Sunday, February 22, 2015


I hope everyone had a nice and restful break.  Be ready to work and play hard. 
Historical Fiction Book Clubs 
Students will begin their new book groups on either Tuesday or Wednesday. This will be the second go around for book group work. Each group will practice identifying character traits, setting, conflict, and quoting accurately from a text. They'll also work on point of view. 

Reading Workshop Literature: Craft and Structure
Students should be able to read a wide variety of texts in order to differentiate between the various text features. Understand and explain the relationships among structural elements such as flashbacks, foreshadowing. 

Writing Workshop: 
The students will focus on informational writing as they put together their expository books. We'll look leads, transitional words, craft, and elaboration. We'll put emphasis on logical sequencing, providing facts, spelling, and punctuation. We'll be mindful of creating accurate bibliographies using

Language: Conventions
Students should be able to identify preposition, interjection, and conjunction in a sentence. Identifying whether a verb is in the past, present, or future tense. We'll look at correlative conjunctions (both/and; either/or; neither/nor)

Read Aloud: We begin reading Charlotte Doyle. 
We'll continue to read this great tale of redemption, loyalty, and coming of age. 

Social Studies
UNIT 4 - We'll wrap up our unit on Friday. The unit assessment will be on March 3. The assessment will consist of multiple-choice, short-answers, and vocabulary. 

The students will focus on pacing, utilizing audio/visual technology, varied expression, and using eye contact. 

Classical Roots - The students resume their Vocabulary skills on March 2. February 27 will be spelling bee #4. 

Everyday Math
The students will work on exploring negative numbers, exponential notation. They'll also review concepts such as renaming fractions such as equivalent fractions. We're also working on a month long project entitled, How to spend $10,000,000? The students are creating an itemized budget list. S/he spending their money on a theme(building a new park, hotel, island, recreational facility, etc.)Each student will present their work at the end of February.

We end off our solar system unit on Thursday. After the break, we'll explore the physical properties and classification of MATTER. 

Camp Performing Arts Camp 
Summer Sessions
Session 3: July 6-16, 9-3pm
Session 4: July 20-30, 9-3pm

Song to Sing and Learn
"Oro, Se Do Bheatha Bhaile" by Sinead O' Connor
"Dirty Old Town" by the Pogues
"South Australia" by the Pogues
"Muirsheen Durkin" by the Dubliners
"Fields of Athenry" by the Dublin

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