Monday, October 20, 2014

Faster, Stronger, and Better at Reading


It's very difficult to read a book and not think about the title, plot, characters, conflict, resolution and/or setting. Tonight, you're going to share the following information with the Blogger community.

1. Write down the title of the book and author. What page number are you on?

2. Answer these two questions before you read.
a. What does the title tell you about the story?
b. How do you think the next part that you read will make you feel and why?


a. How do you feel about the main character?
b. How does the story remind you of your own life?

a. What part of the story have you enjoyed the most?
b. What do you think is going to happen in tomorrow night's reading.

5. Don't forget to jot down two post-its in your comp. book. Please bring your reading log tomorrow.


  1. 1.Ida B it is written by Katherine Hannigan. I am on page 28
    2.Nothing really only that there is something about the name "Ida B". I think that the next part will make me feel a little upset . Earlier in the book when Ida B was talking to the trees and they said that something bad is going to happen.
    3. Thankful.
    4.I sometimes try to make things and test them out without telling my parents and they do not work so something is wrong and my parents make a big deal but it is not.
    5.When she talks to the trees and they answar in her own mind.
    6. Maybe Ida B will try to continue her idea of making the special soap.

  2. Letters From Wolfie
    By: Patti Sherlock
    Page 186
    Question 1: I can tell this story definitely involves letters and the dog on the front cover next to the message "You don't have to be a man to be a hero."
    Question 2: I think it will make me even more curious because every chapter brings a new hint to the ending.
    Question 1: I feel a bit sad while I read this because the main characters brother got badly hurt. At first I thought Mark's mom was fired from work but when I read on it turns out Danny lost a few toes and is temporarily deaf from a land mine.
    Question 2: I can connect this book to a movie but not my life. It's not about the Vietnamese war but world war II. The main characters dad in the movie goes to the army and comes home for Christmas with a cane and looks a bit hurt.
    Question 1: So far in the book I enjoyed the beginning because Wolfie is home and he hasn't left yet.
    Question 2: I gotta feeling there will be another letter from Wolfie and news from Danny.

  3. 1. The Battle Of The Labyrinth By Rick Riordan pg. 79
    2a. The title tells me that Percy Jackson might travel to the labyrinth to discover something or to find and retrieve something. This title also tells me that there will be a battle in the labyrinth.
    2b. I think that the next part I'm going to read will leave me to questions as they are about to embark the labyrinth and discover its treasures.
    3a. I feel about Percy Jackson that he is courageous and very brave to take risks and to help people.
    3b. This story reminds me of my own life because of the way Percy has so much to deal with and that is just like me because I have so many struggles and hardships in my life (cochlear implants, homework, etc.).
    4a. The part of the story I enjoyed the most was when Percy saw the image of Nico de Angelo summoning the ghosts from the dead by pouring Cokes and emptying Happy Meals onto the ground at a graveyard.
    4b. Well, the group just entered in to the labyrinth and are exploring it. I think the group is going to run into a lot of illusions.

  4. My Book is The Boy Who Saved Baseball and im on page 51
    2. A is That It Tells me how a kid saved baseball for him and his friends.
    2. B Is I think I will feel confident that I can change something for others like the kid.
    3. A I feel like he is confident in himself
    3. B He reminds me of my own life because I really like to play baseball
    4. A I like the part when they rebuild the field
    4. B I Think tomorrow Night they will practice baseball

  5. Title: Lily Alone
    Author: Jacqueline Wilson
    Page: 226

    a- The title of the book tells me that the book is about a girl called Lily how wants to be left alone.
    b- I think the next part of the book will make me feel more and more how this family copes with each other.

    a- I feel like Lily is very very hard working and willing to do anything.
    b- This story reminds me of my life because me and my little sister sometimes hate each other ( like Lily and her siblings) but we always make up in the end ( like Lily and her sibling

    a- My part of the story I really enjoyed was when Lily described her perfect house
    b- I think Lily and her sibling are going to go home to the flat and wait for their mum to come home

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  6. Harry Potter Book 3
    1. It tells me that they are going to Azkaban
    1. I think It will make me feel Exited because I think they are on their way to fight Black
    2. I feel like if I met Harry I would trust him to do anything
    2. I can't think of something in the story that reminds me of something that happened to me in my life
    3. I enjoyed when Harry got his Fireball back from Professor Mconald
    3. I think Harry will ride the Fireball at the match with ought being Jinxed

  7. 1.Harry potter book Four The Goblet Of Fire rereading it by JK Rowling
    a)That there is going to be something to do with fire.
    b)I think it will make me excited
    a) I think that he is misunderstood because everyone thinks that one thing is true when it is really not true and people think that he is going to be incredibly different but he is not.
    b) I think that sometimes I am misunderstood because I have glasses most people think I don't like and am not good at sports.
    a) When Harry gets his name drawn from the Goblet of Fire
    b) That Harry will have to fight a hungarian horntail because that is the name of the chapter.

  8. 1. Lion Boy The Chase, Zizou Corder, page 77
    2a. It says that the main character must have a special connection to lions.
    2b. I think it will be exiting because he is trying to help the lions escape.
    3a. I feel like he is really brave, but also caring to help the lions, even though it could risk him getting caught.
    3b. It doesn't really exept for the fact that I love my dog Honey and he likes the lions as much.
    4a. I really liked it when it showed the newspaper article that makes Charlie look like a criminal.
    4b. I think that he will head for vence in search of his parents with the lions.

  9. 1.Whitch Witch
    a.A evil magician that needs to get married.
    B.the competition gets will.make me feel happy because I also like what Mr.Frederick likes... competition
    1. feel that the character is a very mean guy and only uses his magic for bad things only. connects with me because some people that I know want to be the biggest baddest kid in the school.
    4. I enjoyed the part where the witches get their black gowns.
    1.I think the competition is going to start.

    1. I think you need to work on spacing and Capitalization

  10. cosmic
    Frank Cottrell Boyce
    pg 127
    2a - It has something to do with outer space.
    b. It will make me sad because he will be lonely.
    3a I feel like he is very brave.
    3b - the characters are all tired early in the morning so am i.
    4 i liked the beginning the best because it had a ride called the cosmic that sounded like an awesome ride.
    b - i think they will get back from their journey

  11. The boxcar Children By Gertrude Waner
    I think that Violet wiil get better from her illness

    I feel about Henry that he is sporty
    It reminds me about my life how lucky I am
    What I loved the most Is them getting together as a famly

  12. The BFG
    By: Roald Dahl
    page 44
    1. It shows me that there might be a giant involved, because of the picture.
    2. It will make me curious, because the giant is with Sophie, and he could do anything to her.
    3. I feel that the BFG is very nice, and thoughtful, to feel sad for Sophie, because she has no parents.
    4. It reminds me that there are people out there who don't have parents, and I think people should start helping them more.
    5. I have enjoyed reading about all the things the BFG can do.
    6. I think that Sophie will meet the other giants.

  13. Vampire High
    Douglas Rees
    Page 91
    The title tells me that the main character will go to a school for Vampires.
    I think the next part will make me feel uncomfortable, because I will feel like I am listening in on something I shouldn't be.
    I like the part of the book where Justin, Illeana, and Cody, play in Illyria, and get to be kids.
    Tomarrow I predict that Cody will continue on his quest for real grades.

  14. 1.witch witch
    2.well it talk about how the wizard will mari a women
    3. the page number i am on is 4
    4.the tittle is telling me witch witch will he pick
    5. the next' part will make me feel happy about how will he be pick one of the women.
    6.the charecters is a wizard that makes me feel strong beause he is picking on of the womens he will like to marie and how he is picking.
    7 the part i injoin is the part he makes spells.
    8.he will pick one of the womens

  15. 1. name of book Dillon Dillon author Kate Banks pg 57
    2. the title of the book tells me that it must be about someone or something
    3. it will tell me a lot about Dillon Dillon and his friend because the first sentence is talking about his friend
    4. it makes me feel that Dillon Dillon really cares about his friend.
    5. well he is always worried about other people and his friends and i am too and i go threw sometimes the same thing he does
    6.i like the part when he is explaining everything he does and who his family members are
    7. i think his friend will go on a adventure because they seem like they are planing something.

  16. The boxcar Children By Gertrude Waner
    I think that Violet wiil get better from her illness

    I feel about Henry that he is sporty
    It reminds me about my life how lucky I am
    What I loved the most Is them getting together as a famly