Sunday, December 14, 2014



Hang on Fireballs. Keep your balance and focus. We have an exciting week of Advent Calendar stories, Sound of Music Sing-A-Long, Blood on the River, Explorer's Report, and Robert's Market. Just 5 more school days until a glorious and well earned vacation. 

                  In search of the perfect pop song. F and W get it!

SECRET Fireballs GIFT EXCHANGE- Don't forget to make that special gift. Please put it under the tree by Friday morning.  

Camp W - Sometimes detour routes can lead to a memorable experience. That's what Frederick's Follies is about. Get inspired and take charge of the mic. Sign-ups are just a click away:

  • to the Fireballs for hosting such a lovely event on Wednesday. 
  • to the parents for attending the winter wonderland party. Your attendance was greatly appreciated. 

Work in progress
  • all students need to blog at least 3/4 nights. 
  • all students need to work on reading faster, stronger, and better.

Curriculum menu for week 17

  • We'll go back and revisit some important reading strategies
  • Students will improve their understanding of character motivation and behavior

  • Students will work on advent calendar
  • Students will focus on grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization

  • Explorer's Unit is done. 
  • We'll begin Unit 4 in January: Colonialism. 

  • Closed until January

  • Students will focus on all 8 of the words from Lesson 9
  • Students will try to incorporate the words into their daily writing
  • Students will continue to learn the proper parts of speech for each word

Boys vs. Girls Contest: 
Boys will practice their song
Girls will practice their song

  • Sound of Music Soundtrack
  • Camera Obscura "The Blizzard"
  • Pink Martini "Ocho Kandelikas"
  • Ben Kweller "Rock of Ages"

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