Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Blood on the River + Winter Holiday Party

Tonight you'll get the opportunity to work on Blood on the River questions.

Chapter Two

1. Each chapter opens with a quotation from a primary source.
a. What is the value of primary sources in learning about history? 
b. Do you think journals and diaries are important for people to keep today?

2.  In this chapter Reverend Hunt speaks about making decisions based on love, not on anger. Anger is a problem for Samuel. He is angry “with the world.”

a. What do you know about him so far that would explain why he is so angry? 
b. Can someone so angry follow Reverend Hunt’s message to “make decisions based on love when there is no one left to love?” 

3.  Who paid for the building of Jamestown?
4.  What was Jamestown?
5.  Where did they build the settlement? 
6.  When?
7.  Why?

Holiday Party Event
1. How did planning go with your group today?
2. What did you accomplish today?
3. What's your next big task to accomplish?


  1. BOTR
    a. They can help you learn facts about the topic you are learning about that actually existed, such as a letter or a quote they wrote.
    b. Not really. I think that instead people should share the ideas that they are passionate about instead of hiding it in a book.
    a. I think that the fact that his mom died and his dad wasn't very nice to him really rubbed off on him hard. While living on the streets, he probably became really depressed.
    b. I think that there is always room for people to change, so yes. Plus, anger and love are very similar emotions. They are composed of something strong driving them to change their ways.
    3. I forget what his name was. I think that his name is Captain Newport, but I'm not sure.
    4. Jamestown was an early settlement in Virginia. It was the first permanent settlement.
    5. Virginia
    6. 1607
    7. So the Virginia Company could gain riches and so people could travel to the new world.
    1. Great!!!!!!!!
    2. We all decided what station we would be doing.
    3. We need to see how the prize system that we were thinking about could work.

  2. B.O.T.R
    a. It can help us by learning things about things in the past and details about Captain John Smith's journey.
    b. Very. I think it is important to keep one because you might be someone big in this world and you only become famous when you die nobody will know about your childhood unless you have a journal.
    a.Both his mom and dad died, he almost got hung and he went to jail for two days that's pretty horrible and I understand why he is so angry at the world.
    b.Yes but only if you decide that, some want to stay mad at the world for ever. I think the best way to change is if you do something new and big.
    3.I'm pretty sure it was captain newport or maybe Captain Rat Cliff.
    4. Jamestown was in the colony of Virginia and like Gigi said it was the first permanent settlement in the americas
    5.Somewhere in Virginia
    7. They wanted gold and silver and also to spread religion.

    2. We found out what theme we are doing for the slideshow
    3.We need to start sorting the pictures and set up the slideshow.

  3. Insightful work, Double G. 2b is filled with deep thinking. I wonder in what ways do people change because of these two powerful emotions.

    1. Well, I guess he is an example of how closely these emotions are related. His love for his mother turned to anger when she died.

  4. BOTR
    a) they help you learn true facts from real people and they are easily recorded in a bibliography
    b) Not really because what it someone got a hold of it and you didn't want them to
    have it in their possession
    a)I think that he is angry at his mom and dad for dying and curses their old homeowner and the head man at the nail shop for working her to hard
    b) What Samuel has to do is to find someone to love then he can make decisions based on loved
    3.Captain New something
    4. It was an old settlement in now day virginia
    7. So that they could gain riches like gold and so that people could arrive in the new world easier
    HOLDAY PARTY !!!!!!!!! : )
    1.Really well
    2.We added more songs to the christmas theme
    3. To categorize the songs to the different times like dinner walking in and dancing

    1. I like all the details you put in to the work, and thought. Nice work!!!!!!!!!

  5. BOTR
    a. Primary sources can help you learn about people in the old days, and more than just reading facts in a book.
    b. No because I think people should keep thoughts up in their head, because then they are safe, and the mind is the best place to have all your thoughts.
    a. Well, his parents died, and know he is on his own with no friends, so he has no one to love, and he said it himself. Also, he is a peasant, and people basically control peasants.
    3. I'm not exactly sure.
    4. Jamestown was a town that was built in Virginia, and it was established by the Virginia company of London. It was also called "James fort".
    5. Virginia
    6. 1607
    7. So that the people of London could find riches, and have land.
    Holiday Party:
    1. It went really well because we got to bring in some decorations, so that we could just look at some things we have at home that aren't super fancy.
    2. We accomplished writing some things down, than talking, which is a good planning part of the process.
    3. We have to go down to the annex, so that we can take pictures, and measure everything.

    1. Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved how your response was SUPER detailed!!!!!! ^.^

  6. 1.
    a. Primary sources are important because everyone could say that the author made it all up.
    b. I think diaries aren't important because anyone can read your personal personal stuff that you don't want to share if they find it.

    a. We know that Samuel's parents died and he lost what belonged to his mom.
    b. I don't think people can follow the advice because they wouldn't control themselves for long.

    3. King James paid a group of people to make a settlement named after him.

    4. Jamestown was a small settlement that people could stay at in the new world.

    a. Virginia

    6. 1606

    7. King James wanted to get all the wood in the new world and make new homes in England.

    Holiday Party
    1. We thought of adding different dates for photos.

    2. Sarah and I started looking at images of the class.

    3. To add all the pictures onto the slideshow.

    1. Of course!! King James!! I was thinking about the owner of the ships!!!

  7. 1.
    a. It can help you learn about that was once very important to the people like Abraham Lincoln
    b. No because if someone took your private information they could use it against you.
    a. I think he is mad because the shop owner said that the locket doesn't belong to him anymore and he really loved his mom so he wants the locket back.
    b. I'm not sure
    3. I forget it's like captain something.
    4. A town that was built in Virginia
    5. Virginia
    6. 1607
    7. They wanted to find gold and silver to make profits

    a. It went good
    b. We made a new doc. and figured out our jobs
    c. Getting the materials that we need.

  8. BOTR
    a. Because it can help you learn about the olden days
    b. Yes, they are good to keep because if people or kids what to write their feeling down, and they only what their eyes to see it than a diary is a very good resource.

    a. Because he's just a little boy who has lost BOTH of his parents and almost got thrown into Jail
    b. I't kind of 50- 50

    3. A king (forgot the name )of paid a bunch of people to make a town named after him.
    4. Jamestown was an early settlement in Virginia
    5. Virginia
    6. 1607
    7. I forgot the answer

    1. To be honest not really that good, because one person was talking and the other was talking about something TOTALLY different.
    2. Making our final decision on what desserts to make.
    3. What does everything cost.

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  10. BOTR
    a. They can help you learn facts about the topic
    b. No, because it can get stolen and your private info can be read
    a.I think that it is because his mom died and his dad wasn't very nice to him
    b. Yes, because anger and love are very similar feelings
    3.I think that his name is Captain John Smith
    4..Jamestown was an early settlement in Virginia.
    5. Virginia
    6. 1607
    7. So the Virginia Company could gain riches and so people could travel to the new world.
    1.Really well
    2.We added more songs to the Christmas theme
    3. To categorize the songs to the different times like dinner, walking, in and dancing

  11. Chapter Two

    They help you know facts about what happened in the past.
    Yes, because it helps them keep memories and they can realize things while writing, it’s learning!

    I think he’s angry because his mom died, people are making fun of him, and he’s teased at a lot.
    Yes, because everyone has a chance to feel love at least one time.

    3. Captain Rat Cliff, I think.
    4. It was a settlement located in the “new world”.
    5. It was built in Virginia.
    6. In the year of 1607.
    7. So that they could have riches like gold and silver.

    Holiday Party Event
    1. Great!
    2. We searched Christmas related songs.
    3. Puting the songs in order.

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  12. 1.a If you don't have a primary source you can't tell if it is true.
    1.b No because people have cameras.
    2.a He is mad because his mom died and dad died and he almost got thrown into jail.
    2.b yes
    3. The colonists
    4. A small town build in 1607.
    5. Near the James river
    6. 1607

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  14. Holiday Party
    1. It went well
    2. We came up with station ideas and put each other in groups.
    3. Making the stations happen.

  15. 1. They can tell you how people talked in the old days. Journals can help you remember things you have done or places you have traveled.
    2. He had many bad experiences. He can make decisions based on love if he starts to love someone.
    3. Jamestown was built in Virginia in 1607.

    The dessert committee is doing well. We decided on desserts. Now we have to get the ingredients and cook.

  16. 1. The value of the primary resource teaches you and let's you learn from it. I do think journals are important because it helps you keep organized and remember the past.
    2. I think Samuel is angy because his mom died. I don't think he can follow the message.
    3. The king and queen.
    4. A town in Virginia.
    5. Near water.
    6. 1600's
    7. For thevirginia companies

    1. My planning with my groom went very well today.
    2. We decided what we are going to make for dessert.
    3. Our next big task is to make the dessert.

  17. 1.the value of primary
    2. she in a anger
    3.A town are there area
    4.for the companies for them
    5. they are near the water so they could drik the water
    7. 1607

  18. 1. It can help you people learn about what life was like before technology
    2. Yes because they help you think about your feelings
    3. Because the world is unfair and he wants his parents back
    4. yes 50-50 chance
    5. i don't no
    6. it was town in VIrginia
    7. 1607