Thursday, November 20, 2014

Shake it out in this Mad World

Tonight you're asked to really examine a very serious subject matter through the lens of empathy. Children suffering at the hands of unfortunate events. Children in need. I strongly encourage for each student to work with a guardian on this exercise. 

  • Watch both of these complete different yet inspiring YT clips
  • Answer the questions below

  • What does empathy mean?
  • Can you and a guardian think of how children might be suffering globally?
  • Can you and a guardian think of how children on the Peninsula might be suffering?
  • What are some ways to show empathy for children in need?
  • What are some ways children or adults cope with suffering?
  • Can you and a guardian find a children's charity online that interests you?
  • How do you know that charitable organization is respectable and worthy?
  • Is there an organization that the Frederick's Fireballs could support?
  • How can we show our support and empathy during and after the holidays? In other words, how can we take our "thoughts, care, and ideas--put them into action?"


  1. 1. Taking time to feel and understand what others are feeling then putting that into action.
    2. Many children around the world suffer because their parents have died from AIDS.
    3. Children have lost many items to fires or natural causes.
    4. Give money to charities or you can do what my aunt does, she runs a charity in South Africa. You could also donate items that they might have lost.
    5. They push through it and think on the bright side, they might go to a counselor or talk to friends and family.
    6. My aunt Marcia's organization Kerus Global Education which is based in South Africa
    7. My aunt runs it and I have been there and it looked like they all were having so much fun.
    8. Kerus Global Education.
    9. Give away some of our presents or some of our money to charity or you could go to a place where a charity is based and help out.

  2. 1. I think it means to be in someone else's shoes
    2. They might be suffering from starvation
    3. They could be suffering from child abuse or neglect
    4. To go a day without eating
    5. They may cry or become very quiet and withdrawn
    6. Yes, we will. We will start with our Church-Our Lady of Wayside
    7. We give it to our church and they give it to them
    8. We could donate food to the food drive to children with no food
    9. We can donate toys to foster kids that don't have any toys because they don't have money

  3. 1. Empathy means understanding how someone else feels even if it’s not happening to you.
    2.No access to clean water or hospitals. One of their parents died. No home. Can’t get to school. Not enough money for food.
    3. Due to the drought they might not have access to enough clean water. If they are farmers the lack of water could affect their crops and their livelihood.
    Understanding that they may not have as much education as us and might not be able to understand everything. You could understand that maybe if their parents passed away you can show empathy by not talking about it right in front of them.
    4. They think on the bright side of their problem. They talk to one another to get all the bad feelings out. Maybe they try to think about something else.
    5., This organisation gives microloans to women in developing countries so they can become self-sufficient and more able to take care of themselves and their families.
    6. You can ask to look at their accounts to make sure that the money you donate is actually going to the correct cause
    Yes, every year in my old school there would be a new charity for a new grade. In the 4th grade there is a charity called “Bali bridges” it is a charity that helps kids in Bali, Indonesia go to school even though they can’t afford it, We did this by running back sales and other stuff once and a while.
    7. By donating to a worthy cause or by asking that instead of presents we give our time to help out at a soup kitchen or a shelter.

    1. By the way Me and my mum did this together.

  4. 1. Empathy is when you care for someone and step in their shoes.
    2. People in Africa get sick because they don't have enough clean water and food.
    3. Some people have many more things than others. There is too much to do in equality. Like some people are even homeless and they all come here.
    4. People can put themself in someone else's shoes.
    5. Usually we aren't afraid to show our emotion and cry.
    6. My mom donates to St. Jude's hospital for kids.
    7. We've a few people who have gone there and they do the operations for free if people can't afford it.
    8. World Wild Life fund because they help animals survive.
    9. At my moms old school, the highschool donated whole Thanksgiving meals for families that can't afford Thanksgiving meals.

    1. I like that you are using classical roots words, in your post like, equality. Nice job!!!! *.*

    2. WWF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm doing a project right now to help that charity!!!!! Please read my comment!!!!!!!!

  5. 1. Looking in somebody else's eyes.
    2. Diseases or what is going on right now a disease in Africa called Ebola.
    3. Maybe people can get sick and it could get worse if the don't have money to pay for getting better .
    4. Give money to charity so that people can survive serious diseases .
    5. Hugging in my opinion solves anything.
    6. My parents couldn't help me with this blog because my mom was out of the house at the moment, my dad was at work, and my nanny was busy so I couldn't fill number six.
    7. Sorry, couldn't fill this one either.
    8. My dad is from Sri Lanka and my grandma came once from Sri Lanka here and said that kids in Sri Lanka have hard times in the Hospital so maybe we can sent toys for the kids in Sri Lanka. I once gave my Grandma a stuffed fish and she bring it to the hospital in Sri Lanka, she gave it to a boy in the hospital and he wouldn't let go of it after he was given it.
    9. Give away some presents we got from Christmas

    1. I'm really sorry I couldn't do this with a guardian.

  6. 1. It means understanding another person, and how they feel.
    2. Lots of children suffer because they don't have enough to eat, and its hard for them to survive.
    3. Children in the peninsula suffer because of bullying, because bullies tease people, and make them feel very bad.
    4. You can show empathy for children in need by donating food food for the poor, in those big barrels. You could also help people in need by being a friend to them, and listening to what THEY have to say.
    5. Some people steal, because they think its the easiest way to get out of it. Other people work hard, and try to be nice, and work to not suffer anymore.
    6. One charity my dad gives to is "California police Youth Charities", and their 2 goals are to provide Educational and Athletic opportunities for at risk children. Their 2nd goal is to provide spirit lifting opportunities for critically or terminally ill children.
    7. Well, when my dad pays them, he makes sure the government sees to who he's paying to, and makes sure the government says its a good charity.
    8. The fireballs could send letters to kids in hospitals, with gifts we made.
    9. We can go to the children's hospitals, and talk to them, and find out their story.

    1. I like how you took the time to answer these questions! Great job!


  7. 1 I think it means to be in someone else's shoes

    2 because some parents have died from AIDS.
    3 tooth decay, Health, bullying, teased
    4 Give money to charities, toys, and food
    5 They may cry
    6 Kerus Global Education
    7 We give it to our church
    8 K.G.E
    9Thanksgiving meals for families that do not have money

  8. 1. It means understanding how other people are feeling and what they are going through.
    2. Children are dying from the lack of food,water, Hospitals and also there are some children with no education and even no homes.
    3.Not a lot because we are a VERY wealthy part of the state but they could be suffering from not having parents and living in foster homes.
    4.I know that there are places all around were you can help people without houses and food drives.
    5.We cry and some people like to write and sing songs and write there own songs.
    6.Sleep train tow drive and at our school and town library there are bind=s where you can give food to other people.
    7.Usually you would ask someone who has been there and you sometimes you never know.
    8.We could donate to the
    9.While I am in mexico my family and I our going to donate would to the people who lost there homes from the hurricane.(My dad owns a lumber company.)

    1. I did this by myself mom was on a work call and dad was at work.

  9. 1. A person putting themselves in someone's elses shoes.
    2. Education/ food/ shelter/ poverity
    3. Lack of education founds. mid class vs. high class
    4. Food drives, and letting people be aware of the issues
    5. Yes Their is many world wide newborns in need, more then food, big brother and sister of america
    5. Helping others any ways possbile making them feel better.
    6. Seeing a outcome or change in the issues their working for
    7. Have a toy drive and a food drive going out and fiving blankets.
    8. Giving our Christmas presents to them and old cloths away.

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  11. 1. Empathy means to be able to understand someone else's feelings. You can share some of those feelings with the person.
    2. Children are suffering globally because of hunger. Also, many kids in the world can't get vaccines that would keep them from getting diseases.
    3. There are children who are not getting enough to eat because their parents cannot pay their bills and buy enough food for their families.
    4. We could have a food drive to donate food to hungry children. We could also go to places (like churches) where they serve meals to hungry people. Serving them shows we care about them.
    5. They might talk people who have been through similar tragedies. Some people might withdraw, and some people might do something that makes them feel happy.
    6. Abducted & Missing Children's Recovery Project
    7. I know this charity is respectful and worthy because they have a great mission to help find missing children and keep children safe.
    8. Second Harvest Food Bank (Food Drive)
    9. We could do food drives and donate food during all different times of the year, not just Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    1. I agree!! People should help with the food bank!!!!! My mom sang at Alpine to raise money for it!!!!

  12. 1. Empathy is understanding another's feelings, emotions, and motives and putting your thoughts about their feelings into action.
    2. Children are suffering in many ways:
    1. poverty
    2. hunger
    3. ebola
    4. thirst
    5. abuse
    3. There are some people who suffer from the horrible things listed above (minus ebola), but generally, people in Silicon valley are really fortunate and very financially stable.
    4. Some ways to show empathy are:
    1. donating money to people in need
    2. making a fundraiser for a charity that supports them
    3. volunteering at an organization that helps them
    5. They try to survive and work extremely hard. They dream and hope for a better life and they will do anything to survive, like immigrating to a new country in hopes for a better fortune. They also go to church and pray for a better life.
    6. The charity that my dad and I found is called "Save The Children."
    7. It is a good charity because they help children grow up happy and healthy and focus on countries that can't afford any help, such as Nigeria or Ethiopia. They are also helping cure ebola in children.
    8. I think that besides Save The Children, our class should help "The World Wildlife Fund." It is a charity that saves endangered species such as the Giant Panda and the Amur Leopard. They are extremely helpful to our environment and also help protected places. I believe that we should help our environment for many different reasons:
    1. The food chain is our survival. If too many animals go extinct, the food chain will collapse, meaning we will die.
    2. Us as humans single handedly caused global warming. At this point in time, things are supposed to be getting colder, but it is getting warmer because of how much we pollute the Earth. The ice caps are melting, meaning that fresh water is killing the cyan bacteria that uses C4 photosynthesis to create oxygen. That means that there is less oxygen, meaning that CO2 levels are rising even more, causing it to be warmer, which kills us and all of our life on Earth eventually. This will cause the next big extinction on Earth, which will either end in all life ending, all live ending and coming back without humans, or all life ending and coming back, but soon dying out because it is too hot.
    9. We could make fundraisers for charities that help our world, such as putting on plays that give money to the charities.

    1. I did this with my dad.
      Us is actually supposed to be we.

    2. Cyan bacteria should be cyanobacteria. My mom also helped me.

  13. 1. Empathy is:
    a.Being able to understand, and feel someone else's feelings.
    b. Being able to understand and value other people's feelings.

    2. Children might be suffering from:
    Disease, poverty, natural disasters, depression, hunger, thirst, loneliness, drought, homelessness

    3. Children on the peninsula might be suffering:
    Being spoiled, loneliness, earthquakes, divorce, death of a parent, sickness, poverty, fires, animal attacks, hunger, homelessness

    4. We can show empathy to suffering kids by:
    Reach out to people who might be suffering, asking what they might need, go to a giving tree, and donate new and old supplies/ resources to help them. [clothes, food, money...]

    5. Ask for help, don't give up, pray, give it their all

    6. My mom and I liked:
    Yes! My Stuff Bags Foundation.

    7. We know this organization is worthy because:
    The organization, goes out there and gives foster kids that basically have nothing, a bag of " stuff " that is just theirs to love and keep.

    8. Fredericks follies should support:
    Children who are read to during the first years of life are more likely to learn to read on schedule, priming them for success in school and throughout life. Through Reach Out and Read (ROR), pediatricians, family physicians, and nurses make reading a part of pediatric primary care. At well-child check-ups, they encourage parents to read aloud to their children and give each child between the ages of six months and five years a new children’s book to keep. They also provide waiting rooms with many reading choices and sometimes even volunteer readers.

    More than 14,000 pediatricians participate in ROR throughout all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Guam. In 2007, they distributed 4.6 million books to 2.8 million U.S. infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

    Also, we are a language arts class, school is all about learning, so I think that other more unlucky kids should be able to learn to read to.
    For more information, visit

    9. Over the holidays we can:
    Pray for people, and donate leftovers to poorer family's. Also, before holidays we can clear out our toys and donate them to people that might not have as many toys as we do.

    1. In the first one Ilaria is A and my mom is B.