Thursday, December 18, 2014


We're officially done with Narrative Reading and Writing. Tonight you'll get the opportunity to reflect on your growth as a reader and writer.

  • A guardian asks the questions and takes notes based on their child's response. Paraphrase the best way possible. Do the best you can. 
Questions for READING
  • How did you feel about reading in September? How do you feel about it now?
  • What book are you reading right now?
  • In 5 words, what's your book really about?
  • What specifically are you working on as a reader? Be specific. 
  • What do you feel like you need help with as a reader?
  • Show me your best post it. Why do you feel this is your best post-it?
Questions for WRITING
  • How did you feel about writing in September? How do you feel about it now?
  • How is your writing coming along?
  • What are you working on as a writer? Be specific. 
  • Can you show me evidence of that in a blogger response or narrative piece?
  • What do you feel like you need help with as a writer?
  • What are you looking forward to in 2015? 


  1. Questions For Reading
    1. I feel way more strong, I'm starting to read books faster and moving on to higher leveled books
    2. I'm reading the series: Harry Potter Book and at this point I'm reading the fourth book
    3. In five word I would say my book is about: Wizards, Witches, Magic, Adventure, and Danger
    4. I'm working on filling in my Post- It 's so that I can grow stronger as a reader, but I do also think that a Post-It breaks in your excitement in the book
    5. I don't think I need help with anything besides the post-Its which I'm already working on
    6. Why did Voldemort kill Lilly and James Potter, was it because he hated them, If he did hate them why was that?

    Questions For Writing
    1. I feel like I put in a lot of effort this year because I felt really descriptive like describing objects, places, and most of all people
    2. " ": I feel like I put in a lot of effort this year because I felt really descriptive like describing objects, places, and most of all people
    3. I'm working on having longer sentences which requires: Dialog, because It makes the story more interesting
    4. Sorry, my computer is mot letting me get into my school drive
    5. I think I need help getting more words that can replace said because I seem to have said ever time someone ends a sentence in my story

    1. I love the Harry Potter series!!!!!!!!!

  2. Reading:
    1. I felt like reading was normal until we did Wonder, and now it's snaking down because of the really thin books.
    2. I am on the fourth Harry Potter book, the second book in The School For Good And Evil, The Land Of Stories, and I finished the Dork Diaries series, so far.
    3. Harry Potter (Goblet of Fire)
    a. Magic
    b. Survival
    c. Danger
    d. Friendship
    e. Heroism
    4. As I said in the beginning, I want to read slower so I don't get jumbled up with words.
    5. I don't know yet.
    6. My favorite sticky was when I noticed in the third Harry Potter book that I knew who the bad guy was with all these clues. I love that sticky because it is a detailed one.

    1. I have thought of it as a chore in the beginning but now I love to write because we can express what we feel while writing.
    2. Writing is way better because of the fun in it.
    3. I am working on slowing the story down and adding millions of details when there is lots of actions.
    4. Cold, slippery, crystalized ice.
    5. I really need help with controlling dialogue

    I am looking forward to the performances and parties in the future.

    1. I'm also looking forward to more performances and parties!

    2. I can't wait for new performances!!!! I should have added that!!! your response was SUPER detailed.

  3. Reading Answers:
    1. In September, I felt that reading was easy for me and it there was no issues. Through out the semester, I noticed that I’m understanding my reading better, now that I’m doing stickies on a daily basis. Now, I feel like I have improved my reading skills ALOT!
    2. For school, I’m reading a book called Code Talker, and for home I’m reading The Son Of Neptune.
    3. For the book Code Talker, love, war, trust, fighting, family
    4. As a reader, I’m really trying to focus on making my stickies stronger and better!
    Writing Answers:
    1. In September, my writing was not the best I thought it could be, but now I think my writing has improved a lot by word choice and how I’m describing things.
    2. Writing is a lot of fun because writing lets your imagination explode!
    3. I’m working on being descriptive in the setting and in the characters.
    4. “I walked across the black and white checkerboard kitchen floor…..”

    1. Your response was very carefully thought out.

  4. Question for Reading.

    1. In Sept I felt confident but not as confident as I feel now. Because now I can read faster and with better understanding.
    2. Unstoppable by Tim Green
    3. Football, cancer, perseverance, optimism and hope
    4. Broadening the books I read, such as reading more non-fiction.
    5. To understand better what I read
    6. My best sticky was in a book called The War of Werelords an 'aha surprise' moment when I found that after a duel the two loosing teams became allies.

    Questions about Writing.

    1. In September I was nervous and my writing was closed. Now I'm more open and more confident.
    2. I enjoy writing more now
    3. Being more descriptive of characters and the setting
    4. In my Chudleigh Manor. As the majestic blue green peacock strutted across the white marble next to the lions.
    5. Punctuation and rereading my work

    In 2015 I'm looking forward to my birthday and summer!


  5. 1. I felt Weird because the way I saw Mr. Frederick read was something I had never saw before
    2. The Hardy boys
    3. Mystery, adventure and other words
    4. I am working on being very fluent
    5. I need help with changing my voice when a new character comes in
    6. My best sticky is in my other comp book that I lost and now I have a new comp book

    1. In September I felt like I didn't know anything about writing but now I feel like I know what i'm doing when i'm writing
    2. My writing is coming along super well
    3. I am working on making my hand writing easy to read
    4.when I was 2 I didn't know how to write and now I do so yea
    5. I don't know

  6. Reading
    1. I think that my outlook on reading hasn't changed much. Reading is amazing and can take you to whole other places!!
    2. In school I just finished The Hunger Games.
    3. Survival, peace, family, trust, and friendship
    4. I'm working on theorizing the story and trying to understand the plot at a deeper level.
    5. Making summaries!! I just can't exclude detail!!!!
    6. I think that the Capitol is sending a deeper message then "The Hunger Games is a tradition that shows us how we all will survive together." The Hunger Games in my opinion was built so people will fear The Capitol. They don't seem open to anyone not following the strict rules. For example, they aren't aloud to go into the forest, even to gain food. The Capitol doesn't seem that caring either. Not only do they put innocent people in a arena expected to kill each other, they cut people's tongue off and make them slaves if they break the law, along with starving districts and taking everything that they produce. They also seem really proud, which is associated with being powerful and creating fear. They are so proud that to keep people out of the forest, they put a "electric fence" that barely works because they don't get any electricity. They are obviously just trying to spread fear.

    I think that this is my best sticky because it shows lots of proof for my reasoning and it really made me think hard.

    1. I have the same opinion on writing: writing is awesome, except for when you are writing about yourself. I enjoyed the personal narrative unit because of the way mr. Frederick taught it to us, but my life isn't very interesting so I prefer making up new characters with more depth to them.
    2. Great!!!!!!!!!!!
    3. Using less detail. My stories tend to be long with lots of jokes. I think that my writing story is more fit for chapter books than short stories.
    4. The last prompt that we did on finishing up our writing will show you, but I will not add it because it took up many responses and replies. (That is how long it is.)
    5. Adding less detail.

    1. I can't wait to do our new social studies unit!!!!!!!

  7. Reading Questions
    1.In September, I felt pretty good for myself but not as much as now
    2.I am reading cricket in times square
    4.trying to stop longer at punctuation marks louder and out loud more
    Writing Questions
    1.In Sept. I felt that my writing was a little off key. But now I feel a little better
    2.My writing is coming pretty well along
    3.I'm working on being more specific about my new characters I introduce in my story
    4. Then I said "Hey Brianna whose big blue and green house is that"
    5.I just think that I need help on my description
    I am looking forwards to having more performances and a lot of happy new year fun!!!!!!!