Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Publishing Day Reflection

Tonight you'll get the opportunity to reflect on PD. I can't wait to read your thoughts.

Please answer these questions.

a. What was the real point of having PD?

b. What did you appreciate about PD?

c. If we were to have another PD, what would it look like in terms of scheduling, planning, and presenting?

d. What would you have done differently to prepare for PD?

e. Any other comments you'd like to share?


  1. 1. The real point was to show our hard work to the parents, and hear their comments.
    2. I appreciated that it was quiet, and easy for the parents to focus on reading our stories. Also, that we got lots of time to work on our stories, so everything was ready to print on PD.
    3. It would look like the parents, and the children would have conversations, not writing on papers. Also, PD would be on a friday, because it's the end of the school week, and it feels like the right day.
    4. I would have got more images, because I didn't have all the images in the story. Next time I should be a little more prepared.
    5. I would like to complement the fireballs for being quiet while the parents were reading, and not being to chaotic.

  2. A. The point of publishing day is to hear what people think of the writing like what some famous authors do, they have it read before they publish it to the world.
    B. I appreciate the positive comments from parents because it makes us stronger and more confident as a writer to write more instead of just getting sad from destructive comments and not wanting to write at all.
    C. I would say we should have decorations and things for the kids to do meanwhile they wait for the parent to read the story because people were so bored they did the chicken dance to entertain themselves.
    D. I think we definitely should have more activities and time to plan something the parents will enjoy even more besides walking around, reading different stories. Plus we should make a chapter book that the parents can read.
    E. I thought the class did a good job of staying quiet at the beginning and kids were happy on the positive comments the adults gave.

    1. I liked your idea for having more activities!!!!!

    2. You mean like a chapter book of all the stories combined?!

  3. a. The point is to receive feedback to make your writing stronger.
    b. I appreciated that parents took time out of the day to read our writing.
    c. The next time we have a publishing day, I think that we should gather into small groups of students and parents and share our writing out loud, but I do like the way we did it today as well.
    d. I think that we were well prepared and I thought that the way we planned was fine.
    e. No, not much.

    1. I think that we should share as well

  4. 1. For everyone to have a chance to be an Author
    2. The level of Patience
    3. The food could be set out on a table
    4. Maybe people could bring object's that go with their story

    1. I love the Idea of brining in object that relate to the story.

  5. 1. The real point of publishing day was 1. to have parents come and look at our stories and tell us things they liked and things maybe we could improve on next time and 2. to "show off" our hard work.

    2. I appreciate all the parent support during the publishing day.

    3.If I could plan publishing day I would maybe let the kids outside and talk because it might be hard for us to just stand there for 45 mins.

    4. I would have tried to be more prepared on trying to answer questions a little better.

    5. I think at the end all the Fireballs started losing focus (including me) because we all started laughing and giggling which might have distracted the parents who were reading.

  6. 1. To get constructive and positive feedback so that you can improve and grow as an author
    2. Getting all of the constructive feedback so that I can grow
    3. There should be a longer time to go around but maybe there could be 2 seats so that both people can sit down at the same time
    4. Print stuff earlier because I ran back and forth to the library 10 times in 30 minutes
    5. I wouldn't add much

  7. 1. I think the real point is to grow as a writer and see non positive comments and learn from them
    2. I appreciated how everyone got at least 3 people to read their comments
    3. I would say we could have adults bring in one draft and we will read it when we read theirs.
    4. I think that we should get more time like we only had the weekend to fix up things in our story.
    5. I enjoyed how everyone was reading someones else's story.

  8. 1. I think the point was to share your hard work and to be brave about sharing with other people.
    2. I appreciate that parents came and everyone was quiet and peaceful.
    3. More time for more comments.
    4. I think I could have added detail about my family.

  9. 1. The point of P.D. was for the parents to look and make commenst on our stories.
    2. I appreciated when the parents took the time to read my sotry.
    3. If we were to have another P.D. It would start at 10:00 am and finish at 11:50 just in time for lunch. There would be food and drinks for the people who wish to stay and have a treat after presenting. One student at a time would present their story.
    4. In order to prepare for P.D. I would have written more about my personal narative in more detail.
    5. I appreciated the class being quiet during the readings and being polite to one another.

  10. A. To have a chance as a writer and be able to feel like you have accomplished something beautiful.

    B.I like how we are able to have other people experience what we did at that tim.

    C. Everyone including the kids and parents would walk around and read each others stories for about 35-50 minutes there would be two comment sheets one for star comments and the other for constructive feedback.THen everyone would have the chance of reading there paragraph aloud. Then 15 minutes before lunch or the end of school we would have some time to eat and talk to people about our writing.

    D.Read over my story more often and edit over and over until it is the best it can be.

    E. I think that we could have a long writing unit and add chapters and the average amount of pages would be about 35.

  11. a. I think the real reason why we have Publishing Day because we get to share our stories with the parents which the parents can tell us what we can do better next time.
    b. I appreciated that the parents came to support us and my other classmates.
    c. I agree with Catherine, I think we should have more activities that the parents can do.
    d. I would have made my cover more neat because to me, it looked like I rushed through the whole thing. (Hey, I'm just being honest!)
    e. I think we should be able to do a unit of creative writing where we could let our imagination expand!

  12. 1. to show our hard work over the past few moths
    2. that the parents can say comments and say constructive feed back
    3. work harder with oraznizing all my thing not at the last minute

  13. to show are work frome the past mots
    i like how perents gave us commits
    work harder than befor

  14. 1 to share your personal life and to share all of your work that you have done
    2 all of the parents comments and the quietness
    3 not to do it at the last minute and be preparde
    4 do it at my house more
    5 I like how everybody was very quiet

  15. Our hard work
    all the nice comments
    to have more time to organize all our work
    print all of my papers at home

  16. 1. We got to show the world our stories.
    2. We got to read the comments from the parents and know what we need to work on next story
    3. We could do it in march and do the same thing but students also read stories and 1 hour in stead of 45 minutes.
    4. Print everything earlier.

  17. a.we got to show them are story we have been doing
    b.saw the comments they gave us
    c.we could on any month and more differnt it early

  18. A. We got to show off, without having to worry about being mean.
    B. I appreciate how quite it was.
    C. I think that the students could read the actual story, then the comment sheets and drafts go on the desk. after the stories are finished being read, we get food and the parents and kids mingle.
    D. That morning have kids miss first class and finish printing.