Sunday, October 19, 2014


The week flew by so quickly. Two more weeks until Halloween. BOO!

  • to the Fireballs for doing a wonderful job at Microsoft; that was special!
  • to the Fireballs for working hard on their newscast during the week.
  • to Jocelyn and Donna for providing such strong and committed work in room 503. They're fabulous at what they do.

Work in progress
  • all students still need to work on reading every night, filling out their post-its
  • all students need to work on using more varied expression while speaking
  • all student should continue to focus on being respectful toward each other. Say things to each other


  • Students will work on setting up reading goals for month of October and November
  • Students will really tackle Unit 2: FOLLOWING CHARACTERS INTO MEANING
  • In Unit 2, the students will improving their "making movies in their mind" skills, stirring up empathy, making predictions, mining details about characters, and developing more understanding about character behavior and motivations

  • Students will work on making characters in personal narratives travel through time and place
  • Students will work on revising and editing their personal narratives

  • Students will explore Unit 2's big essential question: HOW DID THE AGE OF EXPLORATION CHANGE THE NEW WORLD?
  • Students will answer these guiding questions: why did explorers come to the new world? who were the explorers and what did they find? what explorations were made by land? where in the Americas did Europeans claim land?

  • Students will practice using good eye contact 
  • Students will practice using varied expression
  • Students will prepare for their big "newscast" delivery at home and in class

  • Students will continue to work on unit 5,-aqua and -terr
  • Terrace, terrain, territory, aquaculture
  • Students will try to incorporate the words into their daily writing
  • Students will continue to learn the proper parts of speech for each word


1. "Detlet Schrempf" by Band of Horses
2. "Long Time Gone" by Billie Joe and Norah  
3. "Stuck in a moment you can't get out of" - U2

Boys vs. Girls Contest: 
"Godzilla" B
"It's the End of the World As we Know it" G

"Simplicity is not a simple thing." - Charles Chaplin

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