Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Titles! Get your Titles Here!

Tonight you'll get the opportunity to create a title for your story.


  • Jot down 5 possible titles for story
  • Choose your favorite title
  • Tell the Blogger community why you selected that specific title
How to select a good title?
  • Ask yourself, "what is my story really about?"
  • Look at mood of the story
  • Think about the small or large journey you experienced in the story
  • Think of a visual description of setting or character
  • Use dialogue from an important part of the story
Off you write!


  1. The Woodlands adventure
    Adventure with friends
    Adventure force temple
    Have a good time I choose the woodlands adventure

    1. Sorry I meant to say I chose the woodlands adventure because that fit the best to my story and work the best as possible

  2. 1.The Turtles
    2.Help Animals
    3.Help Turtles
    4.Myrtle Beach
    5.The Turtles On Myrtle Beach

    Real one The Turtles
    Because it is simple but it still gets the message of the story across

    1. I like the title, but based on your creativity I'm excited to see it change one more time.

  3. 1 the boy who rode up the hill
    2 the boy who mastered the hill
    3 the nanny and boy bike ride
    4 fun ride
    5 bike ride
    the boy who rode up the hill
    One day, this past summer, I got home from summer school. My nanny Ruby and I went on a bike ride. It would be my first attempt at riding up a small hill. At first when I pedaled up the hill I went slowly. “Come on you can do it!” I coached myself as I pedaled up the hill. I wanted to go faster and prove that I can do it. Then I pedaled medium speed up the hill. I had to take a break before i reached the top. After that I pedaled up the hill with power! The sounds of the pedals, chain, wheels and wind were speeding through my ears. This helped me get to the top of the hill at last! I was proud of myself! My heart was beating fast and I was out of breath. I was also sweating. My nanny was super happy and had a smile on her face. When I got home, I shared the news and told my dad. He was impressed! Finally, I got a drink of nice cold water and took a relaxing hot shower. I was really tired but happy with my accomplishment! Next time the hill will be easier to ride up. I picture myself going up the hill at a fast speed and being able to pedal to the top faster!

    A really sunny day. Also I mastered the hill I would be super happy!

  4. The adventure in Oregon
    Meeting new cousin
    The boy who went to Oregon
    Cousins in Oregon
    I chose "Meeting new cousins" because it matches well when the meaning of my story.

  5. 1. The Big Drop
    2. The weird Japan experience
    3. The trip that bonded my family
    4. The mysterious ski down the hill
    5. The sad and fun ski down the weird hill

    I want my title for my story to be number 4: The Mysterious Ski Down The Hill because it explains everything that happens in my story.

  6. Titles:
    1. Cousinhood
    2. Best Day Ever
    3. Cousins Forever
    4. A Visit From Alina
    5. California Girls
    Originally I made my title Cousinhood so I might just keep it. A Visit From Alina sounds like a mystery and cousins forever sounds a bit sappy. California Girls sounds like we are friends and not related. Best Day Ever is like the song Best Day Of My Life.

  7. Titles:
    1. Friendship
    2. Best Friends Forever
    3. Creating Friendship
    4. Becoming Best Friends
    5. Creating friendship

    I picked Best Friends Forever because it doesn't give the story away to much, but it still stays on topic. It's also not too long, and not too boring.

  8. 1. The Drought
    2. The Life Threatening-Scorching-Hot Drought
    3. The California Nightmare
    4. Rain!!! Rain!!!!
    5. The Dry Creek
    I decided to pick The Life Threatening-Scorching-Hot Drought because it is a quote in my story and it adds humor and sarcasm so my readers won't be bored.

    1. I love all the powerful words you used in your title!

  9. Come down
    It's here
    Drought end
    Find a way
    The burning California
    I chose the burning California because I feel like it adds it all up into one

  10. 1. Football
    2. My passion for football
    3. Football is my passion
    4. Why I love football
    5. how I come to like football
    Football is my passion. I chose this one because It describes my story the best

  11. The Costume Contest
    The Surprise
    The Boy Who Won The Costume Contest
    I think I'll choose The Costume Contest because it was my old title and it grabs the readers attention and it lets them know that the story is about a contest.