Thursday, November 13, 2014

Family Blogger Night - Get to know you, get to know Mr. Frederick

Tonight, you'll get the opportunity to share a little about you and your guardian. In addition, you'll get a chance to ask Mr. Frederick a question or two. You may not write a question that someone else has written. Please make sure your question is appropriate.


1. Creatively describe 2 activities you and a guardian like to do together.

2. Identify 1 spot in your home where they could be a beautiful mess. Don't give us the answer. Give us creative clues in 5 words or less. We'll have to guess.

3. One thing my guardian and I will be excited to do over the Thanksgiving holiday. Don't give us the answer. Give us the clues in 15 words or less.

4.  Write down 1 goal you and your guardian would like to work on together.
Name the SPECIFIC goal:
How will you measure the goal?
When would you like to accomplish the goal by?
How realistic is your goal?
How will you know when you've achieved this goal?

5. Ask Mr. Frederick 2

appropriate and thoughtful questions.


  1. 1. We like to go to trips and go to dinner
    2. It has a bed and a table with a closet lots of things on display and it also has books
    3. We will be happy to do something that has to do with mashed potatoes, meat, gravy, stuffing, and turkey
    4. I didn't do this with my guardian because my mom is in Spain, my dad was at work, and my nanny was busy
    5. Why do you like music so much? & Is being a teacher your favorite job?

    1. Music elevates me to a level of indescribable feelings. Being a father brings me to my knees with tears of joy and heartache. My children live and breathe inside of fiber of my being.

  2. 1.
    a. Watch movies
    b. Play board games
    Brown, wood, large, flat, smooth
    Celebration, cousin, popular, fun, pink, large, expensive, private room
    1. I want to work on managing to plan a family vacation with my cousin to Florida
    2. I will work on planning with my mom on going for maybe next Christmas
    3. By when we would leave for Florida maybe next Christmas
    4. Mostly realistic
    5. When we have had a succesful vacation
    a. What are you doing for Christmas
    b. Are we going perform for Ormondale students?

    1. Very descriptive. is the place that there can be a mess your kitchen table or the floor?

    2. The holidays will be spent at the Nutcracker, Lake Tahoe, movie theatre, family and friends. I can't wait because it allows my mind to rest.

  3. 1.
    a. We like go to Paris and look at the AMAZING views
    b. We like to cook desserts in the kitchen at home

    a. computers, stationery, printer, photos

    a. party, neighbours, fun, people, thankfulness, dinner, drinks, socializing

    a. Learn the US ways (because we just moved here from a Asian place)
    b. Around Christmas
    c. Maybe between December and January
    d. Very realistic
    e. We will understand when people ask us stuff because we will know the right answer

    a. Why do you like to teach differently from the other teachers?
    b. Why goals do you want the Fireballs to "take on"?

    1. I enjoy walking the plank of risk-taking; it's where I feel safest and unsure. The uncertainty fuels my fire. Plus, I don't have the time to be boring. I'll save that for retirement :)

    2. I have always wanted to go to Paris that sounds like fun.

    3. By the way I did this with my mum.

    4. Paris sounds so much fun! My mom and I want to go there so badly!

  4. 1.
    a. We like to hike up the vast meadows of Windy Hill.
    b. We like to listen to music and sing extremely loud until we can't sing anymore.
    a. pillows, animals, children, rug, books
    a. eating carrots, sitting around the house
    a. We both want to go hiking up Windy Hill at least 2 times a month.
    b. We will track how many times we hike in a month.
    c. We want to accomplish this goal by the end of the month.
    d. I think that it is realistic.
    e. I will know when it is the end of the month.
    a. How many times have you been to London?
    b. Were you ever at an orphanage that you can remember?

    1. For number 2 is it a playroom,living room or kids room?

    2. London is the primary reason why I'm a teacher and fully "alive." I've been there three times. I have zero memories of my adoption agency. One day I'd like to visit Bogota, Colombia to search for my biological parents.

  5. 1.
    a. Cooking
    b. Watching movies

    2. Soft, comfy, pillows,arms, feet

    3. Eat a specific yummy traditional holiday food

    a. teach Cody to stay
    b. practice with Cody each day
    c. by the end of Winter Break
    d. very realistic, he is a smart dog
    e. give Cody the stay command and walk across the room and have him stay in place

    a. Were you born in a different country?
    b. How long have you been teaching?

    1. 1. Yes, see above comment.
      2. Not long enough...I have so much more to learn :)

  6. 1. Play baseball
    2. Go to Warriors games

    1. A spot where I play

    1. Looking forward to go up in the mountains where it snows

    1. Getting tickets to the 1st Giants game
    2. Buy them a week before the 1st game
    3. By the first regular season game
    4. Pretty realistic
    5. when we have the tickets.

    1. Are you going anywhere for Christmas
    2. What are you doing for Thanksgiving

    1. 1. See above
      2. Family will be heading over to Half Moon Bay for a special evening. Food, good conversation, and a dance party will be a part of the celebration.

  7. 1a. My mom and I like to swim underwater together in pools, lakes or seas.
    2b. We like to draw, paint and do other creative art at our breakfast nook table, especially on rainy days while my dad plays guitar.

    2a. upstairs
    2b. kid
    2c. loft
    2d. pink
    2e. Rose

    3. The beach down south hard winds hit here palm trees aquamarine water family
    personal narrative.

    4. We would like to hike down below Schilling Lake to Old La Honda Road and back at least once every weekend before we leave for Baja. We will measure this goal by marking on the calendar when we've done it and we can tell it we've met this goal by looking at the calendar.

    5.a If you could do one thing over in your life what would it be?
    5. b What's you favorite color, animal, song and thing to do with your kids? Okay, that's 5 questions, but all in one sentence so it counts, right?

    1. 1. Bullying "Jane X" in 6th grade brings back haunting memories for me, which was the inspiration for last year's Frederick's Follies show. I deeply regret my egregious behavior.
      2. Royal blue. Orangutan. One of my favorite songs is 9 minute epic, "Take Me" by The Wedding Present.

  8. 1. My Mom and I like to play soccer together
    My Dad and I like to play baseball together.

    2. leaves of green, red roses
    3. Visit with my Grandma that I have not seen for a while, and my Great Grandma.
    4. We will practice the ukulele together.
    We will learn to play 2 songs.
    We will complete this by the end of Christmas break.
    I think our goal is very realistic. We can do it!
    We will achieve the goal when we master 2 songs.

    5. If you won a million dollars what would you do with it?
    If you could be any kind of fish what fish would you be?

    1. 1. Take my family to Australia and New Zealand, tuck a portion away in college funds, take my beautiful wife out to the best restaurant in the bay area, pay for everyone to be a part of FF :)
      2. Clown fish - suits my behavior.

  9. 1. like to travel with my mom and dad
    2. it has christmas lights and it is worm but dark and it has a closet
    3. bake,kitchen,food,yummy,dessert
    4. my goal is to be better organized
    a. be organized more with my room and work stuff
    b. make a checklist
    c. every week
    d. 8 out of 10
    e. my check list will be full and i will feel organized

    1. I have to be more organized as well :):):):):)

  10. 1a. Walk fast
    1b. Play tennis
    2. big, cement floors, door to outside
    3. Celebrate, cook, bake, sleep in, play games, eat, party, spend time with family, watch movies
    4. Flossing
    4a. We will floss every night.
    4b. We would like to try to accomplish the goal by the end of the month.
    4c. Very realistic
    4d. When we start flossing on a daily basis
    5a. What is your favorite music genre?
    5b. Why is FF so passionate to you?

  11. 1.
    a: Play boardgames at the house.
    b: Go boogie boarding at the beach.
    2: Carpets, tennis balls, toys, bones.
    3: Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, sparkling cider.
    a: My goal is to go to the field more, so I get more exercise.
    b: Make a chart on times I went to the field.
    c: I want to go to the field more times every week by the end of the month.
    d: My goal is pretty realistic because its not like going to the field 5 times every day.
    e: I will know I have achieved this goal when I can look at my chart, and see that I went to the field many more times.
    a: Who is your favorite explorer?
    b: What do you want to have for Thanksgiving dinner?

  12. 1
    a Family time
    b going to the park at belhaven going to the park at belhaven
    A Where I sleep
    3 go to mexico visit uncle
    a getting ready for events
    Bmaking sure that we have everything planned ahead
    C thanks giving
    d I think our goal is very realistic I can acomplish it
    e When we are already ready for the trip

    Why did you become a teacher?& why did you start Camp W and Frederick follies

  13. 1. a. Friday family time
    b. Cooking

    2. The place to make bread...

    3. Visit family, in the home of the fighting illimi

    4. They are not available right now, and won't be for a while.

    5. a. How do you feel a connection to people with disabilities?
    b. I you could ask one question, any question, but only one, what would it be?

  14. 1.
    a) We enjoy working together to fill our house with the smell of yummy food
    b) We enjoy the sights and scenes of new places together
    2. Music, Island, Flowers, Sink, Boards
    3. FEAST
    4. Help my mom rehab her foot by walking 5k
    a) We can go on walks together
    b) When we can walk 5k
    c) goal date end of February
    d) realistic

    Where is the most exotic place you have travelled?- Mom
    Have you ever had a serious injury, if so what?-Conradical