Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Questions about your story


Writers, yesterday and today was a big day for you. You chose one of those stories from your comp. book, used it as a seed, and then helped grow that seed into multiple sentences. That seed idea will grow across a bunch of days into a piece of fabulous publishable writing.

Please answer the following questions.

1. What's your story really about?
2. What's the theme(message) of your story?
3. What's the setting of your story?
4. Who are the main characters of your story and what to they want?
5. What are some effective ways to be a good writing partner?
6. What's the title of your story?


  1. 1. My story is about my relationship with my cousin
    2. The theme is a Friday night at the standford shopping center. To be exact on the date it was November 15th 2013
    3. The setting is the standford shopping center near the main parking lot
    4. The main characters are me, my cousin Alina, and my sister Madeline
    5. Well to be a good writing partner you have to respect your buddy, include your buddy on ideas, and you have to focus on the story instead of fooling around
    6. My title for my story is Cousinhood

  2. 1. My story is about the time with my dad at baseball
    2. The day September 6 Saturday morning.
    3. setting was at Ford field
    4. The main characters were my dad and me.
    5. Ask your partner questions for help and ask yourself questions
    6. Baseball
    by matthew

  3. 1. My story is about how important the environment is.
    2. How lucky we are.
    3. My home and creek.
    4. They are Honey (my dog) and me.
    5. To be supportive.
    6. Endangered Ways

  4. 1. about how my family bonded
    2. to spend more time with your family
    3. the cruise ship
    4. my family
    5.to bounce ideas off of each other
    6.my cruise

  5. 1. My story is about the strong felling I have for my best friend, Jake.
    2. The message of my story is "treat your friends nicely the way you would want to be treated by your friend.
    3. school and our houses
    4.Jake and I
    5. To help each other with the writing if they are stuck on something.
    6. My best friend, Jake

  6. 1.Myrtle beach in south carolina.
    2.To help animals.
    3.At the beach.
    4.Me and my family
    5.To give supportive criticism.
    6.The turtles

  7. 1. My story is about a place that matters to me.
    2. I don't have a message to my story
    3. In my moms truck going to Oregon and in Oregon.
    4. I am the main character in my story.
    5.if they need help on spelling a word you can help them spell it.
    6. Oregon

  8. 1. About skiing in Japan
    2. That when you ski you came across challenges, that you can solve
    3. In the Snow
    4. The main characters are me, my dad and my little sister, Mia
    5. To listen to your partner, and support them
    6. Flying down the hill

  9. 1. My story is about my mom
    2. That my mom encourages me try new things
    3. Dance studio
    4. My mom and I
    5. Listening and and giving them comments on how to make their story better(In a nice way)
    6.My mom

  10. 1. About me being proud of myself that I made the costume.
    2. That when you create something, it can make you achieve goals in life
    3. Corte Madera School
    4. Me. I wanted to win the costume contest.
    5. To give him/her positive feedback and to help him/her make their writing the best it can be.
    6. The Costume Contest

  11. 1 its about how i had a problum with my dirte bike
    2 it is trying to fix the problum
    3to learn how to ride a dite bike
    4 Me and the dirte bike
    5 to help my parner
    6 The First time riding a dirte bike

  12. 1. My passion for football
    2.To do what you want
    3. the field at ormondale
    4.me and i want to get better at football
    5.to help my partner answer questions like this