Saturday, September 13, 2014


We worked hard acquiring new reading and writing tools. I was impressed with the elevated interest in BUZZ books. The public speaking presentations were fun! I sense the Fireballs are maturing and getting the hang of Mr. Frederick's style. Not always an easy assignment!
  • Help readers read differently because they have a reading partnership
  • Thinking over stories with partners
  • Retelling stories by starting at the beginning
  • Retelling stories by starting with NOW AND BACKING UP
Writing: Personal Narrative. The students will work on...

  • Help my writers setting and keeping track of goals
  • Help my writers understand that writers draft by writing fast and furious, capture that experience on the page
  • Help my writers understand the most important question they can ask is, "What's my story really about?"
  • Help my writers understand that one powerful way to revise their narratives is to bring out the story structure
Classical Roots: The students should learn..
  • Lesson 2: dependent, pending, equality, equator
  • Students will be tested on word, spelling, part of speech, root word, and derivatives
Public Speaking: The students will practice..
  • Using good eye contact. Scanning the room to look at all audience members is important
  • Take a look at the new prompt. Students will have 2 weeks to work on it at home.
Social Studies: FIRST AMERICANS The students will work on...
  • Organize a chart for note taking based on geography, climate, shelter, tools and utensils, food, and clothing
  • Examine different American Indian Customs: wampum, Kachina Dolls, Potlatch, and Lacrosse
  • Answer the common ways of life that developed among American Indian cultures
  • Create their own Unit 1 study guide using Google Presentation
  • Unit 1 Assessment will be on Friday
Genius Hour
  • Students will research their Big Essential Question and Guiding Questions
  • Students will spend a month researching their questions
  • Students will use Index cards and/or Google Docs to input answers to questions
  • Presentations will be in mid-October

Songs to Learn and Sing:
Lily and Madeleine "Devil we Know"
Electric Light Orchestra "Heaven Only Knows"
The Byrds - "Turn! Turn! Turn!"
Great Mind's Quotes: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo da Vinci

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