Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Genius Hour Project

Tonight you'll get the opportunity to share your project with your classmates. Please take the time to answer the questions below.

  • Where does your topic apply in the world? 

  • What will students find relevant/important about this topic? 

  • Why would someone care about your topic? 

  • What are the ways that experts in this field do their work? 

  • How will you stay organized during your research? 

  • What is your big essential question?

  • What is a one of your small guiding questions?


  1. 1. It applies everyday in the food you eat, your garden, your backyard, and your energy
    2. They will find the fact that it creates 99% of all energy on earth relevant.
    3. Because without it we wouldn't exist.
    4. They study the structure of the leaf with microscopes.
    5. I will put every thing I use in the bibliography
    6. How does photosynthesis work?
    7. How does the Calvin Cycle work?

  2. 1. It is the most popular sport in the world
    2. Because a lot of people in the class like the sport soccer
    3. Because almost every country has a team that they support and they will understand my love for the german and bayer munich teams
    4.They analyze the games and the players performance
    5. I will save everything in google drive
    6. How have the best german soccer players effected the game
    7. What makes them so good?

  3. 1. It apply's to the fans of baseball
    2. Its important because of the players and there protection
    3. you might like it and play baseball like me
    4. They do camera work and lighting
    5. I will save my stuff on a different page
    6. How do people improve there protection for players
    7. Do catchers mitts reduce the pain of a regular mitt

  4. applys to all the fans
    2.they might think it is interesting
    3.because a ukulele strums a beautiful sound
    4.what they might do:speakers
    5. i will make a document on it
    6.history of the ukulele meany cords are on the ukulele

  5. 1. It applies to all dog lovers
    2. They will find out about interesting facts about the golden retriever
    3. They would care because the dog body is very different than the human body so they will want to know more. People who like dogs will especially want to know more.
    4. They study the dog body
    5. I will save my documents and have my notes in a safe place
    6. How big can golden retrievers get?
    7. How long can golden retrievers hair get?

  6. 1. It applies to all you movie fans out there!!
    2. They will find that just making a small 3 second animation, can take a long time!
    3. This topic people will find interesting and important because animation are one of the main things of animation movies.
    4. They study the way animation works and the way animation studios create and program the animation
    5. I will keep all my notes together in either one big binder or one big folder on Google Drive/Docs.
    6. My big essential question is: How does animation work?
    7. How long does it take to make a whole scene in a movie?

  7. 1. My topic applys to Minecraft gaming and one of the most popular things that exist.
    2. Classmates will find Minecraft modding important because the game is so popular people take it to the next level. It's also very popular on Youtube.
    3. About 27,659,254 people play Minecraft in the whole world. People would care about taking Minecraft to the next level.
    4. Experts would be doing Youtube videos and they would post the mod for download.
    5. Staying organized in work would definatly be independent work like the library today was not organized at all. A ton of people were distracted and they started fooling around.
    6. The big essential question is "How do you make a Minecraft mod?"
    7. One of my small guiding questions is " How do I program using Java?"

  8. 1. It applies to all Horseback riders
    2. It will teach someone the basics of horseback riding, if you ever wanted to try horseback riding.
    3. Around 3.5- 7.1 million people in the world horseback ride. So maybe some new people want to join the "horseback riding club"
    4. They train their horses, and learn all thing they need to know about their horse.
    5. Bullet point my notes and separate my topics by making new slides every time I go onto a new topic
    6. Why is Horseback Riding such a fascinating sport
    7. What equipment do you need

  9. 1.Lots of people all over the world make and watch music videos
    2.they will want to learn more about how to make a music video
    3.Someone might want to try how to make a music video and a lot of people watch them and they would be interested about it.
    4.they dance and/or sing in the videos and the director of the video has to learn what type of dances they dancers will do or how the singer will do there part
    5.I will keep my work in a folder,Bullet my notes and write neatly so I can read it.
    6.How do people make music videos so interesting and unreal.
    7.How do you do the little animations in a music video

  10. it is the one of the famous sport in the world
    how do they rimeber all the plays in football
    lots of people wach this live in tv or at the stadiam
    how do some players manig to play in the nfl
    i will kip it organized by making folders on my drve and save the links were i find the riserch

  11. 1. it apply's in the NFL helps you learn to work together
    3.if they are really into it they can learn even more about it
    4. Tom Brady can scan the field and throw perfect passes
    5.bullet points
    6.why is learning football so difficult? does the teams coach help his players defend and offend.

  12. 1. it applies to dancers
    2. because maybe they like dancing they are just scared to admit it
    3. because it is fun because you can make up your own funny dance moves
    4.they can make up a dance for a competition
    5. i could make a organizer in google drive
    6. how do people make a dance video
    7. how to people make dance video with the editing look so real