Sunday, November 30, 2014


Happy Holidays!

Wow, I certainly enjoyed the time off. My family and I spent the days catching up on quality time. Glad to see the rain is upon us. 

The final 3 weeks will be fast-paced, challenging, and very collaborative. December is my favorite time of the year! You'll see why. On Monday and Tuesday, you'll have plenty of opportunity to work on the Explorer's report(see Public Speaking), Memoir Writing, and Reading. The Secret Fireball gift exchange begins now. Each student is to create something from scratch and wrap it up as a gift for one of their classmates. The idea should be original. The cost of materials to make the gift shouldn't exceed $10. All gifts should be brought into the classroom by December 19th. Camp W lowered its fee price to $650. The camp is adrenalized to begin the Frederick's Follies journey in January. 

Get ready for an exciting, wet, and wonderful December!

  • to the Fireballs for handling the conferences quite well. Thank you parents for attending. 
  • to the Fireballs for doing a better job with their post-its especially in class.

Curriculum menu for week 14 and 15

Students will work on stirring their empathy through personal response
  • Students will work on letting the text revise their image of the character

  • Students will continue to work on Memoir writing.
  • Students write a reflective piece on a life's experience.
  • Students will use a graphic organizer
  • Students will generate several drafts
  • Students will work on grammar, punctuation, and spelling

  • Students will explore Unit 2's big essential question: HOW DID THE AGE OF EXPLORATION AFFECT THE NEW WORLD?
  • Students will answer these guiding questions: why did explorers come to the new world? who were the explorers and what did they find? what explorations were made by land? where in the Americas did Europeans claim land?
  • The unit test will be on December 12th. 

  • Students will work on Explorer report with their partner

Read Aloud - Blood on the River By Elisa Carbone

  • Lesson 8: Review of Lesson 5, 6, and 7

Boys vs. Girls Contest: 
Girls practice "their" song.
Boys practice "their" song.

  • Camera Obscura "The Blizzard"
  • The Pretenders "2,000 Miles"
  • Coldplay "Christmas Lights"
  • Ben Kweller "Rock of Ages"
  • Pink Martini "Ocho Kandelikas"
  • Auld Lang Syne "Pink Martini"

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