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Unbelievable how fast this week went. I enjoyed the public speaking deliveries. The students have improve their ps skills such as eye-contact, pacing, organization, and fluency. We still have more work to do difficult skill. I like the progress. 

Lots of Geeks in Harmony

Secret Valentine's Exchange 
Each student is to create or buy a gift for their SV. The dollar amount shouldn't exceed $10. Keep it simple and thoughtful. The exchange will be held on Feb. 12th.  

Reading Comp. Books
Please take a look at your child's comp. book Monday night as it contains work that we're doing in reading and writing workshop. You should see comprehension skills such as making inferences, predictions, characterization, setting, conflict, etc. Place a parent signature on the last page where your child left off with their work. Pay close attention to the work they're doing for our read aloud book, Blood on the River. Look at the following criteria to help guide your observations. 
  • Organization
  • Neatness
  • Conventions: spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Date and Title on top of each page

Book Clubs 
Students will continue to read aloud and quietly within their groups. Students are filling out graphic organizers with loads of comp. questions. I enjoy watching the Fireballs socialize while staying engaged to the reading. 

Camp W
Summer Session Dates:
Session 1 - July 6 -16
Session 2 - July 20 -30
Sign ups are now. Visit for more information. 

Reading Literature: Craft and Structure
Students should be able to read a wide variety of texts in order to differentiate between the various text features. Understand and explain the relationships among structural elements such as flashbacks, foreshadowing

Language: Conventions
Students should be able to identify preposition, interjection, and conjunction in a sentence. Identifying whether a verb is in the past, present, or future tense. We'll look at correlative conjunctions (both/and; either/or; neither/nor)

  • 1. What influenced where Europeans settled?
    2. Who founded the colonies and why?
    3. How did religion affect the founding of the colonies?
    4. How did the First Great Awakening affect the colonies?
    5. What systems developed in the colonies?
    6. What was the role of slavery in colonial America?

  • Students will practice using good eye contact 
  • Students will practice using varied expression
  • Each delivery will be a minimum of 2 minutes
  • Each student will deliver a mid-year public speaking final using no notes except for slide notes

  • Students will review key vocabulary words from Lesson 11
  • contraction, protractor, retract, traction
  • Students will try to incorporate the words into their daily writing
  • Students will continue to learn the proper parts of speech for each word

Song to Learn and Sing

  • "In this Heart" - Sinead O' Connor
  • "Gimmie Love" - Sleater-Kinney
  • I'll Tell Me Ma - Sinead O' Connor
  • "Vanderlye Crybaby Geeks" -The National

"For success, attitude is equally as important as ability." - Harry F. Banks

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