Monday, December 15, 2014


Tonight you'll get the opportunity to work on your Chudleigh Manor story.

1. Answer the questions below as best as you can.

a. What's the title of your story?
b. Who are some of the main characters in your story?
c.  What does each character want? What's their motivation?
d. What's the conflict in your story?
e. What's one question you have for your story?
f. What's the section do you want to work on tonight?


  1. a. Chudleigh Manor
    b. Humphrey, Maya and Jimmy
    c. They want to have a happy life and they are motivated by their father.
    d. The conflict in today's story was the character Jimmy was late for church and he had to play the piano.
    e. One question I have for my story is why is everyone always happy why is there never a big conflict
    f. I want to work on today's section that we did in class

  2. 1. My Story is called: Miracle
    2. My main characters are two dogs, one blonde: Scottie, and the other Black with a white spot on the eye: Oreo
    3. First they want to find out who's birthday it is (Christmas), Then once they know who's Birthday it is they want to get sucked in into the Miracle
    4. The conflict of my story is two get to experience Christmas through the eyes of two dogs
    5. One question I would ask to myself is; is there more to Christmas in real life or is there more I can add in I don't know of
    6. I want to add a little to each of my chapters so that it's all even

    1. I like the name Oreo, it sounds tasty!

    2. I named my dog Oreo too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great minds think alike!!!!!!!

    3. I am happy that you were able to respond even though you weren't at school today!

  3. a. My story is called Magic Of Christmas
    b. Chudleigh, Sam, Jake, Jenny (main character/ mostly used in first person)
    c. Sam wants to overtake Jake in a dogsledding race, Jake wants victory (they are dogs), Chudleigh wants a wonderful Christmas, Jenny wants to have a Christmas that is amazing (she is very poor)
    d. Sam and Jake ruin everything on the 20th because they are both very clumsy dogs.
    e. Is there a place I can put the conflict?
    f. I want to work on the beginning where I can add the characters.

    1. I really like how descriptive you were with your answers!

    2. I love how some of the characters are animals!!!!! You were also very descriptive!!1

    3. You have a funny, and interesting plot to the story, and I like that you thought about the story.

  4. a. The days before Christmas
    b. Chester, Murray, and Spencer
    c. They want to know what is like to celebrate Christmas up in mountains (because it's their first Christmas up in the Mountains)
    d. Well my conflict in the chapter I'm working on is that Spencer and his friends run into the huge castle and gets caught!
    e. How do all my chapter relate to one another.
    f. The part I was working on toady in class

  5. a. The Manor Of Christmas
    b. Ralphie, Blake and, Adam (They are dogs)
    c. Their goal is to have a fun time and to cause mayhem and there motivations are doggy treats
    d. They get caught doing naughty things
    e. Making it feel like a real story
    f. What I did today

  6. a. Going to Church
    b. Chudleigh, John, Ethan, 2 dogs: Bobo and Bark
    c. They all want to go to church, it makes them feel religious. The dogs want to stay home so they can play with their toys.
    d. Chudleigh, John, and Ethan want the dogs to go to church and wait outside. The dogs don't want to move out of the house.
    e. I don't know why the dogs want to stay in the house.
    f. The beginning of the story.

  7. A. Christmas Season
    B. Joseph, Brownie, and Fred, and Mary.
    C. Joseph wants to have a fun time, and just enjoy the winter time. Brownie just wants to play, and eat the Christmas feast. Fred wants to find his home, and play with all the other birdies. Mary wants everything to be nice and neat for the manor, and she wants all the decorations to be perfect.
    D. The conflict in my story is that Brownie does'nt get the food he wants. Joseph has to be in church, and he does'nt always get run outside. Fred is lost, and spreads out his wings, and tries to look around. Mary doesn't get all the decorations up, so the manor isn't perfect.
    E. Is there more conflict, and character description I could put in the story?
    F. I want to work on all my chapters, but I just want to do some tweaking on the chapters.

    1. I really like how you went deep into the main character's names instead of just choosing one randomly.

    2. Your story sounds super interesting!!!!! it seems like a christmas disaster because no one gets what they want!!!!! How will they resolve the problem???

  8. a. The Christmas Season at Chudleigh Manor
    b. A brown dog named: Milo
    c. Milo wants to have the best christmas ever and wants to have everyone be into the holiday spirit.
    d. There are little mini conflicts in my story and 90% of the are resolved at the end of the chapter/animation.
    e. Where are some places where I could add dialogue and internal thinking?
    f. I want to work on fixing up ALL my chapters and cleaning the drafts and re-typing most of them into a new, clean, final draft.

    1. It sounds like a really interesting story!!!!!

  9. a) The Painting On The Wall
    b) Oreo is the grey dog and Acorn is the blonde dog. The mysterious cat that you see in the first day is Snow.
    c) Oreo doesn't want to be found by the relatives because they all have powers because they are illusions brought to life from a painting and the family can't know about them. Acorn wants to find as much adventure as possible. Snow wants to gain favors from her friends after helping them. She basically just wants people to give her stuff.
    d) The conflict is that the relatives my find them, meaning that they would have to return to their painting.
    e) Where can I add more details to make it seem like a real book?
    f) I want to work on today's part because I didn't start it in class as well as adding more detail throughout the story.

    1. Here is today's entry:
      For the next couple of days, I spent most of my time avoiding people. A boy almost spotted me while he was ice skating, but I managed to run away in time. How I envy Snow. She can just turn invisible whenever she wants! One day I saw them all get in their fancy cars, but I noticed that they didn’t have their luggage. I scurried down the hall to the kitchen to tell Acorn the news.
      “Their leaving!!!” I told Acorn.
      As sone as he heard me, he went ballistic. He ran around the house for what seemed to be a thousand times. As he ran, my nose picked up the smell of flames.
      “Stop!!!!!! Fire!!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. As soon as I finished speaking, I ran out the door and into the woods. The animals there knew it as well. the whole main hall was on fire. I was safe and Acorn was immune, but something told me to come back. Snow. She had no idea.
      I crashed into the house, a trail of soil behind me. Maybe the soil would stop the burning, but I wasn’t sure. It was worth a shot, at least. I saw Snow scurry down the hallway, mystified that there was fire. My throat was starting to close, and my head was feeling dizzy.
      “Water! Turn into water!” I screamed at Snow.
      “What will you give me?” she asked.
      “Anything! Just stop the burning!”
      Suddenly, everything was silent. There was no more fire, and all was well. Except for the forest. It was blazing.
      “The forest wasn’t burning before! Why did you set it on fire?” I asked, confused from her decision.
      “I’m done with you! You and your little perfect soul, who can never do any harm! I never get any attention! It is time for me to get attention, and I swear, that Acorn and all of your little woodland friends will hate you miserably!! You are just a nerdy weirdo who depends on everyone else to carry their own weight. Well, welcome to the real world! WE aren’t in that painting anymore! You don’t just get what you want if you are kind. Things can be stolen! peace can be broken! And it is time that you learn!” she screamed, her anger fuming out of her mouth. The flames were gone, but in it’s place was a dark desolate place. It was like she had created my own personal nightmare.

  10. a.The church
    b. Billy, Bob, and Joe
    c. They all just want to have fun and to be a happy family
    d.The conflict in my story is that they all have to go through something bad.
    e.How will I make it soung like a real story
    f. The beginning

  11. 1- My 10th Christmas
    2- Me, My Parents, My Cousins, My Pets (Clementine, Ruffers, and Frosty)
    3- They want their Father to tell them the story.
    4- Running into a tree.
    5 - How will my story fit together.
    6- Today's part.






    December 2, 1903
    I woke this morning to lots of wind, cold, and snow. I stepped onto my window sill, and leaned back. The maids where opening the windows one at a time, and dusting the sills. I was distracted by the food delivery down stairs. The maids, and butlers were lined up, and passing many great looking foods down the line to the kitchen. I ran there. A dog, trying to get sausage got coated in flour. Lauren, my maid, shooed him away with a broom.
    December 3, 1903
    I dressed in a simple red dress with flecks of gold then headed to the greenhouse, where I knew there were plants that I could help pot.
    The first thing I did when I arrived, was big out a big round red pot with gold rims, and gold little cherrie looking things on it. Then I picked a white orchid, red poinsettia, and many others that I don’t know the names of a red and gold one, blue ones, peach and a large white one. I enter the library to a crackling fire, and my mother and father sitting on a couch each reading a book I pulled off my apron, and carefully set down the flower vase. Then, I sat down, grabbed my book, grabbed a piece of brie, (YUMMMMM) and settled down for a long, snowy, enjoyable day.


  13. 1. church day
    2. Zoe,Alphie,
    3. to be at church on time to have a good christmas
    4. that they are late
    5. what do my characters have in common
    6. the part i was working on last night

  14. 1.the singers lily
    3.they want a very nice christmas day
    4. i have will ask what made him do that story
    5.the part i was working on