Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's all mixed up

Tonight you'll have the opportunity to work on the following...

Classical Roots

  • Take each word below and put them into your own sentence
  • construction, contraction, destructive, extract
  • You should have a total of 4 sentences
Book Club
  • In 5-6 sentences please summarize your book thus far
  • What have you learned about your character thus far
  • Pick 1 of your favorite passages. Type up word for word that passage. DON'T MAKE IT TOO LONG
  • Find one simile and metaphor in your book. What is it? What page #
  • What do you think is going to happen at the end of the play
  • What are you looking forward to about the performance


  1. CR
    1) He was going to EXTRACT the juice from the onion, but he started crying from the acidity.
    2) He was very DESTRUCTIVE in the sense that he loved to destroy his sister's toys.
    3) She used a CONTRACTION in her writing to help shorten her piece.
    4) The CONSTRUCTION site was very dirty from all of the building.

    Book Club
    1) Buxton, Canada is a settlement of runaway slaves. Elijah, the first child to reborn free, is a peculiar individual. He is extremely afraid of hoop-snakes, and has a supposed "gift form the Lord" for throwing stones. Preacher, the smartest man in the settlement (even though he can't do simple math), isn't as trustworthy as found Elijah. Not only did he steal 4 of the fish that Elijah killed, he has a mysterious pistol that he will never let Elijah shoot.
    2) Elijah is a brave soul (besides his fear for snakes, which was implanted in his brain by elaborations of the dangers of snakes.) He is trustworthy and honest. He is very bright and knows whats going on at all times, but he is easy to walk over, like when Preacher stole his fish.
    3) “You swell so much that after exactly seven and a half days the pressure in your body becomes too great and you explode like an overheated steam boiler!” pg. 6
    I couldn't find any metaphors, but I found plenty of figurative language.
    a) And now they say that he can talk the bees outta flying to the flowers! pg. 24
    b) (Smilie) It waren't a week or two later that me and Cooter were down at the river and he yelled, "Oh, ho…!" then snatched out a toady-frog big as a pie-pan!

    1) I think that the letter will be from his parents saying something sweet, but sad at the same time.
    2) I'm looking forward to learning all of my lines!!!

    1. The Preacher says very disgusting things like the exploding guts. Ewww :P

    2. I don't like him very much. He can't even find percents!!!!!!!

  2. 1. My dad was working on a construction sight-
    I was making a contraction for a science project-
    It was a huge destructive talk-
    I used vanilla extract for my cake-
    Book Club
    a. A boy named Bud not Buddy and his friends go threw fights ER times and disgusting situations.
    b. He is creative and loud.
    c. When you make up your mind to do something Hurry up and do it,if you wait you Might talk yourself out of what you wanted in the first place.
    d. Like, pg 27 .
    a. Every one will want to celebrate st Patrick's day.
    b. Every one's character's and costumes.

    1. Wow!!! Your response was very detailed!!

    2. I like how detailed your book club responses are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB

  3. Classical Roots:

    One of our neighbors had construction on their house.
    The kids learned how to use a contraction in their writing.
    The kids were very destructive about the clay buildings they made in art class.
    The kids had to extract the guts from the frog in science.

    Book Club:
    1. Buxton is a settlement of slaves and even some other people with different shades of skin live there. If you picture it, then it looks like the Gold Rush settlement, Columbia. One of the smartest men in the village, the Preacher, is never listened to, and not very kind toward Elijah.

    2. Elijah is a skittish boy who is very scared of loop snakes which cause a death you have to suffer with and watch, and poison. He doesn't want to die and unfortunately has to shoot the Preacher's head if he ever gets bitten by one of those snakes.

    3. She twisted her head to the side to look at Pa, unwrapped the toady-frog, and dropped it smack-down in her lap. She froze up for 'bout one second, then jumped straight out the rocker. Yarn and needles and buttons and the toady-frog and the half-knit sweater flewed all over the stoop like your guts do after you been hoop snake bit! Ma's knitting spectacles jumped partway up her forehead and she started hopping up and down and slapping at her skirt like it's afire! The whole time she didn't scream nor say a word. pg. 14

    4. I couldn't really find a lot of metaphors but I found one simile.
    Simile: "Oh ho!" then snached out a toady-frog as big as a pie pan!
    Page 12

    1. I think that Seamus will find a letter from his parents talking about planning that outing.
    2. I am looking forward to getting a chance to have a lead role for once!

    1. Wow!!!!!!! Skittish is a great way to describe him!!!!!

    2. I like the sentences you came up with for Classical Roots!!!

  4. 1. There is always noise by are house because of the construction site
    2. I always use a contraction in my writing
    3.My parents and I call are little brother Mr. Destructive because he likes to break things
    4. I extracted the venom from the animal so it wouldn't die

    1. Thus far what happened is these 2 boys in Korea love to fly kites together but their kites don't work that well so they decided to make one on their own. After 2 or 3 weeks the 2 boys both finished their kites but young-sups kite didn't fly because he didn't listen to his brother on how to make it. When they came back the boy asked his brother if he would make one for him and he said no we will do it together. And when they finished his kite worked and they could fly together.
    2. I have learned that to always help your family and care for one and other
    3. The next day after the evening meal, the boys father came to their room. He held out a little parcel. As Young-sup looked on, Kee-sup opened the paper wrapping to discover a small seramic jar. As always their father was a man a few words. "Gold leaf" he said."paint, with real gold in it for the kings kite" they said in unison.
    4. Can't find any read a lot

    1. I think he will finish his report and he will get a A
    2. I can't wait to see the play in action

  5. Classical Roots
    1) In order to make the lemonade for the bake sale I had to EXTRACT the juice from the lemon.
    2) The workers lost their job because the building they had built was way to DESTRUCTIVE to be safe.
    3) Yesterday we went to the mall but we couldn't enter the mall because a sign said it was in CONSTRUCTION.
    4) Annie's writing was way to long so her teacher said to use a CONTRACTION to shorten the story.

    Book Club
    1) Bud is a boy that has no parents and lives in an orphanage. One day he got adopted to the Amos family that has a 12 year old son named Todd. The trickster, Todd got Bud in trouble and he got locked up in a shed for the night. He sliced a vampire bat in half when he was in the shed, but then relized it was a hornets nest!!
    2) He will never let anyone get to him, he will punch if someone tries to harm him.
    3) I remember what happened to my best friend Bugs, when a cockroach crawled in his ear one night at home. Four grown folks had held Bugs down whilst, they tried to pull it out with a pair of tweezers but the only thing they did was pull out the roach's back legs off. When they were digging around in Bug's ears with the tweezers you'd've thought they where pulling Bugs legs off, not some roach's, I'd never heard a kid scream so loud before. After about fifteen minutes of Bugs screaming the joint down, they said they were going to have to take him to the emergency room to get the roach out. It was almost morning when Bugs got back. Everyone was asleep exempt for me. I waited until they put him in his bed and turned the lights off. I said "Did they get it out?" He said "Oh, hi, Bud. Yeah they got him" I said "Did it hurt a lot?" "Nope he said "Where you scared?" I asked "Nope" he said again "Then how come you where screaming so doggone loud?!" "I didn't know I was, I probably couldn't hear me screaming 'cause that roach was so loud". "Loud how?" I asked "Well bugs aint so different from us as you think, soon as he saw those tweezers coming at him he was pretty card terrified and started to scream, Screaming in english too, not some bug language like you would expect from a roach." "Yeah. What he say?" "All he kept on saying was, 'My legs! My legs! Why have they done this to my legs!'"

    I think it will be tickets to Ireland
    Working with my team mate (Tate) to create the tickets and also calling the parents for marketing!

    1. Nice use of extract!!!!!!!! Your response was very detailed!!!!!! @.@

    2. The summary is very detailed!! Like that you put lots of effort into your response!!!!!! *.* @.@

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    1a. I always walk past the CONSTRUCTION site near my house.
    1b. I used vanilla EXTRACT in baking my birthday cake
    1c. The cold weather caused a CONTRACTION in the ground
    1d. That boy is very DESTRUCTIVE on the playground

    2a. A little teenage boy Kii Yazhi is being sent to a missions school for preparation for the war that is sneaking up his backs. So after he graduates from mission school he gets sent to a boarding school, where there he realizes that he wants to be in the marine and help fight in the war.
    2b. That he is hard working and will to do the impossible.
    2c. Once again, I went to my parents. "I have done as you asked, I told them. " I have waited a year. Now I want to go and be a warrior to fight for our people. I ask your blessing to become a Marine"
    2d. "He looked like an eagle staring down from a high mountain crag as his eyes as his eyes swept over his audience of awed Navajo men" - Simile

    3a. I think that Seamus is going to really do great on his report and beg his parents to see if they would let him go to Ireland.
    3b. Using the big spotlight.

  8. Classical Roots
    1. I tried to extract a diamond from rock but it broke : (
    2. My sister and I are destructive because we accidentally break stuff
    3. Before we moved in our house was under construction
    4. When I write I always remember to use contraction

    Book Club
    1. It is about a Navajo Indian who is trying to fit in at school. When he gets to high school the marines say that Navajo Indians can join. The first year he can not join because he is to join but he learns more then. When he joins his platoon is great at every thing but he is not good at swimming. Now they are starting to create a code in Navajo so that the Japanese can not understand what they are saying across the radio
    2. He is strong but smart and most people under estimate them
    3. We whooped and hollered and made so much noise as we fenced with our rifle that Corporal Radant finally told us to do our Bayonet practice outside. And just to let him know that we were training hard, every now and then one of us would shove a bayonet through the wall of the tent near where he had taken refuge
    4. Can't find any

    1. His parents have died
    2. Learning my lines and practicing them

  9. Classical Roots
    1. Mr. Frederick EXTRACTED the piece of paper from the hat, so we could know who would get a present for who.
    2. In class, you learned CONTRACTIONS such as wasn't, or could've.
    3. The construction men were DESTRUCTIVE to the house, because of re-modeling.
    4. There was CONSTRUCTION going on in my backyard, since 2 guys came, and put together our ping pong table.
    Book Club
    1. Peter, Michael, Lovisa, and Helga realized that Uncle Victor was there, in Norway. He was there because the Nazis pushed people away from Poland, and were coming to Norway. Uncle Victor had a plan, to defeat the Nazis. It would take 38 kids, and some adults to pull this one off. His plan is elaborate, but very smart.
    2. Peter is a leader, and he likes to take charge of things. He is a smart kid, and likes to play around in the snow, and have fun. His sister Lovisa, and him like to mess around.
    3. "What if they threaten to pull our tongues out if we don't tell?". Page #49
    4. (Simile) "Her black curls bobbed like sausages in the cherry red of her hood"
    (Metaphor)"These forceful waters are always a highway to the ocean".
    Journey Intwo Ireland
    1. I think that Seamus, is going to do a great job on his report about Ireland, and I think he will have a great time doing it. Aileen will be there to support him.
    2. I am looking forward to acting as MC Lep, because my nickname is MC, and he is a funny character, so I am glad to have him as a character.

    I used a contraction in my work.
    Some mans where doing a construction at a store
    the kids are extract about the clay
    The characters are lovisa peter and many other things the are trying to find gold and some mans will do something wrong and it would take 37 person to do that .and they also have a plane . they where coming from norway.
    1.they would ask us questions
    2. learn diffrents songs and lanugage

  11. Right now, my house is a construction zone.
    I can see the contraction in the snake as he swallows the mouse.
    When a bomb goes off it is destructive.
    My dentist extracted my tooth.

    Summary: Bud got adopted and went to live with Amos family. They have a son named Todd that is 12 years old. Todd got in a fight with Bud. Todd’s mom Mrs. Amos said that she could not tolerate this anymore. Bud got sent into the shed.

    I have learned that Bud is brave, and he stands up for himself.

    "There comes a time when you are losing a fight that it just doesn’t make sense to keep on fighting. "

  12. Classical Roots
    1. I worked for a construction company.
    2. In class, I learned how to make a contraction.
    3.That bomb was destructive.
    4. We used vanilla extract for baking.

  13. Classical Roots
    1. I really like learning about the construction of cars.
    2. I had a spleen extraction, since it popped
    3. I am a destructive speaker.

    Book Club
    In 5-6 sentences please summarize your book thus far
    Elijah is the first born free slave in Buxton. However most people see him as a fra-gile boy who is afreard of snakes. He also happen to be an "gift from god stone chunker." With his friend Cooter the boys are starting to realize that the preacher is not all they think he is...
    What have you learned about your character thus far
    He is intelligent and loyal. He is an incredible stone chunker.
    Pick 1 of your favorite passages. Type up word for word that passage. DON'T MAKE IT TOO LONG
    Find one simile and metaphor in your book. What is it? What page #
    I don know how he did it, but I just can see that as one -tenth o' ten.
    What are you looking forward to about the performance
    The learning experiance.