Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Soak it up like a sponge

Tonight you'll get to merge your R and W skills. We've talked extensively that our ideas sometime come from other people's ideas/stories. Please pull 2-3 exciting excerpts from the book you're currently reading. These excerpts should absorb you. Share, word for word, with the Blogger community each specific excerpt including page #., and state WHY you choose that specific one.  How did the excerpt absorb or move you?



  1. Andrew Clements
    Name of book: Frindle
    The Chapter name is Extra, Extra read all about it.
    I Chose this chapter because Nick Allen is believe's in what he stands for and that he can make up a new word called Frindle for the word pen
    Part of the book:
    On Thursday morning, the Westfield Gazette was delivered to all 12,297 homes and post office boxes in Westfield. The story about Lincoln elementary school was the first item on the front page and the headline.

  2. Book: Artemis Fowl
    #1= Butler loaded the second vial, shooting this one straight into the carotid artery.
    The sprite immediately collapsed on the mat, her entire frame quivering violently.
    "Time to leave," commented Artemis. "A hundred years of alcohol leaving a body by any possible means is not a pretty sight.
    Why= I picked it because the author skillfully added a comic relief moment after a sad, but intriguing moment.
    Page #= 20-21
    #2= Fully aware that he was probably the first human in several thousand years to decode the magical words, Artemis switched on his desk light and began reading.
    Why= It really shows his character. It defines his 2 major traits, hard working and greedy. he is so hardworking and patient to decode this, but as it explains he doesn't really care. He just wants to do more.
    Page #= 37
    #3= Gold, of course, was the objective. The acquisition of gold. It seemed that the People were almost as fond of the precious metal as humans. Each fairy had its own cache, but for much longer if Artemis had his way. There would be at least one of the fairy folk wandering around with empty pockets by the time he'd finished.
    Why= It, like the last one, really shows his personality. Usually I dislike greedy people, but the way the author writes about him makes me want to read more.
    Page #= 40

  3. Title of Book: Wonder
    Page: 119
    #1 Some kids have actually come out and asked me why I hang out with "the freak"so much.
    #1 I choose this sentence because I felt that it was a really mean thing to say because Summer actually treats Auggie as a normal 5th grader and not some "freak. It almost sounds like the kids are saying you shouldn't be nice to the "freak"
    2# " Tushman will probably call you into school and make Jack and those other kids apologize to you in front of everyone, and everyone will treat you like a kid who should be going to a school for kids with special needs.
    #2 I choose this sentence because it really struck me that Via is being such a wonderful big sister by telling her brother everything will be alright.

  4. Book: The School for Good and Evil #2
    1: Agatha paled, watching Lady Lesso circle her. " But your prince has to makke sure his princess chooses him this time. He needs insurance you won't repeat your mistakes. So Tedros stole the storian from under our noses, knowing the School Master's tower follows the pen wherever it goes. Now he'll stop the storian from writing 'The End' to your tale-until he has a new ending."
    I chose this paragraph because tention starts to rise on what will Tedros do to get what he wants. Page 82
    " One wish has so many consiquences doesn't it?" Lady Lesso said, leering at Agatha. " Tedros has promised whoever kills Sophie half his father's treasure as reward. Needless to say, both Ever- and Neverboys took up the challenge."
    I chose this paragraph because the author had Lady Lesso rise the tention even more than the tention was before. Page 83
    Muscles tensed, Agatha followed her out but kept her eyes pinned on the mirror, just in time to see Hester's reflection raise furious black eyes and a mouth a last command. "Tonight."
    I chose this paragraph because the author made two characters, Hester and Anadil force Agatha to kiss Tedros but Agatha is extreemely against that. All Agatha wants is Sophie. Page 121

  5. Book: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    1. Page 293: ""The Heir of Slytherin," said Professor McGonagall, who was very white, "left another message. Right underneath the first one. 'Her skeleton will lie in the Chamber forever." Professor Flitwick burst into tears. "Who is it?" said Madam Hooch, who had sunk, weak-kneed, into a chair. "Which student?"… "Ginny Weasley," said Professor McGonagall. "This is the end of Hogwarts. Dumbledore always said…"

    I chose this paragraph because it is very dramatic and because harry's best friend is Ron Weasley so that means Ron's sister is dead in the Chamber of Secrets. Also, Because Hogwarts is shutting down, Will this be the end of hogwarts?…

  6. Title of book:Joey Pigza

    Part of the book:
    I feel like a new man. How about you? (pg. 100)

    joey does not wear a patch any more. i chose this part because i thought it was cool he no longer had to wear a patch. he was wearing a patch to help him sit still and not goof off. he thought the old joey was going to get him, but he hasn't yet.

    Joey was in Pittsburgh for a hole day alone and didn't have any fear of any thing that whole day!(98-106)

    Joey is 10 years old and i think that is a big responsibility to be in Pittsburgh for a whole day.

  7. Title Of My Book: The Lightning Thief
    Author: Rick Riordan

    Excerpt #1:
    "It is determined," Chiron announced. All around me, campers started kneeling, even the Ares cabin, though they didn't look happy about it. "My father?" I said, completely bewildered. "Poseidon," said Chiron. "Earthshaker, Stormbringer, Father Of Horses. Hail, Persues Jackson, Son of the Sea God." Pg. 126

    I chose this excerpt because I've made so many predictions about who Percy father would be. I thought it would be Poseidon or Apollo. Now everything makes sense now because he did resist the force of the water splashing on to him (See below).

    Excerpt #2: I looked down and realized I was sitting in the only dry spot in the whole room. There was a circle of dry floor around me. I didn't have one drop of water on my clothes. Nothing. I stood up, my legs shaky. Annabeth said, "How did you....."

    I chose this excerpt in my book because it starting to reveal who Percy's father is. Since I know all my Greek Gods, I knew Poseidon is the god of the sea and water. So I thought that maybe Poseidon helped Percy but not getting him wet.

  8. Title of Book: The Boxcar Children
    1: "Henry said, "Today I'll go to town and try to get some work to do. I can cut grass or work in the garden or something. Then we'll have something besides milk for breakfest." . Pg 46/47
    I chose this passage because I like how Henry is hardworking. Also works hard for his family.
    2:"The explorers started walking down the old rusty tracks, with Watch hopping along on three legs. The other paw, still tied up with Jessie's handkerchief, was held off the groud. But the dog looked very happy."
    Pg. 48/49
    I chose this passage because it sadden me that his forth leg is hurt.
    3:"There!" she said, washing the last shinning spoon. "How fine they look! But I'm afraid they still aren't clean enough to eat from. When henry comes, we'll get him to build a fire. Then we can have hot water to rinse them, and they will be very clean.". Pg 52
    I chose this passage because everything is finally coming together for them.

  9. Title of book
    the old willis place
    Mary Downing Hahn
    Page 99
    i told myself would not leave till Georgie came home i would not meet Lissa but in the end i could not stand the loneliness any longer.

    chose this expert because i could make so many connections with dinna in my post it notes.

    page 100
    at the rear of the old house i hesitated. Above my head the trees sighed and murmured. branches creaked and rubbed against each other

    i chose this expert because i can also make big predictions about what will happened to Dinna

  10. Book:Hope was Here

    #1 Help,I mouthed.
    G.T.'s been on the school board," Braverman countered.
    "Helped us get those dangerous steps repaired at the High School. He brings food to people when they're having financial trouble."
    "That's true."
    "He worked hard to get that emergency medical center in town so people don't have to drive twenty-five miles to the nearest hospital." Pg 50

    I chose this one because it really shows that Braverman cares about G.T and wants him to be mare really badly.

    #2 She told me I looked good but didn't make any eye contact.
    She told me it was okay I changed my name and kept calling me tulip.
    She told me she loved me but never came back.Pg 44

    I like Like this expert because hope is telling us that she dose not think her mom cares about her.

    #3 We nocked on doors and got seven slammed in our face.
    A mother holding a shrieking infant asked If we baby sat.
    An old man holding a rifle told us to get of his property.
    We obeyed instantly. Pg 51

    I like this expert because it shows that Braverman and Hope really don't want to give up even if people ask them to leave.

  11. Title of book: The Watsons Go To Burmingham-1963
    1. Momma sucked in a ton of air. "What have you done?" We all knew, though. She took a step back and leaned against the counter like if it wasn't there she'd have fallen down. "Oh my god, your father will kill you!" Pg.87 I chose this passage because it made me want to know more and it got me excited! I like that in a book because then it isn't too boring.
    2. "Look man," he told me, "if you don't want people to look at your messed up eye you just gotta do this." Byron made me stand still and look straight ahead, then he stood on my side and told me to look at him. I turned my head to look. "Naw, man, keep your head straight and look at me sideways. I did it. "See? You ain't cockeyed no more". Pg. 26
    I chose this passage because its funny that kenny falls for what byron had to say because you are not going to look at people sideways all the time. I think its a silly solution to solve it.

  12. Book:Brisinger in The Inheritance cycle series
    Eragon forges his sword out of the metal and when he names it Brisinger it erupts into flames.
    I think it is important because the title of the book is brisinger and because it is one of the last dragon rider swords which will be used in battle.
    Page 380
    Eragon and Saphira learn that their mentors Oromis and Gleadr are killed in battle by Galbatorixs and Murtagh.
    I think it is important because now Eragon and Saphira cannot learn anymore magic or stuff about dragon riders from them.

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    1. This is what I was going to write
      Book title: The secret of the gum street girls
      2. Pg.6
      When Ivy meets Franny
      3.when Ivy gets her unique talent pg.153

  14. this is what i was going to wright
    book tittle:pg 7 he meets shillo
    he bye shillo

  15. the book i am reading is called wizard.
    the book talk about a man that is a wizard.
    and has powers can do many things.

  16. the book im reading is called the lightning thief
    1the guy on the left said how about you stripes and then he threw the zebra a squished happy meal.
    I chose this exert because I would never hurt a animal like that and I felt bad that they did that to a animal.
    2I realized i was sitting in the only dry spot in the room
    I chose this exert because it was hinting that percy was the son of Poseiden