Thursday, October 16, 2014



Halloween is just around the trick-or-treat corner. You're about to host a fabulous, creepy, and spooooooky Halloween dinner for family and friends. Your appetizers, main course, decor, music, and dessert should be something that is unique to Halloween. Make your food fun and ghoulish. SANITIZE YOUR DETAILS PLEASE. Muhahahahaha.

DIRECTIONS: Answer as many questions as you'd like using imaginative, creative, and $$$ word choice.

1. What is the name of your Halloween party?
2. What creepy ingredients do you need for each dish? Try to provide at least 2-4 different dishes.
3. What are the spooky titles for each dish?  Like Monster Mash Potatoes with Car oil and Butter.
4. What kind of decorations will you put up?
5. What type of Halloween music will be playing when your guests arrive?
6. What type of games will be played at your party?


A. Create a SIMPLE slideshow of your Dinner and Dessert menu.
B. Share your Menu with Mr. Frederick via Google Presentation.
C. We'll take a look at the different menus in class on Friday.


  1. 1. Spooky fright party
    2. slime, blood and body parts
    3. Slimy slick, bloody Mary and the Body
    4. A map to a to the room that lead into a haunted house
    5. Creepy noises like screaming witches and more
    6. A game called find the dead head.

  2. 1. Dare to come in?
    2. Bread sticks, Punch, Bobbing for apples
    3. Bread stick bones, Blood Punch, Bobbing for bodies
    4. Purple, Orange, Black Streamers, and a Disco ball
    5. The song we sing in class: "This Is Halloween"
    6. Musical Chairs, Dancing Bobbing for apples

  3. 1. I would call it Dare or Die
    2. Wormy spaghetti, red blood drinks, Bat desserts
    3. Worms in a Bowl, Dare to Drink, Bats Forever
    4. Autumn decorations like leaves, streamers, pumpkins, spiderwebs
    5. Maybe some dramatic music like in movies
    6. Bobbing for apples, dead man, (there is this fair every few years on Shawnee pass that has a prize booth)

  4. 1. Rainbows, Unicorn, And Zombies?
    Dish 1: Stuffed Bones
    Carrots, stuffing
    Dish 2: Bloody Meat
    BBQ sauce, steak
    Dish 3: Slime Balls
    green tea ice cream, pumpkin ice-cream, chocolate sauce, carmel
    4. fake screaming monsters, beheaded scarecrows, evil unicorns
    5. dark alternative
    6. whatever you want!!!

  5. 1. Party til your heart burst!
    Dish #1 Frog eyed soup
    Dish #2 Toe nail stew
    3. Slimy frog eyed soup,
    3.Witches toe nail stew
    4. Really big spiders in their webs, Witches flying above everybody head, zombies
    5. Scary pop songs
    6. Your choice

    1. Sorry forget to add a s at the end of bursts

  6. 1.eyeballsoup
    2.swirly soup
    3.eyeballs, soup
    4.blood orange

  7. 1. The Fireball Haunted Castle
    2.(Gummy)Worms, spiders and ants for insect soup. Frogs rotten fish and bird eyes for animal cookies. Alligator guts, shark teeth and elephant tusks for ice cream.
    3. bug stew, rotten animal cookies and alisharkaphant ice cream.
    4.Spider webs, fake blood dripping down the walls, fake dead people with their heads replaced with pumpkins, scarecrows popping out behind corners of walls and headless wicthes on brooms barely touching your head.
    5. scary music that you here in movies and pop music.
    6. dead man , bobbing for apples and anything else you want.

  8. super duper scary halloween party
    song will be scary muisic
    food dish1 zombe soup
    dish2 pasta with bugs
    dish3monster mashedpotato

    dish 4 brain cake with blood sauce
    game walk like a zombecomption.

  9. 1. Come in or die
    2. Zombie cookies, arm wings, and ants on a stick. Dish 1: Sugar cookie mix, green frosting, and black sprinkles. Dish 2: Chicken wings, BBQ sauce. Dish 3: celery stick, chocolate chips
    3. Spider lights, spider webs, plastic witches, fake arms, and pumpkins carved
    4. There will be a request list, and if there not, The Monster Mash, and This Halloween
    5. Whoever can carve the best pumpkin contest, bobbing for apples, and a relay race with bowls of candy

  10. 1.Come in or else
    2.Mac and cheese,salad,ice cream
    3.Mac and brains, Bloody lettuce, Bone paste
    4.Ghosts that pop out of the walls, Black and orange streamers and a disco ball
    5.There will be a DJ and he will take requests
    6. Bobbing for skulls, pumpkin carving contest and a 3 legged and a dead guy race.

  11. 1.Bloody night party
    2.Human eyeballs,human hearts, human brains.
    3.eyeball ice cream,human heart pasta,human brain lasagna
    4.i would put a zombie for every time you round a corner,fake hearts on the ground that make the squishy noise and bloody hands that come out of the wall and try to grab you.
    5.This is Halloween (class room song).
    6.Killer escape 2,brainz and nightmare house.