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More Chudleigh Manor

Chudleigh Manor Guide Map

  1. Main Characters: List 1-3 characters and write a one sentence description for each one. Are they major or minor characters? Think about their goals and motivations. Highlight the character who changes the most over the course of the story.

  1. Character #1(Major or minor character)
  2. Character #2 (Major or minor character)
  3. Character #3 (Major or minor character)

B. Conflict
What has gone wrong in the story and who was involved?
Attempts to solve:
First, s/he ….
Then, s/he…

C. Setting # 1
  1. Identify the time period of your story:
  2. Identify where your story takes place:
  3. What are some things you’d see in your setting?
  4. What are some things you’d taste?
  5. What are some things you’d touch or feel?
  6. What are some things you’d hear?
  7. What are some things you’d smell?

Setting # 2
  1. What is the time of day and where your problem first occurs?

Setting #3
b. What is the the time of day and where your problem is solved?

D. What is the message/theme of your story?
  1. Where does that message/theme show up in your story?


  1. Characters:
    1. Jenny - Main Character, loves to spy on Chudleigh's manor.
    2. Alecia - Second main character, helps Jenny with projects.
    3. Chudleigh - Owns the manor, doesn't know what Jenny is doing at all.

    First: Jenny tries to spy on Chudleigh again but fails because the servants are looking for robbers around the manor.
    Second (Working on): Gets caught, has to go home with Alecia, never allowed even the sight of the manor.

    Located: England
    Time Period: Late Morning, early 1900s
    Sights - Memorials, famous places, lots of carolers
    Taste - Snow, Christmas dinner
    Feel - Ice, cold, mail, Christmas decorations
    Hear - Feet pounding on snow, carolers
    Smell - Cookies, milk, Christmas dinners, regular dinners, minty smells (from candy canes), lush tree smells

    Setting 2:
    Setting 3:
    Late morning

    Theme: Christmas is a time of fairness and happiness that people shouldn't be different in money.

    1. I like the mystery of your'e story. It seems very interesting. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!

    2. You're story sounds SUPER interesting and your response was really detailed!

  2. 1a. Oreo- Black dog with a white spot in the eye
    1b. Scoutie- Blonde retriever
    1c. Owners- A couple that owns a mansion a decorating for Christmas

    2a. First Oreo and Scoutie got in trouble by going in to a dog restricted room
    2b. Then they got in trouble by going to the train tracks without permission

    3a. December 2nd the dogs went to the pantry
    3b. In Chudley Manor, the meadow, and the train tracks
    3c. Naked trees, snow, christmas trees, and food
    3d. The popcorn on the tree and the food in the pantry
    3e. The blankets in the nursery and the snow in the meadow
    3f. The music in the nursery and the barking of the dogs
    3g. The gingerbread cookies in the pantry

    4a. The message of my story is experiencing Christmas through the eyes of two special dogs
    4b. It shows up in the entire story

    1. Mine is in 2014 too!! Why do we keep having the same things?

  3. 1. A minor character is Jimmy and his goal is to be a famous piano player and he looks up to his father.
    2. A major character is barker the dog and he looks up to his other dog friend the other dog to try to stay clean and his motivation is his bath
    3. A minor character is Joan and she looks up to very smart people because she is motivated by scientists

    2.A conflict for Jimmy is he is late for church but so is everyone else but he has to play the piano and if there is no piano than church could be ruined for everyone.
    a. 1950 October 9th
    b. In a meadow known as Mount Hood Meadow
    c. Snow pilled up, white trees, and people
    d. Food
    e. I would feel could air and snow
    f. people having fun and screaming with joy
    g. I would smell food

    Setting 2
    At night at 5:00

    Setting 3
    a. At night at 5:01
    b. To always have perseverance
    d. When he realized he has a job to do

  4. 1a. Joseph MAJOR character (little boy, who is in most chapters.
    1b. Mary Minor character (maid, and she is usually in the chapters)
    1c. Brownie MAJOR character (dog, who is in the chapters a lot)

    2a. First, Joseph tries to get up, and make his move to get out of the church.
    2b. Then, he gets in trouble, and his grounded in his room for 2 days.

    3a. It is in England, and it is in the 1800's, in the morning.
    3b. It takes place in the Church, Chudleigh Manor, the train tracks, the meadows, and the woods.
    3c. Snow, trees, houses, manor, food, and a statue where the birds cuddle in.
    3d. You would taste the delicious pineapple, the juicy ham, ext. for Christmas feast, and the falling snow. Possibly the pine needles, if you fall down, and taste the pine needles.
    3e. The carpets, the trees, the furniture, the stuffed animals, the warmth of the fireplace, the snow, and the cozy blankets.
    3f. You would hear the cutting of the trees, the cooking of the food, the steps of people's feet, the horses trotting, the voices of people, the barking of dogs, and the squawking of the birds.
    3g. You would smell the Christmas trees, other trees, and the feast of food.

    Setting #2. It is in noon time, and it first occurs when Mary finds all the Christmas decorations in the manor.

    Setting #3. The problem is solved in the late morning, and it is solved in the outdoors, by the Church.
    4a. The message of the story is that Christmas, always turns out to be great, no matter how many problems come along the way.

    1. I loved how detailed your response was!!!

    2. Joseph- He wants to play outside, and just wants to have fun.
      Brownie- He wants to just play all around, and have someone play with him.

  5. Main

    Conner - Conner is 46 years old, a Dad, and he is telling the story of his tenth Christmas, the best Christmas. Major character - will change the most.
    Abe- Conner’s cousin, he is really fun, he likes to box sled and ice skating.
    Clementine and Ruffers - Clementine and Ruffers are Conner’s dogs. They are vey nice.

    B. Conflict
    Conner got a black eye on the way to Church.
    Attempts to solve:
    First, he goes to the nursery to get ice.
    Then, he finds out that he may have a broken bone.

    C. Setting # 1
    time period: 1999- early morning
    place: In Conner’s house
    I can see Christmas decorations, fire place, candles lit
    I would still be able to taste my christmas tree cooike from the night before.
    I would feel the heat from the fire.
    The wind outside, my dogs wanting to go outside.
    I would smell gingerbread cookies.

    Setting # 2
    My problem is when I am running to Church. It happens early in the morning.

    Setting #3
    b. My problem is solved when I finally get to the doctor that afternoon.

    D. The message is to take your time and watch where you are going.
    On the way to the doctor office.

  6. Character
    Billy(Minor Character)-His goal is to be the most respected dog and has a owner that cares for him and is nice.
    Bob (Major character)-He just wants to be the most appreciated family member and he wants to be with a family that has a lot and I mean a lot of grass in their backyard.
    Joe (Minor character)- This guy just want to be the happiest dog in the world and have family that care's for him.
    The problem in my story is that they are homeless and they all want a house that is very very,very big and they are hungry so they try to steal food First Billy tries to steal a sausage but gets cought then Bob tries to steal something but also gets caught.Finally Joe gets a whole bunch of meat for the whole family without getting caught
    1920 December 21
    Chudleigh Manor
    A tree lots of leaves scattered on the floor
    the smell of the food that the chef is coocking
    The scattered leaves on the floor, the floor, the soft carpets
    the sizzling of the pan, and the birds chirping
    The smell of the food that the chef is coocking the candels and the flowers

    Setting 2
    3:00 a.m.
    Setting 3
    to have courage and to try harder and harder until you get it/it shows up in my story when they try to get the food from the kitchen

  7. 1.
    a. Oreo
    b. Acorn
    c. Snow (she changes the most)
    They have been in jeopardy of being found (Oreo, Acorn, Snow) and Snow is threatening Oreo very badly (Oreo, Snow).
    First Oreo tried to stop thinking about it.
    Then she outwitted Snows attempt to make Acorn hate her.
    a. Now
    b. Chudleigh Manor
    c. Snow, creatures, forest
    d. sausage, savory food, mist
    e. books, floors, snow
    f. birds calling, children playing
    g. snow, food, fire
    It takes place in the afternoon, and I don't know when it will end.

    The theme is that you shouldn't be afraid to be yourself. This shows up when Oreo was in the library reading about science.

  8. 1.

    A. Maria, is the main character of the story, and the story takes place in her diary.
    B. Lauren, Marias maid, that appears a few times to clean.
    C. Ralph, a dog weaving in and out of the story, only mildly important.


    First, Maria got sick while at her Uncle Stuarts. In the mornings she looks out her window, and sees all the children playing. She desperately wants to play but can't.
    She also wants to run around, and play with the "boys" but, can't because she is a girl.


    a. Identify the time period of your story: 1903
    b. Identify where your story takes place: Yorkshire, England
    c. What are some things you’d see in your setting? Rolling hills, small snowflakes, marshes...
    d. What are some things you’d taste? Bitter cold snow flakes, fresh pine, sharp wind.
    e. What are some things you’d touch or feel? Snow, clothes, fire warmth.
    f. What are some things you’d hear? Birds chirping, children laughing.
    g. What are some things you’d smell? Pine, smoke, hot coco...


    What is the time of day and where your problem first occurs? 7:00 am, December 2, 1903

    What is the the time of day and where your problem is solved? 6:45 am, December 25, 1903

    D. What is the message/theme of your story?
    Do what you want to and don't be afraid to stand up to your fears.


  9. 1. the 19's
    2. church
    3. a church land plants snow dog's
    4. food in the back of the church
    5. my dog the church benches
    6. dogs people the preast
    7. food nature