Sunday, February 1, 2015


The Fireballs had an incredible day on Friday. Easily one of their best because they showed care, respect, and calm. After several tests and an exciting Spelling Bee(Congrats to Double G), the boys competed vs. the girls in their singing contest. Both genders did a solid job performing for each other, Miss Donna, Mrs. Perlow, and myself. They'll get an opportunity to perform one more time on Feb. 12, 2:30. Parents are invited.

Historical Fiction Book Clubs 
Students will continue to read aloud within their groups. Students will practice identifying character traits, setting, conflict, and quoting accurately from a text. 

Reading Workshop Literature: Craft and Structure
Students should be able to read a wide variety of texts in order to differentiate between the various text features. Understand and explain the relationships among structural elements such as flashbacks, foreshadowing. 

Writing Workshop: 
The students will focus on informational writing as they put together their expository books. We'll look leads, transitional words, craft, and elaboration. We'll put emphasis on logical sequencing, providing facts, spelling, and punctuation. We'll be mindful of creating bibliographies. 

Language: Conventions
Students should be able to identify preposition, interjection, and conjunction in a sentence. Identifying whether a verb is in the past, present, or future tense. We'll look at correlative conjunctions (both/and; either/or; neither/nor)

Read Aloud: Charlotte Doyle, the daughter of a wealthy cotton merchant, experiences a remarkable adventure on a cross-Atlantic sailing trip. She's thrusted into amazing situations that force her to examine her own upbringing and what it means to be a fish out of water when it comes to her own gender. Everyday the students will work on Reading and Writing skills within their comp. book. Get ready for a high seas adventure.

Social Studies
UNIT 4 - We'll explore Colonialism and address some important questions such as: what influenced where Europeans settled? Who found the colonies and why? How did religion affect the founding of the colonies. 

The students will focus on pacing, utilizing audio/visual technology, varied expression, and using eye contact. 

Classical Roots - The students will review roots, parts of speech, syllables, word context and meaning. We'll focus on Lesson 11, 12, and 13. They'll also apply words to everyday writing both in class and on Blogger. 

Everyday Math
The students will work on exploring negative numbers, exponential notation. They'll also review concepts such as renaming fractions such as equivalent fractions. We're also working on a month long project entitled, How to spend $10,000,000? The students are creating an itemized budget list. S/he spending their money on a theme(building a new park, hotel, island, recreational facility, etc.)Each student will present their work at the end of February. 

We blast off into more solar system work such as investigations of the planets and the path of a planet around the sun. The students will have an opportunity to go deeper into the sun's characteristics. Let's not forget gravity. After the break, we'll explore the physical properties and classification of MATTER. 

Camp W Performing Arts Camp 
Summer Sessions
Session 3: July 6-16, 9-3pm
Session 4: July 20-30, 9-3pm

Song to Sing and Learn
Bryan Ferry "Make you Feel My Love"
UB40 "Many Rivers to Cross"

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