Monday, September 22, 2014


Tonight you'll get an opportunity to create your Personal Narrative story arc. Blogger doesn't provide the tools for you to draw your arc. Just use numbers for the important parts in the story. You'll goal is to create 5-7 really good story events. 

Mr. Frederick's example

Title of Story: Peter's Chair

1. Peter wants his family to stay the way it is

2. New baby sister arrives

3. Peter doesn't get attention for his building

4. Peter's parents repaint his cradle

5. ???
6. You get the point. Right. 

Off you write. 


  1. Title of Story: The Costume Contest

    1. John Max is excited for the Halloween parade and the contest.

    2. The class walks to the MUR for the parade

    3. They start marching and the music starts

    4. 8th graders call out grade winners

    5. The cheering begins

    6. John Max wins with his popcorn costume and wins a $10 gift card to Robert's

    7. Everybody congratulates John Max for winning.

  2. 1.Sarah tells how great Baja Mexico

    2.Sarah sees the pretty beach

    3. Mom finds a starfish

    4. Sarah is going to mexico in november

    5. Hurricane hits mexico

    6. Nothing will be the same there

  3. 1. charlie go's into the woodlands for first time

    2. hear a rustle

    3. charlie crosses a thin log

    4. ???

    5. fun time

    1. Title: The Woodlands Adventure

      4. charlie almost falls off the log but grabbed on at the last second and made it across
      5.the rustling was only a silly snake i was so relieved

  4. Title of story: My best friend Jake
    1. Jake and Kyle become friends
    2. We have our first playdate
    3. We bond on the playdate
    4. At school we play with each other a lot
    5. Play a soccer game against each other
    6. Jake gets hurt slipped on a puddle
    7. I Help him
    8. Become better friends

  5. Title of story: Alex the Boy Who Tried to Get Up the Hill
    1. Alex and Ruby in Menlo Park bike riding
    2. Alex tries to get up the hill with power
    3. Alex could only ride up slowly
    4. Alex wants to give up but keeps trying
    5. Alex gets up the hill with power and dad is super happy

  6. Title: Cousinhood
    1. Alina arrives to my house to play
    2. We go to the Stanford shopping center
    3. The opening benefit opens
    4. We get inside and started browsing
    5. We went to the crafts but I had to go inside early
    6. I didn't have enough money to pay
    7. My mom gives me a 20 bill
    8. Alina and I went home for the sleepover the next day.

  7. 1. my cruise
    2. makena does not want to be a kid any more
    3. family tells her stay the way you are
    4. gets up set want to change to a teen
    5. then realize that she has a great life as a kid
    6. and should enjoy it why she can

  8. 1. On Speed boat to the Maldives
    2. Looking around our cabin
    3. Taking a ride on our bikes
    4. having our first dinner at the Maldives
    5. Riding our bikes (again)
    6. Having our first Breakfast at the Maldives
    7. (The rest of my story)
    8. Going Home

  9. Title:The turtles
    1.Party at myrtle beach
    2.Go walk on the beach
    3.See the turtles
    4. Help the turtles to the ocean
    5.Go back to the lodge
    6. tell everyone else
    7.I dream i am in their position but with no help

  10. title:Baseball
    1.First day of baseball starts
    3.getting on base
    4.stealing from third to home
    5.Us getting in the field and doing some defense in the field
    6. getting an out
    7.winning with my team and my coach my dad
    by matthew

  11. 1. I walk up to the creek
    2. Are sad about drought
    3. Mad about global warming
    4. Look up endangered species
    5. Get really sad and mad
    6. Start charity project

  12. Title:Oregon
    1. Daniel wants to meet new cousin
    2. Daniel meets new cousin
    3. Daniel gets to the house
    4. Daniel is driving towards Oregon
    5. Meets other new cousin
    Wants to meet all new cousins

  13. Title of Story: Flying down the hill
    1. Zara, Mia and Daddy are going skiing
    2. We start skiing down the hill
    3. We go up a little hill.
    4.We see a big drop in front of us
    5. Daddy skis downs and is getting reading the catch us
    6. We get down the hill
    7. We ski done the rest of the mountain.
    8. We have a YUMMY lunch

  14. title of story:why football is my passion
    1. The school bell rings
    2. I go to the field
    3. I get assigned to my team
    4. I play as wide receiver
    5. I run a rout, catch the ball and get a touch down
    6. My team wins the game
    7. I walk to my house and tell my dad how much fun I had

  15. First time riding a dirt bike
    1 me,mom,cusin
    2 I staredid to ride slow
    3 I starredid riding my dirt bike faster
    4 I was tould to jump a ramp so i did
    5 My mom got there to wach me
    6 I saw my mom so i was pumped up to see here so i just jumped and i did not fall i made the jump
    7 All day I was jumping ramps
    8 After we all whent to eat some yummy food

  16. is about a preson that matters is my mom. is about how i care about my mom and way she matters to me.
    3.when i walk with my mom i like to walk with my mom becuase i get to speed time with her.
    4.and when she get sick and i stay with her all the time.
    5.she cares about me and when i care about her and how i love her.