado

  14. 1. It means to shower, brush your teeth and all of that
    2. It means to listen to what your hart is saying and not what your head is telling you
    3. In baseball I took a lead off third base and when the pitcher threw it back I stole home and I was safe
    4. If you talk to someone you trust than you could get advice on the problem
    5. Privacy is you want no one near you at the time and the other is to keep things in your head and have people near you
    6. A bully is someone who started the problem and a victim is the one who was in the problem but didn't start it
    7. Going to the first practice of baseball
    8. I take out the trash and put the dog out to go to the bathroom
    9. don't want to answer
    Ski break
    1. I am going up to lake Tahoe to ski and play around
    2. Going to the movies up their

  15. Health
    1. It means bathing, brushing, your teeth, washing your face, making sure you get enough exercise and eating right.

    2. It means to know when somethings feels wrong and when something feels right and to not ignore it.

    3. In mexico I went swimming and I could feel myself getting puled further and further away and I knew that i needed to get back in.

    4. Talking out loud to someone you trust can help you out because they will not laugh and make fun of you they will try their best to help you and they might have been in that situation before.

    5.Private is keeping something to yourself, like a secret. Privacy is being in your own space apart from the intrusion of other people.

    6. A bully is someone who is means and hurts someone else by imposing his will on them. A victim is someone who is being hurt by the bully.

    7. I feel terrific that I still have a living dog.(she almost died after getting hit by a car.)

    8.Feeding the house pets, setting he table, putting away my laundry, emptying the dish rack.

    9. I still need help with not getting in fights with my brother.

    Ski break
    1. Going to the beach and going to the exploratorium.

    2. Having time with my family-exploratorium