Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Getting deeper inside Chudleigh Manor

Tonight you'll get to focus on your main character and setting.

Name of character:

a. What does your character like to think about?
b. Where does that show up in your story?
c. What does your character usually hear?
d. Where does that show up in your story?
e. What does your character LOVE?
f. Where does that show up in your story?
g. What does your character like to say over and over again?
i. Where does that show up in your story?

Fill in the blanks.
____________ (main character) wants ________________________ but _____________________________________, so ___________________________________________________________.

a. What is your first main event?
b. What is your second main event?
c. What is your third main event?
d. What is your fourth main event?
e. What is your fifth main event?


  1. 1. "Christmas Fairy" I have lots of main characters so I just chose one to write about.
    2. In Spencer's little sister's room.
    3. Well she hears " make us able to be played with again" a lot
    4. Making toys REUSABLE again
    5. When she is fixing all the toys in the little girls room.
    6. "Who should I fix?"
    7. When she first enters the room.

    1. A painter need inspiration for a painting, she uses her own life as her muse!
    2. All the servants carry plates and plates of food into the huge house.
    3. Murray gets a flour shower.
    4. Chaster has a weird dream about bears.
    5. Katrina, the "Christmas fairy" flies into Spencer's little sister's room and fixed all the broken toys.

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  2. 1. Milo
    a. Christmas, sweets, nature, and trees.
    b. It shows up in the story when Milo is the most excited to get the Christmas tree and to decorate it with ornaments.
    c. Milo usually hears the sound of nature and the sound of Christmas spirit. (singing, jingles, etc.)
    d. My character shows up as a main character. You see, every chapter is told by someone else’s perspective, and Milo is one of those people.
    e. Christmas, and NATURE!
    f. Milo likes to play hide-and-seek with Scotty in the hedges. This shows that Milo enjoys being outside, in nature.
    g. Well, Milo doesn’t really talk, but he likes to think, as if he was speaking, he likes to think happy things including, “That was extraordinary!” or “Great Job!”
    h. Milo shows these thoughts when he thinks to himself “Great job!” to the little boy who just made the ending of the singing at church.
    2. All around Chugleigh Manor
    a. My first big event is when Milo gets kicked out of the pantry after spilling the flour all over the floor.
    b. The second main event is decorating the house with different flower vases.
    c. The third main event is getting the Christmas tree!
    d. The fourth main event is making the Christmas pudding.
    e. The fifth main event is decorating wreaths.

    1. You're story seems SUPER interesting!!

    2. I like that your'e post is thought through, and it has details, from what I can hear of.

  3. Jimmy the dog
    1. He likes to think about making trouble and make others have a bad day
    2. It shows up on the story where the flower falls on Jimmy the dog
    3. cracking noises from the things he breaks and plopping noises
    4.It shows up when the flower falls over
    5.He really loves to make people unhappy and wanders off
    6. He wonders off to the church when they are late for church.
    7. My character can't speak
    8. He doesn't talk

    1. Jimmy the main character wants people to be unhappy but they always find a way to stop him so he does it when they are not looking.

    1. When he sees the food truck coming
    2. When he try's to take the food
    3. When he gets flower dumped on him
    4. When he follows them to church
    5. And when he plays with ginger the other dog

  4. Joseph
    a. Joseph likes to think about the outdoors, and he always looks forward in a positive way.
    b. It shows up in my story at church, when he is only thinking about playing outside, with Brownie.
    c. My character usually hears church people singing, because he has to go to church, kids screaming, adults talking, and the howling wind. Also, the falling snow.
    d. My character is in most of the story, and this is when he was outside playing with the rest of the kids, indoors with his dog, and in the church.
    e. My character loves his mom, even though she has some rules, that is normal for a parent. He also loves his dog, Brownie because Brownie and Joseph have a lot in common like playing in the outdoors, looking on the bright side, and being playful and fun. Brownie is also one of his loyal friends.
    f. It shows up in the scene where all the kids are playing outside, and in church, and in the one today.
    g. My character likes to say "Can I just go and play?" A LOT!!
    i. It shows up in the scene in the teddy bear one, the church one, the woods one, and the living room one.
    h. Joseph just wants to have fun, and be a kid, but his mother grounds him for 2 days, so when she is not looking, he will sneak outside, and play with Brownie.
    2a. The first main event is in Chudleigh Manor, in the living room.
    2b. The teddy bear scene is the 2nd main event.
    2c. My 3rd main event is Church time.
    2d. My 4th main event is Fairies!
    2e. My 5th main event is The Dog Maze

    1. It seems like you're story is super detailed! I can't wait to read it!

    2. i like how you told us about your story and character's.

  5. Character
    a. Animals especially dogs
    b. Everywhere because some of the main characters are dogs
    c. Dogs barking
    d. In my latest chapter
    e. I love animals
    f. The reason that I took on a new dog
    g. Ralphie!!
    h. Whenever I get angry at Ralphie

    a. When I meet Ralphie
    b. When Ralphie eats the sausage
    c. When I meet Ralphie and Blake together
    d. When Adam disrupts my peace
    e. When I take on a new dog and name him Cooper

  6. Joe - likes to think about him with some dog friends that care for him
    when there is another character that helps him out when he is down
    The barking of his dog friends
    When he is playing with his friends
    Joe loves to play outside
    it shows up when he goes with his friends outside to play and he really enjoys it
    Chicken chicken
    when he is at the dinner table and his owners are eating chicken chicken
    Joe(Main character wants to be the happiest dog in the world and have the most amazing and caring family
    but his owners do not want to sell him, so he runs away
    When Joe gets the sausage
    When Joe tries o sell himself
    When Joe runs away
    When joe makes more friends
    When last friends in his other home worrie about him
    When Joe finds brand new home called CHUDLEIGH MANOR!!!

  7. Character:
    a. Mainly Christmas and spying on her mortal enemy Chudleigh.
    b. Everywhere.
    c. Lots of barking, children screaming, and singing.
    d. When carolers pass by sometimes, when the famous sledding hill is full, when she goes to spy.
    e. Getting revenge, animals (mostly dogs), and spying.
    f. Everywhere.
    g. "I don't get it?"
    h. Whenever something pops up in the manor that is confusing.

    a. First day of spying.
    b. Spying in the snow.
    c. Watching the church.
    d. Almost getting caught spying.
    e. Finding/adopting a dog named Cinnamon

    1. You're story seems really interesting!!!! You're response was really detailed too!!!

  8. Character: Oreo
    a. She thinks about science, nature, and her friends a lot.
    b. In the library when she is reading and healing a flower.
    c. Birds
    d. When she was trying to get Acorn to come using birds.
    e. She loves nature, science, and her friend Acorn.
    f. When she is in the library and when she is trying to get Acorn to believe her.
    g. Nothing
    h. Nothing

    Oreo wants to be friends with Acorn and have a peaceful life, but Snow threatened to ruin her life and burned down the forest, so she is now devising a plan with Acorn to make sure that Snow is stopped.

    When she steals sausage with Acorn and heals Snow.
    When she is reading in the library and the relatives arrive.
    When she is hiding from the relatives.
    When Snow threatens her.
    When she and Acorn solve the problem.

  9. 1. Christmas and friends
    2. in the church and racing to the church
    3. dogs barking and the wind
    4. racing with her brother and her dog
    5. her family and christmas time and preying at the church
    6. come on
    7. in church in the garden in the snow

    1. church day
    2. inside the church dogs
    3. walking dog
    4. garden with dog
    5. and nature

  10. character johnny
    a christmas
    b church
    c dogs barking
    d outside the Manor
    e he loves the library
    f he likes to carry a book
    g whos a good dog?
    i in side the manor when the dog does good

  11. 1. They both think about what Christmas is or what will come next in the story like maybe the Christmas tree will come next in the story.
    2. It shows when the two dogs don't know know about Christmas and they get to experience Christmas for the first time in the Mansion (Chudleigh Manor), you get to see it through the two dogs eyes
    3. The two dogs, at one point at the story the two dogs, Oreo and Scoutie hear a strange music coming from a door, they look inside to see a nursery and a music box that was making the strange music the dogs were hearing outside of the door
    4. Both dogs are enjoying Christmas so much, at one point Scoutie screams "I LOVE CHRISTMAS" when he was pulling a sled down a snowy hill in the meadow
    5. The two dogs, at the end of most of my paragraphs think something like at first they thought it was a birthday so they thought: Who's Birthday is this? and at another point the dogs say, after the christmas tree: Is there more to this Christmas?

    6. Scoutie and Oreo want to find out more about Christmas and get to enjoy more parts like playing in the snow and investigating things like why do they put strange colored balls on a tree inside the house along with popcorn and a big star at the top, and also, how come they are decorating glass pots with bright wide red flowers?

    1. The two dogs are trying to figure out why their owners are decorating, first they think it's a birthday but then that figure out that both of theirs owners birthday is in March so they think it's someone else's birthday, but who's?
    2. They explore the area to see a "Christmas tree" (at least that's what the humans called it), and see bright wide red flowers getting put inside red pots with holly dangling from it
    3. Hearing a storage musical noise coming from a room that neither of them have ever been in they open the door after hesitating a bit to see a bright pink nursery with a crib and a music box with a ballerina attached to it

  12. Name of character: Conner

    a. Conner likes to think about Christmas and how it is going to be amazing.
    b. At the very beginning when he starts telling his kids about his tenth Christmas.
    c. He hears his dogs barking and whining.
    d. When he wakes up in the morning.
    e. Conner loves his dogs, and his kids.
    f. His love for his dogs are throughout the whole story, and his love for his kids are when he is telling the story to them on Christmas Eve.
    g. “Oh sugar”
    i. When he runs into the tree.

    Fill in the blanks.
    Conner wants to get to Church on time but he runs into a tree, so he doesn’t make it to Church he has to go to the doctor.

    a. Waking up in a rush
    b. Riding his bike to Church
    c.Hitting a tree
    d. Going back home checking for bandaids
    e. Going to the doctor.

  13. Johnny the main character wants to go to church but the dogs do not want to go to church. Johnny gets the dogs to go to church but has them wait outside until church is over- then they go back to the manor.

    a. What is your first main event?
    The family goes to church

    b. What is your second main event?
    After church they go to the manor to open presents from their mom and dad.
    c. What is your third main event?
    They’re mouths are open in amazement after seeing the gifts
    d. What is your fourth main event?
    Johnny says “thanks mom and dad, this is awesome!”

    e. What is your fifth main event?
    In the end, the dogs get special toys too. Everyone is happy with their own gifts.

    1. I like how you had the questions, and the answer. A lot easier for everybody, so thanks.