Thursday, October 30, 2014

Personal Narratives - Family Blogger Night

Tonight you and your guardian will get a chance to look at your personal narrative more closely. After you read it together please answer the questions below. 

1. Why do we write personal narratives?
2. Why does reading aloud our stories help during the editing process?
3. How did you grow as a writer throughout this unit? Be specific. 
4. What's the theme of your story?
5. What are some strong words you used in your story?
6. What part of your story aren't you satisfied with?
7. How much did your personal narrative change since the first draft?7.  What are you looking forward to about Publishing Day?


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  2. 1. We write personal narratives so that we can write about events in our life. But, people also enjoy it because, they can do what should be impossible. Change history, and fate.
    2. You can read your story aloud, so you can get a taste of what the audience will hear.
    3. I learned to correct my punctuation as a habit, I learned how not to over-do my story, and most importantly I learn how to find out what my story is really about.
    4. How I had learned a very important lesson from The Harry Potter book, let me give you a hint. It involves love and friendship. Read my story for more information.
    5. True, love, friendship, honesty, loyalty
    6. The end
    7. It is longer, has more dialogue, and is better balanced. I am looking forward to seeing everybody else's stories, and seeing how Mr. Frederick's Publishing Day is different from other teachers Publishing day.

    True, Honest, Real, Loyal, Friendship
    As I reached into my backpack my whole life flashed before my eyes. Starting the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Harry Potter book, finishing the 5th and 6th, quoting out sad, suspenseful, and funny passages to my dad. I opened the book, and instead of the past my mind focused on the future. Everything in black and white, not one happy moment, it was as if a dementor was standing behind me. Sucking out the happiness, surfacing the worst, of the worst.I shook my head, focus on reality Ilaria come on, wake up. I couldn’t do it.
    I lifted up my book, and started to read about magic, love, power, evil, and good.
    But most importantly, I was exploring this magical world for what felt like the last time, alongside my most loyal friends. Bushy, ultra smart Hermione, fire headed Ron and Ginny, dreamy but wise Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom the bravest of them all, and of course, Harry Potter the boy who lived.
    Suddenly, I was on the last true page of the Harry Potter series. I eyes welled up my fists clenched. No this wasn’t happening. I was not finishing the Harry Potter series. I DID NOT want to read the epilogue.
    “Stop, focus, get yourself together Ilaria! You will finish this book.” I threw back my shoulders and sat up tall. I have to finish this, and I did.Not only for me but for all the other people out there who had become one with the books. But most importantly because the last page yelled out a small bit of information that was in every book., except that I hadn’t realized this until now. I’m not even sure J.K. Rowling realized this. The only people in the whole wide world who had proof of these people were; Snape who died for lost love, and Harry Potter who died for friendship. But, of course you can’t forget Lord Voldemort, the one who died because of power.
    Later, as I walked down the street to my best friends house, I thought about the book.. what does that mean? I rang the doorbell. The first thing I saw was my friend crying. She looked at me and smiled. I understand now. And I hope I can experience that happy, bubbly feeling again. I pictured walking into rooms full of sad friends, and cheering them up like that. Well, maybe that is an over exaduration, but the important part is that I realized, No magic is stronger than love, in fact nothing is. Except for true, honest, real, loyal, friendship.

  3. 1. We write personal narratives to tell the readers about our lives.
    2. It is scientifically proven that our brains replace some errors with what makes sense, so if we read aloud it is easier to catch those mistakes.
    3. I think that I learned how to be extremely expressive and descriptive about my feelings without just stating them.
    4. My theme is there are some things that are out of your control. The story is about how the drought affected my creek.
    5. Depends on your opinion, but I think that serene was very descriptive.
    6. I'm not really satisfied with the ending.
    7. Now it is more descriptive and more he artful. I think it has improved a lot. I can't wait to see what it will be like, because it seems like it will be more exciting.

  4. 1. To tell an Adventures or your feelings that you want to share
    2. Because It's like someone else is reading and you can fix mistakes easier because you are going to be the reader
    3. If I hadn't had have that trip to the Maldives I wouldn't be as great as a Writer
    4. Spending time with your family but in I different place to be with
    5. I used a lot of words for said not coating said (exclaimed, yelled)
    6. Maybe I could work on my first Paragraph
    7. I'm looking forward for parents and Fireballs to read my story

  5. 1. We write personal narratives to share our feelings or our passion
    2. Because we can go back and edit mistakes or things we want to change
    3. I would say the posters help a lot because they show exactly what you need in your writing,
    4. My theme is family, friendship, having fun times while nervousited (nervous+excited)
    5. I used many words like: awesome, annoying, nervous
    6. I think I need to work on the ending especially because I haven't finished yet.
    7. I think my narrative changed a LOT because my story could have been like one or two pages with just speed.

    1. I am looking foreward to making a better story because I did one very similar to this one last year so I get a better chance

  6. 1. To tell stories about ourselves.
    2. When your story aloud, you can hear your mistakes and spelling errors.
    3. I have grown as a writer, by my word choice improvements.
    4. The theme of my story is about creativity, originality and expression.
    5. I used a lot of words that describe how somebody said it instead of said.
    6. I'm not that satisfied with my flashback.
    7. I think my word choice changed a lot between every draft!

    1. That happen's to me a lot, when I read my story and I catch some spelling errors

  7. To help us express our feelings
    Reading aloud helps me edit because I get to hear what my story really is about
    I learned hat add in more expression

    1. Some strong words I used were chasing and catching
      I am not happy with my expressions.
      My story changed a lot.
      I am looking forward to finishing the project.

  8. 1. So people know what are life is about.
    2. Incase the words look nice but when you say it out loud you can't understand it.
    3.i learned how to find out what my story is really about and how to add in details that help the reader understand.
    4. How to get through hard things.
    5.Scar, Moment, Memmorie and Different
    6. The Start.
    7. A lot. First it was an experience and now its showing what mexico means to me and how much damage the hurricane did to me. I am looking forward to having people experience what i was going through with my words.

  9. 1. To describe ourselves and to give others a better understanding of how we are.
    2. It helps because when you read it out loud you sometimes read over your mistakes and say to yourself "wait,this doesn't make sense?"
    3. I learnt to be very specific with my word choice because then I might end up with a word I don't even know the meaning of.
    4. The theme of my story is skiing with my family.
    5. Awesome, Blurted, Screamed, and much more
    6. My flash forward
    7. My story change because I became more specific for what was happening in my story, I'm looking forward to parents and kids reading my story and telling me some feedback so I can make my next story even better!

  10. 1. We write personal narratives because then we can give our persecutive, and to show ourselves through stories.
    2. Because then we can hear our stories, and see how interesting they sound.
    3. I grew through doing flash backs and forwards. They gave me a whole new level to write in time.
    4. My theme is friendship because I met a new friend in my story, and became better friends with an old friend.
    5. Some strong word's are gobbling, frantically, and growling.
    6. I'm not really satisfied with my middle a little bit.
    7. It changed because there were more details, and more interesting. Also, we added flash backs and forwards. I'm excited to show all of the hard work I put into my story, and dedication.

  11. 1. To know more about yourself.
    2. In case there are any defects, you can hear them.
    3. Through this unit, I learned to make many drafts.
    4. Meeting a personal challenge.
    5. Coached.
    6. I might have made it longer.
    7. I used more descriptive words, and more action verbs.
    8. I want people to tell me what they think of my story.

  12. 1. To express ourselves and to let go of things that lay on your chest
    2. Because if you read it aloud it might sound wrong so you know you have to change a word
    3. I have learned how to edit better and with more precision. For example I have improve greatly on not using run on sentences
    4. Nature and family
    5. Immediately, precision
    6. Introduction
    7. I am looking forward to seeing other peoples drafts

  13. 1. To express how we feel and so people can understand us more
    2. It helps us so if we make a miss take we can learn from it
    3. I grew as a writer because I thought hard and long and that is how I grew I got my mind deep into my writing
    4. My theme is something I love
    5. Some special words dominating and flawless
    6. After the first inning because I skipped about 5 innings of my story but it would have been 8 pages and I can't really remember the whole game.
    7. It changed a lot because it started with just the first inning with no sprinkles and then I added some sprinkles and chocolate and I reached the end of my draft.
    sorry if I got in your head about Halloween and chocolate

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  15. 1. To let others know about our personal life.
    2. It helps to hear if your story make sense.
    3.I learn to express my feelings
    4.My family in Oregon
    6.I need to work on my essay structure.
    7.I am looking forward to sharing our stores with the class and other parents