Monday, January 26, 2015

Comp. Book and Animal Presentation

Tonight you'll get an opportunity to show your comp book and answer a few questions about your selected animal.

Comp Book Questions

1. Share your comp. book with a guardian
2. Discuss the talking points below with a guardian
3. Get a guardian to sign your book

  • Neatness
  • Organization
  • Consistency
Evaluate each skill based on this simple rubric. 
5 = Excellent
4 = Very Good
3= Good
2 =Okay, but could use some improvement
1= Needs a lot more work


Animal Presentation Questions
1. What do you want to learn about your selected zoo animal?
2. Why is this specific zoo animal important to you?
3. How will you find information on your animal?
4. Write a 3-4 sentence grabber introduction. 


  1. Comp Book
    a) organized
    b) easy to read
    c) completed and detailed work
    a) abominable handwriting
    Neatness= 4
    The only problem was my handwriting.
    Organization= 5
    I had a good use of tabs, spacing and clear outlines.
    Consistency= 5
    The structure is neat and consistently predictable.

    Animal Presentations
    Animal: Aye-Aye (ugly monkey/lemur thing with giant eyes)
    1. I want to know about what makes them different and why their eyes are so huge!
    2. It is on the cover of "Ugly Animals," so that proves that it's weird. I would love to learn why people think it's ugly as well, because it's so cute!!!!! It seems like the Aye-Aye is constantly misjudged.
    3. I will check out some books from the library, including "Ugly Animals."
    4. Have you ever been misjudged for being different? Have people ever critized you for being who you are?? Well imagine the life of an Aye-Aye, and your problems will just simply vanish.

    1. Yeah, the Aye-Aye is just a easy target to make fun of. I agree with you, its totally WEIRD!! Nice choice!! Great sentences!!!

    2. Great intro! Keep up the good work!

  2. Composition Book Questions:

    Neatness - 5
    Organization - 5
    Consistency - 5

    a. I think the comp. book is well organized and easy to follow.
    b. It is clear and concise.
    c. Complete answers.

    Animal Presentation Questions:
    1. I want to learn about how the Snow Leopard survives in it's habitat.

    2. They are being hunted and they are just adorable.

    3. There are lots of books on Snow Leopards and MANY websites. Plus the WWF should have information on animals.

    4. Paws on the fluffy, white snow, the snow leopard takes large strides across the white field of snow in Mongolia. The snow leopard spots a small rabbit dart from the icicle-covered bush to the large pine tree. It has made a burrow at the base. The snow leopard uses the same skills as Native Americans would to be stealthy. It comes up behind the rabbit, and pounces as the rabbit dies.

    1. I love your introduction!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Wow! Great choice on the Snow Leopard! Can't wait to hear more about this ferocious animal!

    3. You're so lucky!! I love the snow leopard!! Great details in the intro!!!!!@.@

  3. Comp Books:
    1. My dad said that Organization was good, and he gave it a 4.
    2. Neatness was good, and he thought I do a good job of spacing my answers, so its not crowded. He gave it a 3.
    3. He said that Consistency was good, and he said it was very well done. He gave it a 4.

    Animal Presentation
    1. I want to learn what are the differences between a capybara, and a guinea pig. Also, some facts about growth, and where this animal lives. What habitat does it have?
    2. This animal is important to me because they aren't endangered, but they are sold for leather, and I think that they should have ranches, so they have a place to stay, since they aren't a predator.
    3. I will go in the library, and check out books about the Capybara, and I will probably go to
    4. Capybara is a interesting animal. Its not like a zooming cheetah, or a pouncing lion, but this animal is hard to figure out. The Capybara is the worlds largest rodent, and it is adapted to things, many other rodents can't do. Let me tell you about the fascinating, Capybara.

    1. What are the differences?? Cabybara's are basically giant guinea pigs!!! they are really cute though!! Nice introduction!!! I also liked how your response was very detailed.

  4. Composition Book Questions:
    Neatness - 5
    Organization - 5
    Consistently - 4

    Animal Presentation:
    1. I want to learn why they are called Rosy-Faced Lovebirds.
    2. This loved bird is significant to me because it represent love and friendship between birds of the same specie and different species.

    1. I thought that you must have put a lot of time and effort into your response. Great job!!

    2. Don't those birds dance to get a mate? I'm not sure, so make sure you get that in the Presentation!!!! Nice work!!!

  5. Comp. Book Reflections:
    1. I like my handwriting.
    2. I like that I have consistent entries.
    3. I could add the date and book chapter to each entry.
    4. Sentence starters on the board would help me.

    Animal Presentation Questions:
    1. I would like to learn about the colors of the American Alligator, what they eat, and their habitat.
    2. I am interested in learning about his mouth, especially the number of teeth.
    3. I will research the American Alligator online.
    4. Do you know how to tell the difference between an alligator and crocodile? The best way to tell the difference is to look at the teeth. When the alligator’s mouth is closed, no teeth are visible. This does not happen in crocodiles.

    The American alligator was almost endangered but with state and federal protections has been saved and is now thriving.

  6. Whoops forgot the strong intro. Here it is:
    Did you know that there is a type of lovebird that is from Africa? Or that the same type of lovebird can be find in your backyard bird feeder? Well if you don't, let me introduce you to an outstanding specie, the Rosy-Faced Lovebird!

    1. Meant this to be a reply to my post! Sorry!

    2. Wow!!! Your intro was great!!!!! ^~^

    3. It can be found in my backyard?!? Wow, I want to look in my backyard more often!! Nice work!!

  7. Comp. Book Questions
    1. Neatness: 4
    2. Organization: 4
    3. Consistency: 3
    4. I think I should stop drawing irrelevant pictures in my comp. book and stop using pen to write.

    Animal Presentation Questions
    1. What their lifestyle is eg.. what they eat, their exact size... ect
    2. I have never gone into that much detail about a poisonous
    3. Websites and books
    4. Reaching up to 10 METERS long, the Komodo dragon is one of most feared reptiles in the world. It is amazing how some people are brave enough to even encounter this beast. But is it really a beast at all? as someone said “One may draw a dragon or a tiger, but it is hard to draw their skeletons; one may know a person's face but it is hard to know his heart”- unknown author

    1. Wow!! The Komodo dragon?? I can't wait until your presentation!!!

    2. I also have problems with pens as well. Good response!!!

    3. i draw some random pictures in my books also.

  8. 1. 4
    2. 4
    3. 3 1/2
    4. I think I could write the date and more titles

    Animal ???
    1. Because I think lions are fierce and they seem really cool
    2. Because they are strong and fast and cool
    3. I will look it up on the library computer for books and on the internet
    4. don't have it yet

  9. Comp Book
    1. 3
    2. 3
    3. 4
    4. Date and not doodling
    Animal Presentation
    1. Size, Weight etc and how endangered they are
    2. Because in my old school we had to do a lot of research on an endangered animals and I learned about the Northern White Rhinoceros and I got attached to Rhinos there.
    3. I will check out books from the library and find a good website and use it
    4. You have probably heard about Rhinos right? Well I am going to expand your knowledge on them. Such as how...................... they are and...................etc

  10. 1. Neatness 4
    2. Organization 4
    3 Consistency: 3
    4. I need to stop doodling random things and I need to add the date.

    1. I want to learn about what they do each day,what they eat, and how far the can dive.
    2.This animal is important to me because I have seen sea lions many times before and it is one of my favorite animals.
    3. I have already started I went to the library and found good books and I will look up a really good website.
    4.Now there is an animal where they swim and do tricks and flop all over the ground. They catch stuff like sticks and make some wonderful sounds. They have long fins and big long ears now do you know what I’ve found?

    THE SEA LION.- a poem written by me.

    1. oops made a mistake.
      .Now there is an animal where they swim and do tricks and flop all over the ground. They catch stuff like sticks and make some wonderful sounds. They have long fins and short stubby ears, now do you know what I’ve found?

  11. 2 - neatness
    3- organization
    4- Consistency

    I can work on my neatness and adding dates and titles. Put more effort into it.

    1. I want to learn how much they sleep, and how long they live compared to an average human.
    2. Because I like Amphibians, and they look cool.
    3. I will use books and a website.
    4. What is black and brown and red on the belly? The fire bellied newt! Newts can live on land, underwater, or both. This is just one of the amazing facts about the Chinese fire bellied newt.

  12. Neatness 5
    Organization 4
    consistency 3
    I have to work on putting the date on and a little neater
    1. I want to know if they are rare.
    2.Because they look so cool and they are very good at flying.
    3. I will try to find something on the internet.
    4. I haven't thought off one yet...Sorry

  13. Animal Presentation Questions
    1. What do you want to learn about your selected zoo animal? why is it so big
    2. Why is this specific zoo animal important to you? Because its the largest snake.
    3. How will you find information on your animal? Wikipedia and books

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